Jono Hunter is a director, writer, producer, and performer based in Toronto. Firmly rooted in comedy, Jono’s work is renowned for its performance and dialogue-driven humor, nuanced characters, and an embrace of the unexpected. Jono’s direction uncovers comedy in surprising places, and creates a palpable sense of joy; be it a subtle ode to a dying laptop or a fantastical journey through an office full of weirdos transformed by a Pizza Pop.

 His formative years were filtered through the windows of a tour van, in which he travelled North America and Europe with a handful of D.I.Y. punk bands while attending film school. Later, he bought nicer clothes and started directing commercials for brands like Nintendo, Kit Kat, and Jolly Rancher (with celebrities like Annie Murphy, Chance the Rapper, and Joel Embiid). He has studied comedic performance, and acting for directors with the renowned Judith Weston Studio, Upright Citizens Brigade, and Second City. Jono’s work has earned approving nods, critical acclaim, and numerous awards – including Cannes Lions, Young Director Awards, Webby’s, Canadian Film Festival, and Just for Laughs.