If you’ve spent any time with Shanghoon, you know that he’s essentially the Korean P.Diddy.  So it was really no surprise to me when I heard Traffik Group approached him to pop bottles, strut with models, and make that Vodka sparkle like only Shanghoon can.   Behold:



When I first saw the Ciroc layout, I wasn’t sure how the talent and product shots were meant to be handled together – and the project presented an extra challenge for me, because I don’t usually shoot people. But doing a test shot helped me figure out the proper angle and way to manage the talent in the background to get all the elements to fit in the picture. It was a great experience, and it turns out that I do love shooting people! It was also fun to get out of the studio and spend a day in a club – we had a blast.

Thank you to everyone from Westside and Traffik who came out to be in the shot!

Enjoy Ciroc during your holidays.  -  Shanghoon

Client:  Ciroc
Agency:  Traffic Group
Photographer:  Shanghoon
Producer:  Phaedra Kennedy
On Set Producer:  Kirsten White
Creative Director: Dylan Welsh
Art Director: Phil Smith
Beverage Stylist:  Sarah Sweeney
Wardrobe Stylist:  Nadia Pizzimenti
Hair & Makeup: Taylor Savage
Assistants: Jeff Jamison, Bryan Ulrich, Brendan Smyth

2014-11-04 10.59.21

Brendan, Jeff, & Bryan look on as Shanghoon lays out the battle plan.


Hey! If it isn’t our very own super-agent/model hybrid, Caitlin Robinson!

Stay tuned for some exciting new work from Shanghoon in 2015!

Images © Shanghoon
BTS Images © Kirsten White


    Tasty Treats w. Shanghoon

    by Alex Beetham on November 26, 2014

    Howling winds and snowy squalls make many a stomach crave warm, gooey comfort food. Shanghoon and food stylist Sarah Sweeney cooked up a delicious creative with this homemade turkey pot-pie. Try and keep from drooling.

    Food Creative Sarah119_01F Food Creative Sarah144_01FAll Images © Shanghoon

    Shanghoon & Sarah on set:



      Archive has love for Westside

      by Alex Beetham on November 7, 2014

      We’re thrilled to have 3 featured campaigns in the upcoming issue of Archive!  Keep your eyes peeled for these winners:

      Some George Simhoni location work in British Columbia for Suburu:

      George Simhoni for Suburu

      George Simhoni for Suburu

      Anthony Redpath had a blast creating these images for PlayLand:




      Last but not least, a Xeomin campaign from Shanghoon:

      Shanghoon_Scissors Shanghoon_Tongs

      Congratulations all around!!


        In great tradition, households across North America are currently preparing themselves for the potentially unforgiving combination of delicious party snacks and lots of alcohol – oh, and yeah – football too. As the person in charge of ensuring their athletes are able to eat and drink as much as possible, it’s important that a household coach take the necessary precautions to prevent loosing players to injury. So if you’re this year’s coach, hosting a team who have the potential to cause sooner than planned bathroom renovations or require an industrial sized bottle of air fresher, take note of today’s star player.

        © Shanghoon

        Created with Joel Arbaz and Matt Antonello from Saatchi & Saatchi, today’s campaign from Shanghoon has nothing to do with football, but it does feature some really cool models and it’s hero is sure to save many this coming Sunday.

        Ranked #01 overall when it comes to taking care of your belly business, Gas-X will work hard to ensure your players wont be bothered by the distracting thoughts caused by pressure and bloating. Allowing their full focus to be on the game – or eating another family sized serving of their favourite bacon wrapped somethings. No matter, Gas-X is there for you.

        © ShanghoonPhotographer: Shanghoon
        Client: Gas-X
        Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Canada
        Art Director: Joel Arbaz
        Copy Writer: Matt Antonello
        Model Maker: Franc Madden
        Assistant: Colin Rycroft

        Here’s Shanghoon to tell you the real story behind the campaign,

        Some people might shy away from the challenge of taking foods and turning them into deflated balloons, but that’s the kind of work I embrace – though believe me, it was a challenge!

        I can’t tell you the amount of time Colin and I spent going back and forth between the grocery store, the hardware store, and the studio, gathering materials and experimenting how to best illustrate and represent these balloons.

        After many failed attempts I decided it was time to call in the big guns: model maker Franc Madden. I’ve worked with Franc on many projects, so I knew he’d be able to create exactly what we were looking for and he really nailed it! A big thanks to Franc, as well as Joel and Matt on such a great project. ~S

        © ShanghoonAll Images © Shanghoon


          Things are looking mighty different over on Shanghoon’s website as of this morning, so here’s a quick word from the man himself about what’s new in his world.

          I am pleased to release a new campaign that I worked on with Anomaly for the new Budweiser Crown, a premium amber lager that’s been brewed with a caramel malt that delivers an incredible smooth flavour!

          Along with this new campaign I am also pleased to announce the launch of my brand new website over at!

          To see more recent campaigns and other assignments, head on over to and check out my new work section. ~ S

          © Shanghoon

          Portfolio      Bio      Blog      Contact      Client Access      PDF Builder

          © Shanghoon

          So you know the drill. Drop that finger and go get an eye-full of awe and wonder courtesy of the all new
          Images/ Video © Shanghoon



            by Matt on July 12, 2013

            What started out as a treacherous week up here in Toronto is ending on a high note with sunny skies that scream in your face those majestic Friday afternoon words of, “BEERS ON A PATIO!

            And so in keeping with the hardline demands of the liquored up master of the sky, we happily celebrate the end of this weeks work with some frosty new images from Shanghoon and TRAFFIKGROUP that are sure to get your beer-buds going.

            © Shanghoon© ShanghoonPhotographer: Shanghoon
            Client: Guinness
            Agency: TRAFFIKGROUP
            Creative Director: Doug Maugham
            Art Director: Phil Smith
            Agency Producer: Dylan Welsh
            Stills Producer: Phaedra Kennedy
            Prop Stylist: Franc Madden
            Assistants: Abe Roberto & Mike Barlas

            Before we get into some behind the scenes from the day on set, we thought it’d be nice to have our resident beer baron give you his thoughts on Guinness‘ latest creation. Take it away Shanghoon.

            This black lager has a great refreshing taste and deep flavours, and it’s actually much more complex than your average lager. It also it has a subtle hint of dark original Guinness flavour, and the fact that it’s brewed cold makes a big difference in the taste! ~ S

            © Shanghoon© Shanghoon© Shanghoon© Shanghoon

            A big thanks to the team at TRAFFIKGROUP for bringing Shanghoon onto this fantastic looking campaign, and if you’re looking for something a little less ordinary this weekend, pick up a case of Guinness Black Lager and let us know what you think!

            © ShanghoonImages © Shanghoon


              With patio season upon us, and it being an overcast day here in Toronto, what better time to show off the latest addition to the summer brew lineup – Molson Canadian Wheat – a Canadian-style unfiltered wheat beer featuring a rich golden colour and natural cloudiness.

              In order to to highlight both of these qualities in the stills campaign, Rethink brought Shanghoon onboard to work his studio magic and the result is a mouthwatering one. Take a look.

              © Shanghoon

              Photographer: Shanghoon
              Client: Molson Coors
              Agency: Rethink
              Art Director: Vince Tassone
              Art Buyer : Narine Artinian
              Assistants: Abe Roberto & Colin Rycroft

              So keep your eyes open on your next trip to a liquor emporium and you might just spot a bit of Shanghoon on the wall.

              © ShanghoonImage © Shanghoon


                cover-smallThere’s a plethora of visual delights packed into the 162 pages of this years Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards issue, and selected works aside, that ChorusArt Silk 80lb paper combined with Mi5′s UV Pro-Brite printing process sure is a sexy sight. But enough about pretty paper, time to get into them pages, where a good showing from a number of Westsiders is what you’ll find.

                Kicking off with Chris Gordaneer, who received top marks in two categories this year with his Trials motorcycle series, as well as some unseen panoramics from his most recent trip to Africa.


                © Chris Gordaneer

                For more from his time in Africa go check out the PERSONAL section of!

                Following in Chris’ creative lead is Mr. Tyler Gray, whose fantastic images On The Run and Luke were awarded as both self promotion and unpublished works. Be sure to click the images and get the full story from Tyler.



                Next up is our newcomer to the Westside team, Anthony Redpath! While we haven’t had a chance to talk about the project, Anthony’s work with DARE Vancouver for BC Children’s Hospital is definitely deserving of it’s multiple awards.

                © Anthony Redpath

                Rounding the bend of our winners is Derek Shapton, who’s unique looking corporate portraits and innovative self promotion found themselves in the high praises of the Applied Arts Judges.



                The subsequent images come from two of our favorite campaigns shot by George Simhoni this past year. With their sticky situations and beautiful scenery (respectively), George’s work for UR Immunization and Freedom 55 Financial are great examples of his ability to paint a photograph.

                © George Simhoni


                Closing out our list of this years awarded photographers is product master Shanghoon, whose work with GREY Canada for The Salvation Army was a big success durring the 2012 Red Kettle Drive.

                © Shanghoon

                A huge round of high fives to all our winners and those who helped with the awarded works; and an additional thank-ya to the folks at Applied Arts for not only appreciating the fine images of our photographers, but for printing their stuff on that oh-so-sexy paper!

                **Side Note** Check out Matt Barnes sneaking his way onto the rear cover!
                All Images © Respective Photographers



                  by Matt on March 26, 2013

                  There’s a great scene in the 2005 remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, where we meet the character Augustus Gloop being interviewed about finding one of the golden tickets. When asked how he celebrated the great discovery, as if it were a no-brainer question the portly child quickly responds, “I eats more candy!“, and proceeds to tear into a tasty bar of chocolate.

                  For eight years now, whenever I see chocolate bars, something in my brain replays that single line over and over and it makes me giggle… a lot. And so when roughly 100 beautifully wrapped bars of Cadbury’s new Dairy Milk Bubbly arrived at the studio for Shanghoon care of Ogilvy & Mather, I just about lost it.

                  Having tried one of the many leftover bars, it’s a tasty new treat from Cadbury that I’m sure Augustus would be proud of, perhaps as proud as we are to show off this mouth watering new work from Shanghoon. Enjoy.

                  © Shanghoon

                  © Shanghoon

                  © Shanghoon

                  © ShanghoonPhotographer: Shanghoon
                  Client: Cadbury
                  Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
                  Art Director: Todd Cornelius
                  Chocolate Stylist: Franc Madden
                  Assistant: Colin Rycroft

                  SO MUCH CHOCOLATE!!!

                  © Colin Rycroft

                  Big shout outs to Todd and the team at Ogilvy & Mather for a great day on set, and a big thanks to Assistant Colin for snapping up the pics of our very own Westside Chocolate Factory!
                  Images © Shanghoon



                    by Matt on March 19, 2013

                    Having undergone a major facelift, along with a whole slew of upgrades and changes, there’s one thing Toyota knows for certain about their revamped model of the Avalon; your grandpa’s car – this ain’t. With a stronger emphasis on driver involvement, and some of the cooler added features you’ll find on a non-luxury sedan this year (QI-Powered wireless cellphone charging!), the 2013 Avalon is an agressive looking car that provides a ride suited well for either a Saturday night party or Sunday morning round of golf.

                    Tasked with building a strong campaign for the new Avalon, Saatchi & Saatchi Art Director’s Andrei Babichuk and Lena Lee, brought Shanghoon on board to shine his lights on the latest and greatest in Toyota’s lineup. Let’s take a look.

                    © Shanghoon

                    © Shanghoon

                    © Shanghoon

                    © Shanghoon

                    © Shanghoon

                    © Shanghoon

                    © ShanghoonPhotographer: Shanghoon
                    Client: Toyota
                    Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
                    Art Director (Car): Andrei Babichuk
                    Art Director (Fabric): Lena Lee
                    Assistants: Colin Rycroft, Marvin Kwan, Abe Roberto, & Noel Araquel

                    One way to see Shanghoon’s work in print is to keep your eyes peeled for your newspaper flyers where you might find a nice leaflet featuring a number of the shots. In case you’re one of those types who avoid flyers all together, we took some pics so you can get a glimpse.

                    Shanghoon_Toyota_Avalon_Insert01Shanghoon_Toyota_Avalon_Insert02Shanghoon_Toyota_Avalon_Insert03Images © Shanghoon