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by Westside on June 10, 2013

Today we journey eastward dear reader, as we follow Ryan Enn Hughes to the shores of Nova Scotia; where he hooked up with Halifax based agency, M5, and a slew of professional pipers.

Representing 37 local unions comprising roughly 51000 Canadian trade workers – The United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada – known simply as UA, is one of the most respected trade unions in North America, and it was up to Ryan to showcase some of the smiles their work bring it’s members. We’ll take a look at his work before dropping into layout.

© Ryan Enn Hughes© Ryan Enn Hughes© Ryan Enn HughesPhotographer: Ryan Enn Hughes
Client: UA Canada
Agency: M5
Art Director: Vicki Murphy
Copywriter: Lynnette Troke
Assistant: Kelci MacDonald

© Ryan Enn Hughes© Ryan Enn Hughes© Ryan Enn Hughes

Big shout outs to the lovely folks at M5 for another fun project, and the hardest of high-5′s to Assistant Kelci MacDonald for the following BTS images!

© Kelci MacDonald© Kelci MacDonald© Kelci MacDonald© Kelci MacDonald

Feeling like you need more Hughes? You can find more of Ryan’s work for UA over on their website JoinUACanada.ca.

Images © Ryan Enn Hughes
BTS Images by Kelci MacDonald



    by Westside on October 23, 2012

    Last Tuesday, Toronto Crime Stoppers (TCS) – alongside several partners in the Ontario gas industry – held a press conference to launch their new Gas Theft Awareness campaign. The recent death of a Toronto gas attendent had re-sparked the issues surrounding fuel theft, and with this new campaign the TCS plans to remind everyone that if you intend to steal your gas, it’s not a difficult process to figure out who you are.

    DDB Toronto has been at the forefront of many TCS ads, and in several cases someone from the Westside has been lucky enough to use their photographic skills in hopes of helping take a bite out of crime. This campaign would be no different, as Team DDB employed the services of Ryan Enn Hughes to bring their concept to life. Here’s a look at the work.

    Photographer: Ryan Enn Hughes
    Client: Toronto Crime Stoppers
    Agency: DDB Toronto
    Creative Director(s): Todd Mackie & Denise Rossetto
    Associate Creative Director(s): Paul Riss & Adam Bailey
    Art Director: Loretta Lau
    Copywriter: Jordana Rapuch

    Keep your eyes open at your local gas station and you might come across Ryans images either in the above layout, or perhaps something like these guys below.

    Images © Ryan Enn Hughes


      TGIW | GIF LUV

      by Westside on May 16, 2012

      The .GIF file. Brought into this world back in ’87 by CompuServe, the Graphics Interchange Format has been bringing joy to internet users since Netscape Navigator upgraded to v2.0. Whether it was displaying a companies logo or letting you know that a site was under construction, thanks to Netscape the GIF became an everyday part of the internet. Then came Geocities.

      Although the dancing baby was probably the appropriate time for the GIF to really take off as a new medium for artists to play with, it wasn’t until the revamped/rebranded ‘cinemagraph‘ came along that people started to really take notice and wonder on the ways they could play within the 256 colour scheme.

      One of these interested artists is Ryan Enn Hughes,

      I’m really excited about exploring GIFs as a medium, as I see them sitting right in the middle between Motion Pictures and Still Photography. I really took notice of GIFs when I saw the work of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. My skill set and history with stop motion work has allowed me to explore GIFs seamlessly. I feel the whole format is very ‘wild west’ right now – its great to see innovation coming from new and exciting directions.

      Ryan recently launched a new creative series titled Sparkler$ which marks his first venture into the realm of GIFs and according to the Huffington Post, our guy Ry’, “has created a mesmerizing series that could force many to rethink the possibilities of animated GIFs.” Lets take a look at a few images from the series.

      One of the awesome things about Ryan is he’s very much into sharing the ‘how-to’ behind his projects, and like 360 Project and Les Mills before it, Sparkler$ gets the BTS Video treatment.

      There’s a few more images to the Sparkler$ series which can be seen over in the GIFs section of RyanEnnHughes.com so click on over to see more. For those of you who have Tumblr pages, Ryan has made his gifs availible for sharing on His Tumblr Page so reblog, reblog, reblog!

      TGIW kids.
      Images/Video © Ryan Enn Hughes

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        TGIW | Shamrocks and Paddy Wagons

        by Westside on March 14, 2012

        Yes, it’s that time of year again. The snow has melted, the birds are singing, the clocks jumped forward leaving us behind with tired eyes, and all the while, shiny paper Shamrocks grace our storefronts. St. Patrick’s Day is upon us.

        It’s an exciting celebration that most of us don’t remember, except for a late night souvenir of an early morning hangover. This Saturday we’ll see lots of Shamrocks and Paddy Wagons, but until then here’s a festive collection of images from our guys and gals.

        Chris Gordaneer

        Frank Hoedl

        George Simhoni

        Matt Barnes

        Ryan Enn Hughes

        Tom Feiler

        Vicky Lam

        Chris Gordaneer

        Matt Barnes

        Tom Feiler



          TGIW | DSLR Battle Royale

          by Westside on March 7, 2012

          Considering the big news from Canon last week, and the persistant rumblings around the studio of how “Nikon is on its way back”, todays TGIW will be a WrestleMania of sorts.

          Ladies and gents, please meet your warriors.

          Some thoughts from studio staff when posed with the simple question, “Canon vs Nikon, 5DMKIII vs D800, who wins the fight?”

          Ryan Enn Hughes

          I’ve been a Canon shooter since I started taking pictures, but switched just this past Fall to shoot Nikon. I think both companies make great products that cater to a wide variety of photography applications. I made the change when I came to the conclusion that a fast and reliable autofocus system was the most important thing to me and my style of photography when shooting with a DSLR. At the time I had a 5DMKII, and while the files from this camera were incredible to work with (really impressive actually), I found the autofocus system (in my model at least) to be consistently inaccurate despite factory repairs, and lens micro adjustments. I ended up testing Nikon’s D3 and it just worked – every image was sharp. I decided to purchase a Nikon D3, and have been very happy with it. While I have switched over to a Nikon system, I still do rent Canon gear at times, as there are some advantages in shooting with a Canon 1DMKIV over a Nikon D3 or D3s – particularly with burst rate and buffer times. I’m pretty excited about the new camera systems being released by both companies – I’ll have to test them for myself before I can come to any serious conclusions.

          George Simhoni

          I used to shoot Nikon when film was my forte, and immediately went with the 1D when it came out because it looked the most like film to me. Since then I have been a Canon fan.I tried Nikons along the way, but really didn’t like their chip size because of my lensing aspect ratio issues.
          I have stuck with Canon in motion as well because it holds up. I did a piece called Sambaheads and the result was amazing, thus I have no reason to switch at this stage.

          Gabe Nivera (George’s 1st Assistant)

          It doesn’t matter.

          Let me qualify that statement. Both Canon and Nikon make great products and both companies have dropped the ball on products; be it in failing to implement new technology fast enough or crippling their own products to keep the pro-level products more desirable.

          To date, both have an excellent line up of bodies and lenses; the prosumer grade products are just as at home in the gear bags of our photographers as the top level cameras and lenses.

          If you want to get all technical, go over to Dx0 Labs and they can tell you which sensors are best, which lenses are sharpest, or more neutral, have least amount of fall off or aberration, technobabble that people seem to get hot and bothered about. But to be honest, we like certain lenses for their flaws because we get great images from them. We have purposely kept a soft 16-35 L lens and not upgraded it because it’s soft in the corners and distorts; it gives images a storybook feel vs a technically perfect image.

          Ergonomics matter too; I personally like how Nikons feel in my hand and how their menu structure is formatted, but that’s all a matter of preference and habit as other people love how Canons feel. Both these companies are industry leading and will be around for a while; you wont be making a mistake picking either.

          In the end, it’s a tool; pick a platform and invest in the glass. There a jobs where we use only 35mm format because of the portability and low light capabilities. Then there are jobs where 35mm format is totally unsuited for the file delivery requirements. You should worry more about properly lighting it, exposing it, and processing the image.

          Tom Feiler

          Not being the most technical guy in the world I like things simply. Like apple pie simple versus the mathematical concept Pi. That being said I was a huge Nikon guy when there was a Kodak in the world, but they let me down in the dawning digital age. I’m with a new lady now and her name is Canon and this is for her.

          TGIW children.


            PHOTOGASM | We Choo-Choo Choose You

            by Westside on February 14, 2012

            Being Valentines Day and all, Shelley and I thought it would be fun to go through our computers and try and capture the essence of love within the confines of our photographers portfolios. Some are direct selects from current portfolios. Some we dove a bit deeper into the catalogues. Nonetheless, ALL of todays images are our way of asking, will you be our valentine?

            Andrew B. Myers

            Chris Gordaneer

            Tom Feiler

            Frank Hoedl

            George Simhoni

            Tyler Gray

            Jean Malek

            Matt Barnes

            Nikki Ormerod

            Russell Monk

            Ryan Enn Hughes


            Derek Shapton

            Vicky Lam

            As we browsed through the works of our shooters, our eye’s tuned to the frequency of love, I thought it might be nice to attempt some reader/ writer interaction and pit 3 of our Cupids‘ against one another in capture-to-capture combat. So dear readers, it is to you we leave the choice:

            Whom of three couples pictured below, would you like to spend your Valentines Day with?

            George Simhoni

            Matt Barnes

            Nikki Ormerod

            The choice is yours!

            For this was Saint Valentine’s Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate.
            All Images © Respective Photographers


              TGIW | Things About Us, You Don’t Know

              by Westside on December 14, 2011

              Every wonder what lies behind that big ol’ W of ours!!??

              Our old logo was a cactus. Very Miami.

              Tom Nesbitt, Chris Gordaneers‘ amazing producer bikes to the studio everyday.

              Matt Barnes joined a dirt bike gang yesterday.

              Phaedra Kennedy, one of our powerhouse producers here has ran two Iron Man’s!!

              Chris‘ assistant Aric proposed to his girly pal this year, she said yes!

              Caitlin Robinson just purchased a really cool townhouse with her man friend.

              Vicky Lam is 5 ft even, but 7 ft in spirit.

              Chris Gordaneer has a really big truck.

              Derek Shapton‘s office is beside mine. He plays music really loud. I like it.

              Frank Hoedl just cut his hair and nobody knows who he is anymore.

              George‘s assistant, Gabe Nivera is really smart.

              George Simhoni cares about the environment.

              John Stevancec is in Disney World right now, alone.

              Nikki Ormerod has a book that farts, and pages fart noises over the intercom often.

              Russell Monk is in Mexico and plays guitar and builds houses.

              Lindsey Harrison has beautiful ginger hair and looks like she’s getting younger not older.

              Ryan Enn Hughes wears scarves 6 months of the year.

              Spenser Forrest will do anything. And he’s good at it.

              Tara O’Malley is tiny in real life.

              Sandi Wall really likes cottage cheese.

              Shanghoon is a ninja.

              Shelley Hayes is not Shelley Hayes’ real name.

              Tom Feiler has good self esteem.

              Tyler Gray looks a lot like Caitlin Robinson’s boyfriend.

              Jean Malek speaks french very well.

              Matt Le Blanc wore sandals up until yesterday.

              We love our jobs.

              TGIW friends!


                DEAR PHOTOGRAPHER | Dream Job

                by Westside on December 9, 2011

                Dear Photographer,
                You guys and gals at Westside seem to get a really wide variety of clients.
                Assuming you haven’t worked it already, what is your dream job (ie. client or project)?

                George Simhoni
                I have had many, but my dream job would be a tourism gig for Tourism Canada to promote adventure tourism in all those places you don’t see repeatedly advertised, and I am allowed to photograph and film with a small crew and art director in all those wonderful places.

                Ryan Enn Hughes
                I have a music video idea for “The Throne”…which if I ever got the chance to make would be the crowning achievement of my career. Swag.

                Matt Barnes
                I would love to shoot the Pirelli Calendar later in life! I think that would have to be one of the raddest assignments in the world.

                Andrew B. Myers
                I always thought it would be the grandest thing in the world to make imagery that would end up on the side of a jumbo jets.

                Tyler Gray
                Might sound cliche but the whole thing is a dream job. I mean, I take pictures for a living. Ultimately though I guess my dream job would have been to meet and shoot Johnny Cash, that aint happening though. I guess I could settle for Bruce Springsteen. Both are/were unbelievable story tellers and I draw a lot of my inspiration from this in my personal work.

                Jean Malek
                I would like to shoot a big project with a hollywood star. I’m not really a groupie, but I think it would still be nice to have someone like Scarlett Johansson in my shots, or Zooey Deschanel… superstars you know? ;D

                All Images © Respective Photographers

                An oversized thank you to Ryan and the same to all the photographers for sharing. Keep those questions coming kids, within reason we will answer just about anything. CLICK ME.


                  DEAR PHOTOGRAPHER | Tell Me About Your Steez

                  by Westside on November 4, 2011

                  Dear Photographer,

                  Please describe your style in 3 words or less.


                  Chris Gordaneer | Adventure. Travel. Fun.

                  Tom Feiler | Oddly Normal Nose-twitches.

                  Ryan Enn Hughes | Cash Money Millionaires.

                  Matt Barnes | Crazy. Sexy. Cool.

                  Frank Hoedl | Heightened Reality

                  George Simhoni | Timeless.

                  Nikki Ormerod | Narative.

                  Vicky Lam | Bold. Graphic. Quirky.

                  Jean Malek | Cinematographic. Edgy. Sensitive.

                  Derek Shapton | the World is Your Tripod
                  (An oldie but a goodie. A 1/2 second exposure actually taken without a tripod. Camera was balanced precariously on the parking garage railing, with a 6 story drop right behind it, levelled with a cookie and a lens cap, if i remember correctly. DS)

                  Thanks to all our photographers for their responses, and a big thanks to John for the question.
                  Happy Friday everyone!


                    TGIW | Shoot From the Hip

                    by Westside on November 2, 2011

                    My poor little point & shoot has dust on it! Despite the compact size and its all round godliness, I don’t use it. I use my cellphone and I really love the results. Between the Hipstamatic and the Instagram, all my little artsy photo needs are met. Everything is Hip and Everything is Instant.

                    I started to wonder, if I’m taking these mind blowing photos with my cell phone (kinda jokes), what the heck are the professionals taking with their cell phones?

                    Turns out, its good. Actually, its really really good.

                    © Andrew B. Myers

                    © Chris Gordaneer

                    © Derek Shapton

                    © George Simhoni

                    © Jean Malek

                    © Matt Barnes

                    © Nikki Ormerod

                    © Ryan Enn Hughes

                    © Shanghoon

                    © Tom Feiler

                    © Tyler Gray

                    © Vicky Lam

                    Keeping it calm and casual on this wonderful Wednesday, shooting from the hip. TGIW!

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