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by Westside on August 7, 2013

Earlier this summer Bud Light debuted their latest creation, the Lime-A-Rita, a margarita-flavored malt beverage that is far from your typical light beer boasting a whopping 8% alcohol content. In celebration of its release, Bud Light held a contest for the ladies of Québec, offering up an all expenses paid weekend to Toronto for a lucky lady and 3 of her fav gals.

As we all know, a good contest requires some great visuals in order to get the people excited. Thus, Montréal agency Brad brought in Jean Malek to show the ladies what kind of fun might await the winner. We’ll take a look at some work before a word from Jean and a peek at the day on set.

© Jean Malek© Jean Malek

This project was a lot of fun to shoot despite being a long day of production. Due to some time constrictions we would only have one day to execute 3 different shots in 3 different locations. It was such a crazy experience, but we ended up with some cool images and we’re all very proud. ~ JM

© Jean MalekPhotographer: Jean Malek
Client: Bud Light
Agency: Brad
Producer: Andrée-Lyne Jacque
Stylist: Iz-bel Soucy
Make-Up: Cynthia-Christina Cadieux & Alexia Baillargeon
Assistants: Jean-Francois Lamoureux, Sébastien Roussel, Marc-Olivier Bécotte, & Mathieu Létourneau

JeanMalek_BudLime_BTS01© Jean MalekJeanMalek_BudLime_BTS02JeanMalek_BudLime_BTS03© Jean MalekImages © Jean Malek



    by Westside on July 11, 2013

    As we saw with last weeks release of The Shadows, Jean Malek has been working his creative side pretty hard as of late, and today we’re giving out a sizeable sample of his in-progress series, Untold Stories. We’ll kick things off with the press release for Malek’s teaser image before diving into a bunch of other visual goodies.

    New from award-winning Montreal photographer, story-teller and director Jean Malek comes this teaser release, the first instalment in a new and broad-reaching photographic series he has titled “Untold Stories.”

    The series explores the complex themes of family, diverse group dynamics and the untold secrets that lie within closed circles. While drawn together by the intensity and ambiguity of each image, the series is constructed to explore many unique stories and in this way is not intended to be connected stylistically.

    The ambitious project has been in production since the beginning of 2013 and when completed is expected to contain between 8 and 10 images to be presented at exhibition.

    Madams et Monsieurs, on behalf of Jean Malek we proudly present, The Initiation.

    © Jean MalekPhotographer: Jean Malek
    Set Design: Susan MacQuarrie
    Stylist: Andrée-Jade Hélie
    Production Assistant: Christian Bitar
    Assistants: Sébastien Roussel, Jean-Sébastien Létourneau, & Nicholas Lafontaine
    BTS Video: Julien Lauzon
    Storyboard Artist: Olivier Gourde

    © Olivier GourdeJeanMalek_TheInitiation_BTS01JeanMalek_TheInitiation_BTS02JeanMalek_TheInitiation_BTS03JeanMalek_TheInitiation_BTS04

    For more info on what’s to come from Malek and his Untold Stories, go check out an interview with the man himself over on SNAP! Magazines profile of the sneak peek.

    The Initiation © Jean Malek
    BTS Video by Julien Lauzon
    BTS Images by Andrée-Jade Hélie



      by Westside on July 2, 2013

      As we Canadians slip back into the real world with a 4 day work week, we on the Westside feel it best to start you off slow and steady with a warm and fuzzy PHOTOGASM from our man in Montréal, Jean Malek.

      And so boys and girls, we happily present to you, The Shadows.

      © Jean Malek

      © Jean Malek

      © Jean Malek

      © Jean Malek

      © Jean Malek

      © Jean Malek

      The series is just a small portion of creative work Malek has been working on as of late, so stay tuned for some really cool stuff coming in the nearish future. Can’t wait? Keep up to date on the world of Malek and check out his blog AFTER FIVE.
      All Images © Jean Malek



        by Westside on April 9, 2013

        We last heard about Jean Malek teaming up with digital agency TP1 last May when they threw down some great looking work for the Montréal Fringe Festival. Well this fine pairing is back together with some new work starring one of the agency’s most influential and fuzzy employees – Seal Of Approval!

        © Jean MalekPhotographer: Jean Malek
        Client: TP1
        Assistant: Sébastien Roussel

        To learn more about Seal of Approval and everything it does at TP1, go check out it’s Facebook page!
        Image © Jean Malek



          by Westside on January 17, 2013

          They say ‘what goes around comes around’, and the following work from Jean Malek expresses the sentiment quite well. As a citizens group based in Montréal, Les Affranchies (The Freed) is at the forefront of Québec’s fight against human trafficking. Working with BCP Agency and our French Connection, the group has launched a new campaign in their efforts to stop sexploitation. After we take a look at the work we’ll pass it off to Malek who can tell you more about the shoot.

          The Unchained © Jean MalekPhotographer: Jean Malek
          Client: Les Affranchies
          Agency: BCP Montréal
          Creative Director / Copywriter: Étienne Bastien
          Assistant Creative Director / Art Director: Jonathan Rouxel
          Make-Up: Marianne Caron
          Wardrobe: Marie-Claude Guay
          Set Stylist: Susan MacQuarrie
          Assistants: Sébastien Roussel & Julia-Maria Daigneault

          Well… to be honest if I was to sum up this shoot in one word, it would be: challenging. I’ll explain.

          First I had to find talent that was the perfect fit for the role – he had to have that little something in his expression that could look a bit “off”. Added to the difficulty of finding the right person was the fact that the role of ‘Sexual Predator’ isn’t highly sought out by many models, especially when they will be recognizable in the finished print.

          Our next next obstacle fell mostly on my stylist Marie-Claude. She had to find an outfit that looked like a dress for a younger girl, but make it fit on a 45 year old man. Despite the serious nature of the shoot, the fitting with our talent was pretty funny.

          Our biggest challenge was finding a location that we could turn into the grimy, run down type of prison we had envisioned. After a lot of scouting, I eventually found an old parking garage that was just right for the job. If you need to find a parking garage in Montréal let me know, haha, I’ve seen them all. ~MALEK

          For more info on The Freed and what they do for the province of Québec, go check out their website. Big thanks to Jean for sharing!

          Image © Jean Malek


            TGIW | A SAFE HOLIDAY

            by Westside on December 19, 2012

            As we approach the end of the working year and enter the joyous time of holiday vacation we would like to use this final TGIW of 2012 to remind you all to have a happy and safe time away from the workplace. For instance, should you find yourself dealing with electrical wiring outdoors in the cold and wet snow – use caution – you could get electrocuted, as implied by this latest image from Jean Malek for Hydro-Québec.

            © Jean MalekPhotographer: Jean Malek
            Client: Hydro-Québec
            Agency: LG2
            Producer: Jerome Couture
            Retouching: Visual Box
            Assistants: Seb Roussel & Will Cole
            Image © Jean Malek



              by Westside on September 17, 2012

              Centraide is an independent organization that services the greater Montréal area by raising donations from the public which in turn go on to support a web of services that aid more than 500,000 individuals living below the poverty line within the city.

              With the location that they service in consideration, it only makes sense that this week the Blog is kicking of the week with Jean Malek and the team at Publicis Montréal. For those who do not parle français the copy on the ads reads, “Donating is uplifting”, and with that we present this latest work from Monsieur Malek.

              Photographer: Jean Malek
              Client: Centraide of Greater Montréal
              Agency: Publicis
              Creative Directors: Nicolas Massey & Carl Robichau
              Art Director: Bogdan Truta
              Copywriter: Mike Aronson
              Stylist: Marie-Claude Guay
              Hair & Make-up: Catherine Lavoie
              Assistant: Sébastien Roussel

              Now we view Malek‘s work as the inhabitants of greater Montreal get to!

              Images © Jean Malek



                by Westside on September 6, 2012

                Upon first seeing the images from todays post I immediately got the urge to provide the option of listening to the song, “I’m On A Shopping Spree”, in the background. This continued to seem a good idea until last night when I sat down and actually studied the prose of young Soulja Boy, which proved to serve no purpose on this blog, nor alongside the fine work of Jean Malek.

                Despite the lack of his tunes, Soulja Boy might do well to take note of Jean’s latest work – as like every after-school kid in Repentigny, Quebec knows – there’s a serious mall in town. With 130+ shops and boutiques, Galeries Rive-Nord sounds like suburban Montréal’s very own Eaton Center; and for the malls’ campaign, Ma Ville – Mon Style, Malek was at the Canon’s helm.

                In addition to the choice photographic skills, there’s something to be said for Jean’s fine attention to the details when it comes to bringing the layouts to life; as you can see and compare here with these illustrations from EM Agency.

                Photographer: Jean Malek
                Client: Les Galeries Rive-Nord
                Agency: EM Agency
                Art Director: Maïa Wallis
                Copyrighter: Christine Plante
                Hair & Makeup: Felicie Hubert
                Stylist: Marie-Claude Guay
                Assistants: JF Lamoureux, Nicholas Lafontaine, Julien Cloutier-Labbé & Constance Massicotte

                Wondering what happened to the crying kid on the boardwalk? He was just sad that he missed the cut.

                Images © Malek
                Layouts © EM Agency


                  PHOTOGASM | THE SECRETARY

                  by Westside on August 21, 2012

                  TheFWA, or Favorite Website Awards, began shortly into the new millennia and ever since then, the website has been showcasing the best of The Web on a daily basis. The site is the highest ranking website award program on the interweb, and back in 2009 they launched a new website – FWAPhoto – where each day vistors get a fresh dose of photography from a selected picture maker.

                  So why am I talking about TheFWA and their offspring FWAPhoto? Well, while checking out the overview of selected images for this month, I noticed a familiar frame and was pleased to find work from Jean Malek as the Photo of the Day for August 18th!

                  The image is from Jean’s series, The Secretary, shot as a personal creative but later published by SNAP!, a free art, fashion, and culture magazine available quarterly here in Canada. A quick word from Malek before we get into the good stuff.

                  The Secretary marked the beginning of my exploration of cinematic framing within photography. My inspiration for the creative series came from the Steven Shainberg film of the same name, and a huge thanks goes out to Shayl Prisk at SNAP! for including this work in their pages. Hope you enjoy!

                  All Images © Malek


                    A few weeks back I was listening to the ol’ short-wave at home, and while I can’t be certain, I’m pretty sure awards shows are like baseball games where you can tune in to a local AM station and listen to a play-by-play of whats happening at the gala, complete with a Vin Scully-esque announcer. It may have just been the delirious heat level of my apartment, but I found myself on the edge of my seat as the booming voice from the box called out some familiar names. I jotted down as much as I could, and so to close out this steamy summer month, we’ll read through my short transcript of the,

                    Holding strong and true at first base is Andrew B. Myers, who’s work with DDB for Historica-Dominion received Bronze in Public Service: Single (Press/Out-Of-Home).

                    Sittin’ pretty on second is Chris Gordaneer with a Bronze M for he and MacLaren McCann’s Out-Of-Home: Campaign (Point-Of-Purchase) for Precision Laser Tattoo Removal.

                    With eyes on home, Jean Malek and Publicis Montreal’s work for Belron Canada has the extraordinary frenchman holding third with a Bronze in Magazine: Single.

                    Looking to bring the boys home with a big dinger, stepping up to the plate is Frank Hoedl and Leo Burnett Toronto, who’s campaign for Raising The Roof took Gold in Public Service: Campaign, as well as a Silver for Public Service: Single (Press/Out-Of-Home – Red Chair).

                    At this point there was some interference from my hipster neighbours’ pirate radio station and I lost the signal so I’m unsure if Frank hit that big dinger; but what I do know is that we here at Westside are proud of all our boys for their achievements and want to throw up a hard hitting high-five to all those involved in the shoots. Click on any of the images to get the full story on the works.

                    Images © Respective Photographers