George Simhoni

You are out grocery shopping, paying for dinner, buying parking, or whatever else you may swipe/tap/insert your credit card for.  You’re probably collecting points that in 5 years you may redeem for a $50 gift card.  Woohoo!  Well George Simhoni recently created some photographs for Scotiabank’s GM Visa campaign where you can redeem points that go towards the purchase of any GM vehicle!  Car vs. gift card… you decide.  George worked with Chris Harrison and Hayes Sternberg to create these photos outlining the campaign!  Check them out below!


“I had the pleasure of joining the creative duo of Chris Harrison and Hayes Steinberg from Bensimon Byrne with agency print producer Magda Czyz to produce the launch of the Scotiabank GM Visa campaign introducing the Scotiabank Visa reward program where you can use your points towards any of GM vehicle purchases.


We had several locations with a variety of props and talent featuring a different vehicle per location.  We were demonstrating all the situations you could be in and the items that you typically buy that will help you purchase your new vehicle.
The challenge of keeping two sets of clients involved with all the steps in the photography project is always an interesting challenge but Scotiabank and all the client representatives from the different GM car brands were all proactive and great to work with.”  -George Simhoni
All in all some really great automotive photography by George, with a bit of a backstory to the viewer.  The little red stars denoting the things that can rack up the points towards the purchase of your next GM car.  If you go by any Scotiabank right now you will most likely run across one or two of these photos so keep an eye out!
For your added viewing pleasure, check out these cinema graphs that George also created.  These are kind of fun and George has become very good at creating them.  See if you can spot all the moving parts to each photo!  That last one is pretty tricky to spot!
boat_v4b camp_v6
Here, for your viewing pleasure are some behind the scenes images of the production involved in creating these images.  They feature assistants Abe Roberto and Jon Brown modelling with their best looks and a goose invading some personal space.  Enjoy!















ACD, Art Director: Chris Harrison
ACD, Copywriter: Hayes Steinberg
Agency Producer: Magda Czyz
Photographer: George Simhoni
Producer: John Stevancec
Production Company: Westside Studio
Assistants: Bryan Ulrich, Abe Roberto, John Wayne Brown, Gabe Nivera, Logan Almandinger
Retouching: Mark Tyler


    Steven Kim 5+

    by Westside on September 8, 2015

    Instagram is an extremely entertaining platform that has taken so many experiences, places, meals and cats from the corners of people’s lives and shared them front and centre on your smartphone.  Some have become Instagram celebrities while others prefer to keep their accounts private and share with family and friends only.  Over the past few years, someone has been creating a very impressive and extremely undervalued Instagram account right under our noses.  From the depths of the creative department at DentsuBos, Steven Kim has been silently uploading images demonstrating incredible attention to composition, symmetry, matching the aesthetic to the content and to put it bluntly- his photos kick ass.

    This brings us to the next instalment of our 5+ series, where we turn the spotlight on someone outside our walls and have them tell us 5 things that help keep them inspired to create.  So without further adieu, we will pair a few images from Steven’s Instagram account and let him tell you all about what keeps his eye sharp and what inspires him to create such awesome images.

    1.  Mind-blowing creative talent from around the world I’ve found through Instagram.  I love seeing glimpses of virtually every corner of the universe, one tiny square at a time.  There is so much creative use of the platform and such unique styles of image-making out there.  It’s pretty humbling.  Everyday it makes me think about deleting my photos and starting all over again.

    2.  My wife and son.  Both are very active and keep me motivated to stay healthy.  Which can be incredibly challenging at times.  See point 4.

    3.  Almost everything about the ’80s.  The music, the movies, the sitcoms, the WWF wrestlers, the colours, the arcades.  This period is so vivid in my mind and filled with so much energy.  Much more than the next two decades.


    4.  Food. I’ve watched every episode of Man vs Food.  At least twice.  Luckily my wife is an amazing cook so I eat really well at home.  She’s also inspired me to make a few of my own dishes.  Then there are these amazing celebrity Chefs: Roy Choi, David Chang, Chuck Hughes.  These guys always make cooking look cool and sometimes even easy.


    5.  Great magazine covers and beautifully designed spreads with beautiful typography.  Magazines like New Times Magazine, Wired, GQ tend to deliver quality pretty consistently.


    We asked some of our Westside photographers to have a flip through Steven’s Instagram account and pick out some of their favourites.  Their selections suited their own photography styles.  Check out this Westside photographer curated selection.

    “Creating pretty pictures is easy.  In a visual world that already has far more sunset images than it needs, it’s refreshing to look through Steven’s images and see someone who’s willing to get out  when the weather’s crap, when making images is an annoying and uncomfortable pursuit.  The result is fresh and engaging imagery – and creating that is the most difficult of all.  …also I’m a sucker for pictures from Iceland!”

    Dave Delnea

    “I really like how he manages to imbue even the most everyday objects with an air of otherworldliness and even menace, while still somehow remaining playful and even funny.  Good stuff.”

    -Derek Shapton

    “I get a lot of my inspiration through design pages and people I follow on Instagram simply because it’s completely visual.  Steven is one of my 5 or 6 “go to” pages on Instagram, he has a killer design sense and a super cool vintage modern style to his work that kinda makes it timeless.”

    -Tyler Gray

    “I like his images for his compositional skills.  In general he has a wonderful perspective on everyday things and can put it into an interesting and captivating imagery.”
    -George Simhoni

    That is all for this 5+ post.  Please take the time to flip through and enjoy this selection of Steven’s photos that has been curated by Westside photographers and staff.  If you want to follow Steven, please click or tap here and help his following grow by sharing this post around on your socials.  The dude deserves it!

    Photos of Steven by George Simhoni


      George Simhoni and Lilly fight diabetes

      by Westside on September 3, 2015

      George Simhoni has had many a car in front of his lenses this year.  Does that mean he’s forgotten how to shoot a slick set of portraits?  Nope.  George teamed up with Rick Kemp at BrandHealth to introduce Lilly’s new diabetes medication aimed to simplify and improve their patient’s lives.

      “I love working with the crew at Brandhealth, It’s always very collaborative and fun.  We can raise the level of what’s expected when we work that way.  Rick, Klint and Amy are always open and receptive to how to accomplish the goals of the client and make the ads work.”- G.S



      Client: Eli Lilly
      Agency: BrandHealth
      Creative Director & Copywriter: Rick Kemp
      Account executive: Amy Bastianon
      Photographer: George Simhoni
      Producer: John Stevancec
      Production Company: Westside Studio
      Assistants: Gabe Nivera, Alex Beetham, Olga Kozitska
      Wardrobe stylist: Genevieve Hutchinson

      **Editors Note**

      Want a little insight into how to have an incredibly successful 40+ year career as a commercial photographer?  This picture sums it up:

      George BTS

      You’re thinking:  ”But Alex, that’s just George gluing wallpaper… ”  EXACTLY!!  How many photographers have been shooting for 4 decades that still get their hands in the nitty gritty of each shoot?  The successful ones.  You reap the rewards of the work you put in, and George is a prime example.

      Happy long weekend!


        George Simhoni & the INFINITI Q50 Limited

        by Westside on July 6, 2015

        Back in the midst of the polar vortex, George Simhoni decided 2015 was going to be all about automotive photography.  When George sets goals, he sure is driven to fulfill them.   He’s had the pedal right down to the metal (floor mat?) so far this year, as one of our rosters busiest shooters!  We are most pleased to share one of his latest jobs, done with Lance Martin, Josh Day and the fine folks at UNION for INFINITI.  Check out their latest whip, fresh in off-white:  The Q50 Limited.


        Right?!  George then brought another into the studio, to properly show off some details.  She’s got curves in all the right places…

        “It was so great to have the opportunity to be part of the Infiniti Q50 project.  Working with Josh Day was a wonderful collaborative experience.  The car was beautiful and fun to work with too.  I am proud of our accomplishments and the images we produced are fantastic.”- George Simhoni

        Here’s a little BTS look at one of the location days:

        IMG_3998 IMG_3997 IMG_3996 IMG_3994 IMG_3991 IMG_3989
        All Images © George Simhoni

        Creative Director: Lance Martin
        Art Director: Josh Day
        Copywriter: Caitlin Keeley
        Agency Producer: Jen Dark
        Agency: UNION Advertising Canada LP
        Photographer: George Simhoni
        Photography Producer: John Stevancec
        Assistants: Logan Allmendinger, Peter Chan, Jeff Jamieson


          5+ | Franc Madden

          by Westside on March 24, 2015

          Yep, it is time again for us here at Westside to turn the attention to someone outside our immediate flock and add another installment of our 5+ series.  In this series we ask industry people from all roles to let us in on 5 things keep them inspired and able to relentlessly kick ass.  We wanted to turn the focus towards someone who many of us here at Westside have had the pleasure of working with over the years, the tremendously talented model maker, and all round solid dude, Franc Madden.
          Image © Shanghoon
          For those who know Franc, none of this will come as a surprise. For those that don’t, here is the deal…
          Franc Madden is a problem solver, magician and artist all rolled into one.  He is a tireless craftsman.  He remains calm when under pressure and is a true pleasure to work with.  He always goes the extra mile.
          As seen here, while the world around moves quickly around him, Franc still has a sense of humor and an infectious smile. He has been an invaluable part of the photography landscape of many, many, many years.  Here are what a few Westsiders had to say about working with Franc…
          “Franc is a Solid and Reliable man, he can basically make anything you request, what more could you ask for?”-  John Stevancec, Producer
          “Photography and in particular advertising, is about problem solving.  Model making still plays a vital role and Franc’s experience and skill is invaluable.  Being able to capture the majority of your image in camera is still the best and most simplistic route to success.  Without Franc, I couldn’t do most of my jobs.”- Frank Hoedl, Photographer
          “As much as I love working with new technologies like photo manipulation & cgi, sometimes nothing can beat the true craftsmanship of model making.  Franc is my go-to model maker, and I have complete trust in his ability to make ideas come to life. I’ve certainly challenged him to create quirky things for me over the years, including a deflated rubber turkey to a car-shaped popsicle. His extensive knowledge and determination in figuring things out, as well as his easy-going nature, makes him a great working partner and a true inspiration.”- Shanghoon, Photographer
          “Franc is a magician. I have never seen anyone else create a magical landscape with broccoli toothpicks and lint.”- George Simhoni, Photographer


          Without further adieu, here are Franc Madden’s 5 inspirations.  We hope that they may inspire you as they have inspired him.

          1.  Last year some guy “died” for a few minutes on the operating table.  His recall was the familiar out of body thing; he floated euphorically above his life, viewing everything through a misty tunnel.  My first thought was that he was riding a dirt bike, as that is how it feels when you launch one.  I love motocross at all levels, from the top guys down to the kid bouncing around his yard on a jalopy.  The sound, smell and rush of it never gets old.  Racer X Illustrated is the best portal for the sport; not only do they cover the results in real time, they also explore the depths of it, answering the questions we have and reinforcing the family values at it’s core.

          Mark Moebius SL70

          2.  All the painters from early Juxtapoz.  Robert Williams, Mark Ryden, Ron English, Jim Woodring and especially Todd Schorr. Master draftsmen.  I stare at their work and envy the satisfaction they must feel from their finished pieces.

          3.  The Tetra Society.  They take the abilities of inventors and engineers and apply them to specific needs of people with disabilities, an applied science making the most basic functions of life a little easier.  Noble, heartwarming stuff that is genuine.

          4.  Daim the graffiti artist.  His work hovers high over all the others with a depth that evades them.

          5.  Artists with ideas.  True story; those who know me will think this inclusion is bollocks.  I never speak highly of the arts as a vocation.  I’m jaded as a result of too many people wanting but not doing.  I like challenging projects from people who have done their homework, are using their noggin yet need a problem solved.  Collaboration.  It’s the name of the game in all walks.  My Compadres, I have no competitors, they are allies.  I know many talented people and we feed off one another, exchanging ideas.  Even if I ‘lose’ a job to one of them, I enjoy seeing their resulting build.  It will be so different than my approach, and good.  We all make custom creations on tight deadlines and all work in our own distinct way.


            Archive has love for Westside

            by Alex Beetham on November 7, 2014

            We’re thrilled to have 3 featured campaigns in the upcoming issue of Archive!  Keep your eyes peeled for these winners:

            Some George Simhoni location work in British Columbia for Suburu:

            George Simhoni for Suburu

            George Simhoni for Suburu

            Anthony Redpath had a blast creating these images for PlayLand:




            Last but not least, a Xeomin campaign from Shanghoon:

            Shanghoon_Scissors Shanghoon_Tongs

            Congratulations all around!!


              George Ventures into the Outback for Subaru

              by Alex Beetham on July 21, 2014

              June was a month of relentless travel for George Simhoni. One of his numerous flights landed him in beautiful British Columbia to team up with DDB for some gorgeous work to promote the new 2015 Subaru Outback. A few words from George himself:

              It was a great opportunity to work on the 2015 Subaru Outback campaign with Rebecca and Dom. BC during the summer is a real treat. We usually go there for shoots in the winter and we are dodging rain most of the time. I love bringing people into the mix of car photography because it really kicks up the image and makes them more memorable. I had a wonderful team to help bring these images to fruition, from our photography and digital team, agency team and client. All great to work with.   – George

              George Simhoni_Subaru1 George Simhoni_Subaru2All Images © George Simhoni
              Photographer:  George Simhoni
              Client:  Subaru
              Agency:  DDB
              Associate Creative Director:  Rob Sturch
              Art Director:  Rebecca May
              Copywriter:  Dom Raso
              Producer:  John Stevancec
              Assistants: Sean Best, Mark Cohene, Richard Amies, Mike Phang

              Producer John Stevancec was kind enough to provide a glimpse behind the scenes:


              George Simhoni_Subaru_BTS2

              IMG_4246All BTS Images © John Stevancec


                Western Canada celebrates its heritage through Heritage Park in Calgary – Canada’s Largest Living History Museum. Visitors escape the everyday into a world celebrating the people, animals, and machines that pioneered the west.

                Divided into four areas that each showcase a different time period in Western Canadian history, Heritage Park celebrates its golden jubilee this summer and to help visitors remember to Escape Today, local agency C&B created a fantastic campaign for this western treasure. Calling upon George Simhoni to assist in bringing their vision to life, the man who’s no stranger to Alberta packed his bags and headed west to meet up with Art Director Phil Copithorne.

                For those who’ve never been, the living history museum is located on 127 acres of land that sits within the city of Calgary, and it was with this close proximity in mind that George and Phil went to work.

                © George Simhoni

                © George Simhoni

                © George SimhoniPhotographer: George Simhoni
                Client: Heritage Park Historical Village
                Agency: C&B
                Art Director: Phil Copithorne
                Accounts: Leigh Blakely
                Retouching: Stir Editing
                Producer & 2nd Shooter: John Stevancec
                Assistants: Luke Molliet & Chris Wedman

                Before we blast into some behind the scenes from George’s trip, a preemptive special thanks to everyone at Heritage Park and C&B for helping Producer John Stevancec live out a boyhood dream.
                Now enjoy a look at things on location.

                © John Stevancec

                GeorgeSimhoni_HeritagePark-EscapeToday-BTS-Gabe-01 GeorgeSimhoni_HeritagePark-EscapeToday-BTS-Gabe-02 GeorgeSimhoni_HeritagePark-EscapeToday-BTS-Gabe-03
                GeorgeSimhoni_HeritagePark-EscapeToday-BTS-Gabe-04 GeorgeSimhoni_HeritagePark-EscapeToday-BTS-Gabe-08


                GeorgeSimhoni_HeritagePark-EscapeToday-BTS-John-04 GeorgeSimhoni_HeritagePark-EscapeToday-BTS-John-08
                GeorgeSimhoni_HeritagePark-EscapeToday-BTS-John-05 GeorgeSimhoni_HeritagePark-EscapeToday-BTS-John-09 GeorgeSimhoni_HeritagePark-EscapeToday-BTS-John-13



                For more info on how you can get yourself aboard the S.S. Moyie, or one of the many other historically stimulating sights of Heritage Park, give a click to their website and see what’s been keeping people coming for the last 50 years.
                Images © George Simhoni
                BTS Images © John Stevancec & Gabe Nivera


                  IN PRINT | REFRAME

                  by Westside on January 16, 2014

                  As a man who has spent his life capturing, creating, and documenting moments in time, this next project from George Simhoni is very befitting. Teamed with Executive Creative Director Rick Kemp, George was asked to shoot for the Reframe Film Festival. Now in it’s 10th year, the Peterborough based documentary film-fest features award-winning films (and their makers) from around the globe.

                  This years festival kicks off at the end of the month and features a strong showing of participants, including Markus Imhoof’s celebrated, More Than Honey. Here’s George to tell you about the project.

                  Rick Kemp and I have done some great collaborative work together in the past, so when the opportunity arose it was a no-brainer to team up for the benefit of Reframe. Peterborough might not sound like the most happening location for an International Film Festival, but the event offers much more than just screenings. There are social events, art exhibitions, workshops and more, all aimed at educating and engaging with attendees. We wanted the posters to both create awareness of the festival, as well as promote the value of documentary film in society.

                  © George SimhoniPhotographer: George Simhoni
                  Client: Reframe Film Festival
                  Executive Creative Director: Rick Kemp
                  Art Director: Rick Kemp
                  Digital Imaging: Mark Tyler
                  Designers: Joe Andrus & Randi Pogue
                  Backgrounds: Shutterstock
                  Producer: John Stevancec
                  Assistant: Gabe Nivera

                  © George Simhoni

                  As usual, on these kinds of assignments, there are opportunities to do something you have not done before and explore new ways of doing things. Locations were out of the question so we went to Shutterstock site to pick some background images to help tell the story. The rest we shot in studio and with the help of the “best” retoucher in Canada – Mark Tyler/ STIR – we composited these images. ~GS

                  © George Simhoni

                  You can get a lot more info on the Reframe Film Festival and all it has to offer over on their website, so give a click – and if you’re free on the weekend of January 24th – why not check out a flick?
                  All Images © George Simhoni



                    by Westside on November 13, 2013

                    Aiming to provide support for young talent, the RBC Emerging Artists Project is one of many community based initiatives set forth by the Royal Bank of Canada. The project supports a multitude of artistic disciplines ranging from writing to glassmaking and everything in between, but their largest event is their annual painting competition.

                    With the support of the Canadian Art Foundation, the RBC Canadian Painting Competition was created in 1999 as a means of providing early stage assistance to emerging painters. Now in its fifteenth year, the competition is the largest in Canada, with this year’s National Winner taking a grand prize of $25K. In celebration of this milestone, RBC looked to Executive Creative Director Anthony Wolch of Entrinsic and George Simhoni to capture a moment with some of the competitions past winners and honorable mentions.

                    A quick word from George before the work.

                    Anthony and I have created some wonderful work together over the years so it was great to team up again for this newspaper campaign. His vision for the portraits aimed for a painterly feel, wanting to fortify in the ad that for these artists painting is more than just their passion – it’s their life. With each workspace being so unique it was a very interesting project to shoot, so a big thank you to everyone that was involved. ~GS

                    2006 Honourable Mention Kim Dorland
                    © George Simhoni

                    2012 National Winner Vanessa Maltese
                    © George Simhoni

                    2009 Honorable Mention Sasha Pierce
                    © George SimhoniPhotographer: George Simhoni
                    Client: RBC Canadian Painting Competition
                    Agency: Entrinsic
                    Executive Creative Director: Anthony Wolch
                    Producer: John Stevancec
                    Assistant: Gabe Nivera & Alex Beetham

                    As usual George’s assistant Gabe had the Instagram’s flowing during their time on set, so here’s a peek behind the scenes.

                    © Gabe Nivera

                    © Gabe Nivera

                    © Gabe NiveraImages © George Simhoni
                    BTS Images © Gabe Nivera