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by Matt on January 17, 2014

We mentioned plans for big things to come in our year-end post, and with the #WeAreWinter campaign now successfully up and running, it’s time to throw another big ticket item into the mix. To say it’s been a while since we’ve shown off the work of Frank Hoedl would be an understatement. You’ve seen Frank’s many awards over the last two years, but through the combined faults of a few, we’ve failed to properly showcase the work on its own. Today we change that.

Over the years Frank has had a wonderful relationship working with DDB Canada. Together they have created some fantastic and memorable campaigns for BC Hydro and Toronto Crime Stoppers – and they’ve joined forces once again – this time for Subaru Canada. Let’s take a look at the work.


Aha, a tease, we’re sorry. As you can see though, Art Director Jake Bundock’s layout for the new 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid would require the detail oriented skill-set in order to create the seamless transition between country and cityscape. Something Frank’s got in spades.

© Frank HoedlPhotographer: Frank Hoedl
Client: Subaru
Agency: DDB Toronto
Art Director: Jake Bundock
Digital Imaging: Dan Essegern & Michael McDonald
Producer: John Stevancec
Location Scout: Steve Connor
Assistants: Byan Ulrich, Peter Olson, Logan Allmendinger, & Alex Beetham

We’ve got some nice behind the scenes shots of the team’s time both in the city and country, but first here’s a look at Frank’s shot in this month’s issue of Toronto Life (with thanks to Tom Nesbitt and his .GIF skills).


© John Stevancec

© John Stevancec © John Stevancec

© John Stevancec

© John Stevancec

© John Stevancec

© John Stevancec

That’s all for our first visit to Hoedl-land, but be sure to stay tuned as we’re sure there’ll be more to come from Frank in the future. Enjoy the weekend readers!
Image © Frank Hoedl
Layout © DDB Canada
BTS © John Stevancec



    by Matt on June 7, 2013

    MAward2-300x195-300x184If you’re anything like us, you like to unwind from putting in hard work with a bit of hard play – and last Thursday night at The 2013 Marketing Awards – we did just that. It’s been a long week of recovery, but we’re finally ready to revisit the spectacular evening with some shout outs to our agency friends who helped a few Westsiders bring home some hardware.

    We’ll kick things off with Chris Gordaneer and BBDO Toronto‘s MerCow, which brilliantly highlighted the GE Profile Double Oven Range’s ability to cook two meals at one time!


    Next up is a great campaign from Matt Barnes and john st. for Wiser’s Small Batch whiskey. For more info and a full list of who was behind this simple genius, give a click on over to THE PASSING SHOT for more from Matt.

    © Matt Barnes

    © Matt Barnes

    Now it’s time we send a big Westside hug to DDB Canada‘s Vancouver and Toronto offices for their work with Frank Hoedl on campaigns for both BC Hydro and Toronto Crime Stoppers (shown respectively).

    © Frank Hoedl

    © Frank Hoedl

    © Frank Hoedl

    Rounding the bend of this years awarded works is Anthony Redpath and DARE Vancouver‘s GiveSpace campaign, which in addition to it’s listed winnings below, took home SILVER for PUBLIC SERVICE – PRESS/ OUT-OF-HOME: CAMPAIGN!

    © Anthony Redpath

    © Anthony Redpath

    Closing out our re-cap of the evenings events with Derek Shapton and TAXI 2‘s Castor Gigashelf. Having successfully transitioned the worlds largest photograph (of a shelf) into a imaginative and unique website interface, the team behind the work is most definitely deserving of their Gold M!


    A HUGE thanks to everyone involved in the aforementioned works from all of us at the Studio, because without you, we’d have no excuse for our overindulgences ;D. Have a great weekend everyone!


      A few weeks back I was listening to the ol’ short-wave at home, and while I can’t be certain, I’m pretty sure awards shows are like baseball games where you can tune in to a local AM station and listen to a play-by-play of whats happening at the gala, complete with a Vin Scully-esque announcer. It may have just been the delirious heat level of my apartment, but I found myself on the edge of my seat as the booming voice from the box called out some familiar names. I jotted down as much as I could, and so to close out this steamy summer month, we’ll read through my short transcript of the,

      Holding strong and true at first base is Andrew B. Myers, who’s work with DDB for Historica-Dominion received Bronze in Public Service: Single (Press/Out-Of-Home).

      Sittin’ pretty on second is Chris Gordaneer with a Bronze M for he and MacLaren McCann’s Out-Of-Home: Campaign (Point-Of-Purchase) for Precision Laser Tattoo Removal.

      With eyes on home, Jean Malek and Publicis Montreal’s work for Belron Canada has the extraordinary frenchman holding third with a Bronze in Magazine: Single.

      Looking to bring the boys home with a big dinger, stepping up to the plate is Frank Hoedl and Leo Burnett Toronto, who’s campaign for Raising The Roof took Gold in Public Service: Campaign, as well as a Silver for Public Service: Single (Press/Out-Of-Home – Red Chair).

      At this point there was some interference from my hipster neighbours’ pirate radio station and I lost the signal so I’m unsure if Frank hit that big dinger; but what I do know is that we here at Westside are proud of all our boys for their achievements and want to throw up a hard hitting high-five to all those involved in the shoots. Click on any of the images to get the full story on the works.

      Images © Respective Photographers


        NEWS | A Photo Annual Trifecta

        by Matt on July 16, 2012

        The 2012 Communication Arts Photography Annual is off the press and on my desk, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s three Westsiders gracing it’s pages.

        It’s pretty crazy to think that the 125 selected photographers appearing in this years’ CA:PA were originally part of a list of 4,685; so with that in mind we extend a huge congrats to not only our own shooters, but to all those showing work in this years collection.

        Starting us off in the opening pages of the annual is Tyler Gray, who’s work with DDB for Subaru landed some recognition in the Advertising category.

        Closing out the Advertising category is Frank Hoedl, who’s Red Chair for Raising the Roof continues to receive top marks from jurors.

        Rounding out the trifecta of Westsiders within CA:PA this year is Russell Monk and his Casa Portraits series, which can be found in the Editorial category.

        Congrats boys! Keep up the good work.
        Images © Respective Photographers


          Established in 1964 by The ADVERTISING Club of New York, the ANDY Awards celebrate creativity in advertising by recognizing both the individuals and companies behind ads they believe raise the standards of craftsmanship in the industry. Held a little over a week ago in NYC, this years big (and only) Canadian winner was agency Leo Burnett Toronto, who’s ‘Nothing But Potential’ campaign for Raising The Roof took home 7 heads!

          The shining star of the campaign was “Red Chair”, shot by Frank Hoedl, which nabbed 4 golden heads including: Outdoor Advertising, Copywriting, and Public Service (NPO), along with a Silver for Newspaper. Also awarded for Public Service (NPO) with both Silver and Bronze were Frank’s “Potato” and “Plant” images from the campaign.

          Here’s a look at the winners.

          Frank Hoedl

          Photographer: Frank Hoedl
          Creative Directors: Judy John & Lisa Greenberg
          Art Director: Anthony Chelvanathan
          Copywriter: Steve Persico

          Huge congrats to Frank on his continuous wins for “Red Chair”, and big ups to Leo Burnett International for their combined 18 wins!

          Images © Frank Hoedl


            TGIW | Shamrocks and Paddy Wagons

            by Shelley on March 14, 2012

            Yes, it’s that time of year again. The snow has melted, the birds are singing, the clocks jumped forward leaving us behind with tired eyes, and all the while, shiny paper Shamrocks grace our storefronts. St. Patrick’s Day is upon us.

            It’s an exciting celebration that most of us don’t remember, except for a late night souvenir of an early morning hangover. This Saturday we’ll see lots of Shamrocks and Paddy Wagons, but until then here’s a festive collection of images from our guys and gals.

            Chris Gordaneer

            Frank Hoedl

            George Simhoni

            Matt Barnes

            Ryan Enn Hughes

            Tom Feiler

            Vicky Lam

            Chris Gordaneer

            Matt Barnes

            Tom Feiler



              PHOTOGASM | We Choo-Choo Choose You

              by Matt on February 14, 2012

              Being Valentines Day and all, Shelley and I thought it would be fun to go through our computers and try and capture the essence of love within the confines of our photographers portfolios. Some are direct selects from current portfolios. Some we dove a bit deeper into the catalogues. Nonetheless, ALL of todays images are our way of asking, will you be our valentine?

              Andrew B. Myers

              Chris Gordaneer

              Tom Feiler

              Frank Hoedl

              George Simhoni

              Tyler Gray

              Jean Malek

              Matt Barnes

              Nikki Ormerod

              Russell Monk

              Ryan Enn Hughes


              Derek Shapton

              Vicky Lam

              As we browsed through the works of our shooters, our eye’s tuned to the frequency of love, I thought it might be nice to attempt some reader/ writer interaction and pit 3 of our Cupids‘ against one another in capture-to-capture combat. So dear readers, it is to you we leave the choice:

              Whom of three couples pictured below, would you like to spend your Valentines Day with?

              George Simhoni

              Matt Barnes

              Nikki Ormerod

              The choice is yours!

              For this was Saint Valentine’s Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate.
              All Images © Respective Photographers


                TGIW | Things About Us, You Don’t Know

                by Shelley on December 14, 2011

                Every wonder what lies behind that big ol’ W of ours!!??

                Our old logo was a cactus. Very Miami.

                Tom Nesbitt, Chris Gordaneers‘ amazing producer bikes to the studio everyday.

                Matt Barnes joined a dirt bike gang yesterday.

                Phaedra Kennedy, one of our powerhouse producers here has ran two Iron Man’s!!

                Chris‘ assistant Aric proposed to his girly pal this year, she said yes!

                Caitlin Robinson just purchased a really cool townhouse with her man friend.

                Andrew B. Myers is only seen at night.

                Vicky Lam is 5 ft even, but 7 ft in spirit.

                Chris Gordaneer has a really big truck.

                Derek Shapton‘s office is beside mine. He plays music really loud. I like it.

                Frank Hoedl just cut his hair and nobody knows who he is anymore.

                George‘s assistant, Gabe Nivera is really smart.

                George Simhoni cares about the environment.

                John Stevancec is in Disney World right now, alone.

                Nikki Ormerod has a book that farts, and pages fart noises over the intercom often.

                Russell Monk is in Mexico and plays guitar and builds houses.

                Lindsey Harrison has beautiful ginger hair and looks like she’s getting younger not older.

                Ryan Enn Hughes wears scarves 6 months of the year.

                Spenser Forrest will do anything. And he’s good at it.

                Tara O’Malley is tiny in real life.

                Sandi Wall really likes cottage cheese.

                Shanghoon is a ninja.

                Shelley Hayes is not Shelley Hayes’ real name.

                Tom Feiler has good self esteem.

                Tyler Gray looks a lot like Caitlin Robinson’s boyfriend.

                Jean Malek speaks french very well.

                Matt Le Blanc wore sandals up until yesterday.

                We love our jobs.

                TGIW friends!


                  Last week at the ADCC awards two of our photographers came home with Merit prizes for their work.

                  First up was Tyler Gray who’s Bingo shot for Subaru took a Merit prize in the Consumer Magazine Ad, Single category. Here’s a look at the winning shot, followed by two others from the same campaign.

                  Then in the Public Service Ad, Single category it was Frank Hoedl taking home a Merit prize for Hoodie from his highly regarded Toronto Crime Stoppers campaign. Take a peek at Frank’s winning shot, along with two others from the series.

                  Big congrats to both Tyler and Frank on their wins.


                    DEAR PHOTOGRAPHER | Tell Me About Your Steez

                    by Matt on November 4, 2011

                    Dear Photographer,

                    Please describe your style in 3 words or less.


                    Chris Gordaneer | Adventure. Travel. Fun.

                    Tom Feiler | Oddly Normal Nose-twitches.

                    Ryan Enn Hughes | Cash Money Millionaires.

                    Matt Barnes | Crazy. Sexy. Cool.

                    Andrew B. Myers | Andrew. B. Myers.

                    Frank Hoedl | Heightened Reality

                    George Simhoni | Timeless.

                    Nikki Ormerod | Narative.

                    Vicky Lam | Bold. Graphic. Quirky.

                    Jean Malek | Cinematographic. Edgy. Sensitive.

                    Derek Shapton | the World is Your Tripod
                    (An oldie but a goodie. A 1/2 second exposure actually taken without a tripod. Camera was balanced precariously on the parking garage railing, with a 6 story drop right behind it, levelled with a cookie and a lens cap, if i remember correctly. DS)

                    Thanks to all our photographers for their responses, and a big thanks to John for the question.
                    Happy Friday everyone!