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by Matt on June 7, 2013

MAward2-300x195-300x184If you’re anything like us, you like to unwind from putting in hard work with a bit of hard play – and last Thursday night at The 2013 Marketing Awards – we did just that. It’s been a long week of recovery, but we’re finally ready to revisit the spectacular evening with some shout outs to our agency friends who helped a few Westsiders bring home some hardware.

We’ll kick things off with Chris Gordaneer and BBDO Toronto‘s MerCow, which brilliantly highlighted the GE Profile Double Oven Range’s ability to cook two meals at one time!


Next up is a great campaign from Matt Barnes and john st. for Wiser’s Small Batch whiskey. For more info and a full list of who was behind this simple genius, give a click on over to THE PASSING SHOT for more from Matt.

© Matt Barnes

© Matt Barnes

Now it’s time we send a big Westside hug to DDB Canada‘s Vancouver and Toronto offices for their work with Frank Hoedl on campaigns for both BC Hydro and Toronto Crime Stoppers (shown respectively).

© Frank Hoedl

© Frank Hoedl

© Frank Hoedl

Rounding the bend of this years awarded works is Anthony Redpath and DARE Vancouver‘s GiveSpace campaign, which in addition to it’s listed winnings below, took home SILVER for PUBLIC SERVICE – PRESS/ OUT-OF-HOME: CAMPAIGN!

© Anthony Redpath

© Anthony Redpath

Closing out our re-cap of the evenings events with Derek Shapton and TAXI 2‘s Castor Gigashelf. Having successfully transitioned the worlds largest photograph (of a shelf) into a imaginative and unique website interface, the team behind the work is most definitely deserving of their Gold M!


A HUGE thanks to everyone involved in the aforementioned works from all of us at the Studio, because without you, we’d have no excuse for our overindulgences ;D. Have a great weekend everyone!


    cover-smallThere’s a plethora of visual delights packed into the 162 pages of this years Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards issue, and selected works aside, that ChorusArt Silk 80lb paper combined with Mi5′s UV Pro-Brite printing process sure is a sexy sight. But enough about pretty paper, time to get into them pages, where a good showing from a number of Westsiders is what you’ll find.

    Kicking off with Chris Gordaneer, who received top marks in two categories this year with his Trials motorcycle series, as well as some unseen panoramics from his most recent trip to Africa.


    © Chris Gordaneer

    For more from his time in Africa go check out the PERSONAL section of!

    Following in Chris’ creative lead is Mr. Tyler Gray, whose fantastic images On The Run and Luke were awarded as both self promotion and unpublished works. Be sure to click the images and get the full story from Tyler.



    Next up is our newcomer to the Westside team, Anthony Redpath! While we haven’t had a chance to talk about the project, Anthony’s work with DARE Vancouver for BC Children’s Hospital is definitely deserving of it’s multiple awards.

    © Anthony Redpath

    Rounding the bend of our winners is Derek Shapton, who’s unique looking corporate portraits and innovative self promotion found themselves in the high praises of the Applied Arts Judges.



    The subsequent images come from two of our favorite campaigns shot by George Simhoni this past year. With their sticky situations and beautiful scenery (respectively), George’s work for UR Immunization and Freedom 55 Financial are great examples of his ability to paint a photograph.

    © George Simhoni


    Closing out our list of this years awarded photographers is product master Shanghoon, whose work with GREY Canada for The Salvation Army was a big success durring the 2012 Red Kettle Drive.

    © Shanghoon

    A huge round of high fives to all our winners and those who helped with the awarded works; and an additional thank-ya to the folks at Applied Arts for not only appreciating the fine images of our photographers, but for printing their stuff on that oh-so-sexy paper!

    **Side Note** Check out Matt Barnes sneaking his way onto the rear cover!
    All Images © Respective Photographers


      TGIW | CuSO4_5H2O

      by Matt on October 24, 2012

      It’s no secret that the boys over at Castor Design manufacture some amazing furnishings. Nor is it a secret that said boys are good buds with Mr. Derek Shapton, and given the opportunity to collaborate on a project, both sides dive in head first.

      For their latest endeavor, Castor was commissioned to create a custom lighting installation for the Bell Blue Room at Toronto’s TIFF Lightbox. They came up with the idea of growing copper sulphate crystals on a set of chandeliers, at which point they approached Derek to collaborate on a short film to accompany the installation. More details from Derek himself after the 1080p optimized film (so if you got the speed, full screen that sucker in glorious HD).

      Working with the Advanced Optical Microscopy Facility at the University Health Network, I shot a time-lapse of copper sulphate crystals growing in solution with an Olympus BX51 microscope using polarized light illumination and Olympus uPlan FL 4x and 10x objectives. Post production was handled by Mark and Mike from Spot Cinema, with sound design by D. Burke Mahoney.

      The installation and film will have their public début this Thursday night in the Blue Room, where it will be running for a year on a big monitor behind the bar. ~ DS

      If you’re interested in taking a more detailed look at one of the stills from Derek’s video, give the following still a click, then scroll on down to get a closer peek at Castor Design‘s copper sulphate crystal covered chandeliers.

      Video & Still © Derek Shapton
      Images © Castor Design

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        Long time friends of the Blog may recall a tattooed Associate Creative Director who’s really into Birding and was on a 365 day quest to not only see as many different species of bird as possible, but also to document the entire process of his big year. An already hefty undertaking for a Associate Creative Director at a major advertising firm, our bird loving Gilgamesh then pushed his project to the limit, deciding to permanently inscribe the binomial name of each found species on himself when the year was complete. Ladies and Gents, please reacquaint yourselves with Mr. Paul Riss.

        Throughout his journey, Paul was fortunate to have the support of many different people willing to follow him into the wilderness in search of another tattoo. Bringing a Westside presence to the project, both Chris Gordaneer and Derek Shapton found themselves in Paul’s tow, behind the lens of what will become PUNK ROCK BIG YEAR.

        While time has run out on Paul’s ‘big year’, the work on PRBY is far from finished. Now entering the post-production phase, Paul and producer Marie-Pierre Toure are in the process of putting together his dream of getting,

        … a younger generation to understand that there are birders out there just like them and they should check out this most incredible pastime. Also, to make people aware of how fragile and important birds are to our natural environment.

        In an effort to keep his real world children’s college funds in tact, Mr. Riss has started a IndieGoGo campaign in hopes of garnering further support for his unfinished baby. There are some awesome donation perks availible, ranging from a digital pat on the back ($10), to a physical copy of the completed film ($50), all the way up to being able to tattoo your name or brand on Paul ($5,000 – no joke!).

        So whether your a Birder, an independent film fan, or just enjoy Paul’s work, if you got an extra buck why not get yourself a digital pat on the back, you’ll sleep better at night knowing you helped a man fulfill his dream.

        Just in case the above links weren’t obvious, CLICK HERE to check out the other perks offered on the PUNK ROCK BIG YEAR Indiegogo page.

        Images © George Simhoni, Paul Riss, & Chris Gordaneer Respectively



          by Matt on October 15, 2012

          The 2012 Advertising & Interactive Awards Annual from Applied Arts has been sitting on my desk for a couple days now and so what better way to kick off the week than with some NEWS!

          Three Westsiders found themselves within the pages of this years annual, all thanks to awesome clients, fabulous agencies, and some really fun projects.

          Don’t forget you can click on any of the images below to get the full low-down on the work. Now lets open ‘er up and find out who’s rounding out this trifecta.

          First up is Chris Gordaneer and BBDO Toronto’s infamous Mer-Cow and Pig Family for GE Profile Ovens. The Mer-Cow snagged some recognition in the Young Blood Advertising category for Single Print, as well for Point-of-Purchase/In-Store Ad or Promotion (Single). Chris’ family of pigs found some love as well with hugs in Point-of-Purchase/In-Store Ad or Promotion (Series).

          HUGE shout outs to Art Directors Mike Donaghey and Jonathan Guy, who’s work with Chris received top marks for Art Direction (Series).

          Next in the annual is Andrew B. MyersRemember image. Shot with DDB for Historica-Dominion, the Remembrance Day campaign was awarded several times including: Newspaper (Single), Public Service/Charity (Single), and Experiential/Event (Single).

          We close this years Advertising Annual with a visit to Planet Shapton – home to a man by the name of Derek – who found two enormous projects awarded in various categories. His Keep Exploring campaign with DDB Vancouver for Canada Tourism was recognized for Complete Advertising Program (Complete) under the Broadcast TV section, and for Online Campaign in the Interactive section.

          Keeping us in the Interactive section is Derek and Taxi 2′s Gigashelf. If you haven’t seen the work before you should definitely click through and check it out because it was surely deserving of love from both the Consumer Products and Mobile Apps categories.

          A big congrats to all the teams at BBDO, DDB, and Taxi 2 on their awarded works, and word to all our winning photographers mothers (we, like they, are very proud of them on their achievements).
          All Images © Respective Photographers


            Looking for some fun and interesting photo related activities to partake in this weekend? Well boy howdy do we got something right up your alley, as this Saturday Derek Shapton will be over at Pikto Gallery making his debut as Professor Portrait. The Pikto site sums up the senario quite nicely so let’s take a quick read and then we’ll meet with The Professor.

            Drawing on his many years of experience, Derek Shapton will lead students through the challenges of environmental portraiture. This hands on workshop will explore available lighting techniques in indoor and outdoor locations. Shapton will discuss all aspects of creating the shot, including connecting with the subject and finding interesting and relevant locations within the parameters of specific assignments.

            Why did you choose to lead a workshop?

            I resolved this year to say YES to as many new opportunities as I could, and the workshop invitation came along so I thought I’d give it a try.

            Are you excited about taking on the role of teacher?

            Yes, but also a little nervous. I’ve never done this before, but I think I have some good ideas for the workshop & am looking forward to getting started!

            Any advice for those who cant make it to the seminar?

            Everything is a light source. Also, the world is your tripod!

            There’s still a few spots open for tomorrow’s class, so if you’re interested in a fantastic opportunity to hone your portraiture skills be sure to click through to the Pikto site for all the details and registration. CLICK.
            All Images © Derek Shapton


              NEWS | The NMAs Make It Rain

              by Matt on June 18, 2012

              Earlier this month The Carlu played host to the 35th annual National Magazine Awards, a Canadian foundation who’s objective it is to make it rain recognition on the individuals who excelled that year in both print and digital publications. Amongst the 700 or so members of the Canadian magazine industry at The Carlu that night, there were a couple of Westsiders; who hopefully brought their umbrellas for todays post.

              First up is Mr. Derek Shapton, who was awarded Silver in the Portraiture category for his work with MORE Magazine; photographing Brenda Waudby for their feature article on one of Pathologist Charles Smith’s victims.

              There’s more story to the portraits by way of Planet Shapton, who was also nominated in the Words & Pictures category for work shot for Cottage Life.

              Next to the winners circle is Ms. Nikki Ormerod, who you may remember took a sunny summers sail along the Toronto waterfront for The Grid last August, in order to create a 1,100 image panoramic of the city shore line. Nikki and the team at The Grid (Vanessa Wyse, Lara Zarum, Jacqueline Perlin, Diana Monge, Nana Arbova, & Laas Turnbull) took home a Silver in the Words & Pictures category.

              To make the viewing experience of such a vast image a bit easier on your bandwidth, The Grid has this nice video of Nikki’s journey; so if your stuck inside, sit back, relax, and take a quick ride along the water.

              Bringing us home is Matt Barnes, who’s work with The Grid’s Vanessa Wyse, Got Spunk, received a downpour of recognition taking home the Gold in three design categories: Magazine Cover, Art Direction for a Single Magazine Article, and Art Direction for an Entire Issue.

              Congrats all around to Derek, Nikki, and Matt for gettin’ rained on, and a big shout out to both The Walrus and The Grid, who took home 12 and 6 awards, respectively.

              All Images © Respective Photographers


                Two tales to tell you about today dear reader; brought together under the umbrella of dapperness, we shine the spotlight on two men who, while differing in styles, are both photographically fashionable in their own right. Derek Shapton brings fight club to the corporate portrait, while Matt Barnes gets a few dingers out of a Sharp-ly dressed Blue Jay.

                Our first stop is Planet Shapton, where Derek shares a bit of thought behind his upcoming images.

                Brian Richer and Kei Ng from Castor Design were told by their PR company to come up with some new portraits — the website we worked on together has been a giant hit (it’s just won a FWA, and has also been nominated in numerous categories at the Cannes advertising awards), and with all the attention, they’ve also had an inevitable flood of PR photo requests. Brian and Kei are not particularly corporate individuals, so we thought it would be fun to take some business-style portraits and put a bit of a different spin on them. Inspired by photos of mobsters, and playoff hockey interviews where stitched-up goons appear on live TV wearing $5000 suits, we went into the studio with the exact same setup I’ve used on many AR headshots and played dress-up for an afternoon. I think the results speak for themselves. Special thanks to Andrea Heldman for the outstanding SFX work.

                In keeping with the genteel, we come to our second stop; The Passing Shot, where thanks to Sharp Magazine, Matt got to have the Rogers Center all to himself while shooting Jays’ slugger, Jose Bautista. Styled by Donovan Whyte of Judy Inc, #19 certainly plays the part, outfitted in Hugo Boss complemented by a ‘Capeland‘ watch. Fine wears indeed.

                A behind the scenes look at Matt’s assistant Papi working hard with Joey Bats!

                Click on through and pay The Passing Shot a visit for more images from Matt’s shoot with Jose!
                Images © Derek Shapton & Matt Barnes


                  Opening this Friday and running all month long over at Pikto Gallery is Youth, a six photographer show curated by art buyer Heather Morton. Among the talented group of adolescent shooters is one whose voice may have dropped some time ago, but puts forth his youthful spirit in all the work that he produces, that man is Derek Shapton.

                  Here’s a look at the shows’ flyer which will give you all the deets.

                  You can get the low down on all the youthful artists partaking in Youth over on Heather Morton’s blog.


                    A googolplex is a really big number. It’s bigger than the internet. It can’t be written in standard form because the known universe isn’t big enough to house it. Real talk. It’s kind of like Derek Shapton‘s latest work for Castor Design, awesomely huge.

                    The idea? Shoot a vintage shelving unit with a device known as The GigaPan (an automated camera mount designed for very high resolution panoramic landscapes), then use that image as the basis for the Castor web site. Sounds a little out-there, but here’s Derek to clear up the reasoning behind the decision.

                    Our initial concept was to create an elaborate panorama of the city, stationing various Castor products in different neighbourhoods throughout the shot. This quickly proved to be a nightmarish proposition…

                    Then we came up with what seemed like a much simpler solution; lets shoot some shelves! The idea was that we would style them with various pertinent – and impertinent — props, and visitors would be able to zoom in and explore the shot. As a bonus, there seemed to be no precedent for using a GigaPan in a studio-based manner like this, which we found rather appealing…

                    Mike Blain from Taxi2 … signed on to develop and implement the idea, and I agreed to shoot it, with an eye to coming up with a seemingly matter-of-fact and straightforward image of shelves in order to make the GigaPan effect all the more surprising.

                    Here’s a VERY low res (in comparison to it’s parent) version of Derek’s final image.

                    More from Derek,

                    We wanted a really big shot, and the GigaPan didn’t disappoint – at 75000 by 60000 pixels (4500 megapixels / 4.5 gigapixels) the final image is, as best we can tell, the largest photo of shelves ever taken.

                    After all was said and done, Derek found himself with a PSD file coming out on the higher end of 12 gigs, and the Taxi2 team went to work on discovering the most effect method of displaying the beastly image. Their final product is a website that’s more fun to navigate than any furniture or design site out there; with tons of little easter eggs hidden alongside the props that serve as click throughs for info on Castor’s various products and services (my favorite features the Hinterland Who’s Who theme song).

                    Having been already featured on APhotoEditor, PetaPixel, and even the front page of Pro Photo Daily (newsletter), the project is gearing itself up for it’s biggest showing yet, Cannes. That’s right, Mike and the team from Taxi2 have submitted the site to a number of categories to the upcoming creative communications award show. You can take a look at their accompanying video, which I found reminiscent of the MR. DNA scene from Jurassic Park (awesome), HERE.

                    We shall keep you updated on how things progress for Derek’s GigaShelf image, but for now here’s a look at how the day was on set with the GigaPan.

                    For more info on the shoot you can pay Planet Shapton a visit, otherwise go hit up Castor’s website and play around with the GigaShelf.
                    Image & Video © Derek Shapton