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Chris Refuels With Chocolate Milk

by Alex Beetham on May 2, 2016

Who doesn’t love chocolate milk?  Even the lactose intolerant among us crave it so desperately that they will ignore their bodies warnings and suffer the bloating consequences.  Dammit it’s tasty… and one of the healthiest things to drink post workout!  Chris was brought on by Sandbox for Chocolate Milk to capture some (really) early morning workout sessions.  Definitely worth the early alarm clocks:




Credit where credit is due:

Client:  Chocolate Milk

Agency:  Sandbox
VP, Co-CD:  Jacob Gawrysiak
Co-CD:  Michel Lang
Copy Writer:  Amy Jacobs

Production:  Westside Studio
Photographer:  Chris Gordaneer
Producer:  Kirsten White
Digital Tech:  Brendan Smyth
Assistants:  Jeff Jamison, Mike Smith, Christa Michelle
Location Scout:  Steve Conner
Retouching: Jorge Chaves
Make Up:  Angela McQueen & Lisa Vella
Wardrobe:  Tiffany Briseno
Prop Stylist:  Cheryl Thompson
Catering:  Emmas Country Kitchen

Sandbox’s CD Mr. Lang had his camera out snapping away on all 3 shoot days. Take a look see from his perspective:

dfc_shoot_001 dfc_shoot_002 dfc_shoot_003 dfc_shoot_004 dfc_shoot_006 dfc_shoot_007 dfc_shoot_008 dfc_shoot_009 dfc_shoot_010 dfc_shoot_011 dfc_shoot_012dfc_shoot_016 dfc_shoot_014
Can’t beat sunrise shinny… Thanks to all who made this happen!

All Images © Chris Gordaneer
All BTS Images © Sandbox



    Chris Captures the River Monster

    by Alex Beetham on April 25, 2016

    Perk #894 of commercial photography:  Escaping Canadian winter to shoot a job on the beaches of the Dominican Republic.  Exactly what Chris Gordaneer did this past winter when he got the call from Animal Planet to help introduce season 8 of the incredibly successful “River Monsters.”  Host Jeremy Wade didn’t think the rivers were cutting it anymore, so the 8th season of River Monsters moved out to open waters.  Take a look at what they captured:

    16001_34612_2376q16001_RiverMonsters-0837c copy16001_RiverMonsters-0746b16001_RiverMonsters-0300b16001_RiverMonsters-0483b

    TheKey Ad with copy:

     I had the pleasure of hanging out in the Dominican Republic with this guy, Jeremy Wade from River Monsters for a week in February this year.  These shots were for the shows 8th season on Animal Planet.  The shoot took place on both a beach, and at the Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios which is a 60,000 square foot water tank!  Amazing!  Great crew, great agency, great client, all around awesome experience.  Jeremy is the real deal.     – Chris.


    Credit where credit is due:

    Client:  Animal Planet
    Jamie Dugger, Vice President of Creative, Animal Planet
    Joe Carey, Producer, Animal Planet
    Shannon Erb, Sr. Director of Talent, Animal Planet
    Selbern Narby, Sr. Editor, Animal Planet
    Jeanne Kopeck, Creative Director, Mrs K’s
    Andrew Turman, Director of Photography, Mrs K’s
    Erin Lofstrom, Producer, Mrs K’s
    Jessica Latterman, Vice President of Marketing, Animal Planet
    Monica Zeitlin, Director of Marketing, Animal Planet
    Lisa McKenna, Production Manager, Marketing
    Blair Staruch, Account Executive
    Anna Fodero, Account Coordinator
    Beth Stewart, Associate Creative Director
    Anand Gahlot, Art Director
    Laura Adams, Photo Producer
    Sheri Wake, Photo Producer

    Westside Studio Producer:  Kirsten White
    Photographer: Chris Gordaneer
    Digital Tech: Brendan Smyth

    Chris’ tech/first assistant Brendan (very talented photographer in his own right) had a few moments to capture some BTS from the 2 set days.  Check’em!

    Day one shooting on our beautiful Dominican beach location:

    34612_517534612_5055 34612_5058 34612_5059 34612_5071 34612_5072 34612_5106 34612_5108 34612_5165 34612_5186 34612_5202 34612_5238 34612_5273 34612_533034612_5496

    Day two, shooting at Pinewood Studios Horizon Water Tank, the “most advanced water tank in the world.”  Making waves.

    34612_5371 34612_5433 34612_5439 34612_5443 34612_5445 34612_5467

    Getting stuck on location for a couple extra days isn’t too bad with good company:

    All Images © Chris Gordaneer
    All BTS Images © Brendan Smyth



      A great Canadian rye meets a great Canadian photographer, what a lovely synopsis to set the stage for what is certain to be amazing images.  …or night out…  Well anyways, this may not be the first time Chris Gordaneer and Crown Royal have met, but it’s certainly the most beautiful, that is for sure.

      These new images that Chris shot for the the Canadian rye company take classic Chris Gordaneer landscape photography and match it up with his studio technique.  Those amber colours pop off of these backgrounds and that bottle of liquid gold really demands your attention, doesn’t it?  Or am I just thirsty?  Check out these additional photos that Chris shot for Grey, New York for the American market.

      15006-BARREL LAKE FINAL-b


      Westside Team:
      Photographer:  Chris Gordaneer
      Producer:  Kirsten White
      Assistant:  Brendan Smyth

      Traffik Group team:
      Art Director: Alex Rodriguez & Ed Jover

      Grey New York team:
      Writer: Pieter Melief
      Group Creative Director: Anthony DeCarolis
      Creative Director: Stu Mair
      Group Creative Director: Han Lin
      Designer: Ryan Hoelting
      Account Supervisor: Lyz Montague
      Account Executive: Nicole Murphy
      VP/Producer/Director: Floyd Russ
      Art Producer: Sarah Guidotti


        Into the wild with Chris Gordaneer

        by Westside on July 29, 2015

        You’ve read the book or seen the movie where Chris McCandless goes completely off the grid and ends up in Alaska?  Well Chris Gordaneer got the same yearning to see and photograph these epic landscapes for his latest personal project.  Chris has been the king of gigantic, powerful landscapes for years and this latest series continues to reinforce that title with rolling mountains, boreal forests and mosquitos the size of small birds.  So please, allow him to take you through a few scenes of his Alaskan excursion.

        My assistant Brendan and I traveled to Alaska the first day of June. We spent a week and a half driving and shooting.  The idea behind this series was to emphasize the enormity the state, so when we arrived it was clear… we were in the right place. Its huge!.  I feel these shots convey how the wilderness here will make you feel really small, really fast.”

        “These photos were taken along the Denali highway 8.  This was the most beautiful area that we went.”

        Denali Highwaypins

        “This is Brendan, hiking up the side of a relatively small hill near the Yukon river south of Fort Yukon.  This was the farthest East we were the whole trip.”

        Fort YukonPin

        Denali Parkpins

        “This is Coke Wallace and his son- together they showed us some of their favorite spots.  Coke rescues people who venture out to see the bus made famous in the film “Into the Wild“.  Since the movie came out, people go to see this bus and cross the Teklanika river, which due to flash floods can be a creek at one moment and a raging torrent 100 feet across the next.  People can become trapped with bears, mountain lions and moose.  I met Coke 7 years ago when shooting for Polaris and have kept in touch with him ever since.”


        “This is the first night that we camped, just North of Anchorage, outside of Palmer.  I was able to shoot this at 12:00am, there are nearly 24 hours of sunlight at this time of year.  You know what that means? 4 to 5 hours of magic hour, I was in my element.”

        “While diving along, we spotted a campsite that I felt would make a great shot, but it was missing something. Since there were no campers to be seen,  Brendan and I took the liberty of setting up the campfire….. composition complete.”

        “Heres a shot taken at the end of Stampede Road.  This was where Chris Mccandleuss was dropped off.”

        Arctic Circlepins

        “Thats me just before the Arctic Circle along the Dalton Highway 11.  We didn’t see too many folks up there, but we did come across a hitch hiker from Britain who was cycling from Anchorage up to Prudhoe Bay at the very top of the state.  The area along the Yukon river was too muddy and wet for him to get through and he had been stuck there for 2 days when we picked him up.  Up that highway, there is a point of no return where beyond there is no cell phone reception, no gas, no food, no nothing.”

        All in all this trip was massive.  Although it looks like Chris and Brendan booted around the most Northern state- they drove thousands of miles and their truck definitely showed that truth- earning it the title “The War Rig”.  This definitely brings new longer-haul meaning to the term “mud’n”.


        These images will be made into a very limited quantity of signed prints and distributed to a hand picked list of lucky folks by Chris.  Check those packages out below.  Keep an eye out for these to be hanging on walls soon!


          Who Needs Thrones? Chris Has Homes.

          by Alex Beetham on March 4, 2015

          It’s near impossible to discuss Game of Thrones.  The immediate response is either a frantic “SHHHH” followed by hands slapping ears to silence potential spoilers, or the friend next to them launching into a vein popping, sputtering rage since the show has mutilated the holy scripture of Mr. Martin.  Well, there’s a new show we can discuss.  Just swap out the blood sport and incest for power tools and mild asbestos, and you got yourself W Networks new hit show in the making, Game of Homes.

          Our very own Chris Gordaneer was tasked with creating some epic home renovation imagery, and the results look a little like this.  Well, exactly like this:


          In Game of Homes, Host Cameron Mathison guides teams of skilled amateur home renovators as they compete for the chance to trade their skills for the prize of a lifetime. The teams save rundown houses that are marked to be torn down and revive them into dream homes. Each team must redo the houses room by room, as they cope with small budgets, tight deadlines and even tighter living spaces.  -  W Network


          Client:  Corus EntertainmentW Network
          Photographer:  Chris Gordaneer
          VP Creative:  Dolores Keating-Mallen
          Design Creative Director:  Vince Robles
          Lead Designer:  Robin Timmins
          Producer:  Kirsten White
          Prop Stylist:  Cheryl Thompson
          Stylist:  Marie Eve Tremblay
          Hair & Makeup:  Lisa Vella
          Assistants:  Brendan Smyth,  Al Quintero, Mike Smith, Hassan Mohamed
          Interns:  Tiana Gordinho, Ashley Farina, Matt Besenyodi


          You may (will) spot a placement or two down in the tubes that look a little something like this:


          Take a glimpse into some behind the scenes from the day:


          Pre-dressed set with Lion King reenactments, and a dressed set with Chris, God of light.

          Check out the premiere March 17th on W Network!

          All Images © Chris Gordaneer
          BTS Images © Brendan Smyth, Alex Beethan, Kirsten White


            Ford + Toronto Maple Leafs = A Chris Gordaneer Special

            by Alex Beetham on November 25, 2014

            Sure there’s always death and taxes, but here are two more certainties in this life –  Chris Gordaneer will always be a Leafs fan, and he will always drive a Ford. This made Chris an ideal candidate to photograph die hard leaf fans that, like Ford says, go further.

            LeafsYearbookBarber LeafsYearbookTattoo LeafsYearbookWedding

            Client: Ford
            Agency: Blue Hive
            Photographer: Chris Gordaneer
            Art Director: Marc Caringal
            Producer: Kirsten White
            Assistants: Brendan Smyth, John Wayne Brown, Adi Saciragic, Paul Swanson
            Tattoo Artists: Maddalena Ruggiero & Alex Richarson
            MUAH: Taylor Savage
            Wardrobe: Marie Eve Tremblay
            Prop Stylist: James Kennedy

            Here’s a look at Chris’s final images, uncropped and outside of the final ad layout:


            Producer Kirsten White was good enough to snap these BTS shots of Chris channelling his inner bride:

            Kirsten BTS Comp1

            Tattoo artists Maddalena & Alex had our talent under their markers for a full a day to create this custom back piece.  First assistant Brendan Smyth snapped these BTS shots:

            Brendan BTS Comp2

            All Images © Chris Gordaneer
            All BTS Images © Kirsten White & Brendan Smyth

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              IN PRINT | CHRIS ON THE FARM

              by Westside on January 24, 2014

              With it being Friday and all, it seems appropriate that we go easy on your brains and stick to the soft, warm, savoury facts.

              Chris Gordaneer and Andrew Gillingham from Agency 59 recently hooked up and spent some time churning out a lovely looking campaign for Gay Lea Foods. Andrew knew that Chris had a leg on both the stills and motion fence and that this creative was perfect for Chris’s stylings. Let’s kick things off with the motion side of things and then check in with Chris Gordaneer before seeing the stills.

              Myself and the team at Agency 59 had a blast working on this campaign for Gay Lea. There were some early call times and hard working days, which was appropriate considering the work that these farmers put into their product.

              Big thanks to everyone that was involved, and a special shout out to Annie for being such great company. ~CG

              © Chris Gordaneer

              © Chris Gordaneer

              © Chris GordaneerPhotographer/ Director: Chris Gordaneer
              Client: Gay Lea Foods
              Agency: Agency 59
              Chief Creative Director: Brian Howlett
              Creative Director: Andrew Gillingham
              Line Producer: Erwin Abesamis
              DP: Samy Inayeh
              Editor: Danica Pardo
              Make-Up: Lisa Vella
              Producer: Kirsten White
              Digital Tech: Aric Guité
              Assistants: Gabe Nivera, Mikael Cosmo, Rebecca Leach, & Peter Olson

              So who is Annie you might ask, well she’s a special lady who you’ll meet thanks to some great behind the scenes from Producer Kirsten White.

              © Kirsten White

              © Kirsten White

              © Kirsten White

              © Kirsten White

              © Kirsten White

              Images/ Videos © Chris Gordaneer
              BTS Images © Kirsten White

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                by Westside on January 6, 2014

                Welcome back Westside fans! We’re really excited about rolling out some fun and exciting new content this year on the Blog, but first we have a project from Chris Gordaneer that we’ve been dying to share. He spent a hard working 12 months alongside a great group of people creating what you’re about to see, and we’re very proud to be able to share his latest images. We’ll jump back and forth between work and words, so grab a coffee and prepare for a wave of pride.

                We Are Winter

                On December 31st – to great praise – the Canadian Olympic Committee debuted the largest campaign in its history, “We Are Winter“. With less than a month before the worlds eyes fall upon Sochi and the 2014 Winter Games, the COC aims to bring Canadians closer to our athletes through a strong multi-platform campaign, for which Chris was given the privilege of handling stills. Here’s our Olympian with some of his initial thoughts on the project.

                Once I got an understanding for what the COC was wanting to convey with their campaign, I knew #WeAreWinter was the project I’ve been training my whole life for. It would be a massive undertaking, but to be given the opportunity to represent my country and help bring us together as a nation was something out of my “I want to be a photographer” dreams.
                Not one to be passed up. ~ CG

                Alex Bilodeau | Freestyle Skiing – Moguls
                © Chris Gordaneer

                Charles Hamelin | Short Track Speed Skating
                © Chris Gordaneer

                © Chris Gordaneer

                Chief Marketing Officer, Derek Kent provided some great insights on the vision for #WeAreWinter in the COC’s New Years Eve press release.

                The essence of this campaign originated from conversations with our athletes who all said the same thing: Winter defines them and defines who we are as a country. We wanted to inspire Canadians by showcasing the drive, determination, and grit of our athletes as they train for the Olympic Games. We wanted Canadians to really get to know our athletes and their remarkably inspiring stories. We are proud of what we have built and that we are putting a brighter spotlight on our national sporting heroes.

                Denny Morrison | Long Track Speed Skating
                © Chris Gordaneer

                Justine Dufour-Lapointe | Freestyle Skiing – Moguls
                © Chris Gordaneer

                Kaillie Humphries & Chelsea Valois | Bobsleigh
                © Chris Gordaneer

                © Chris Gordaneer

                For the first time ever, the COC will be able to connect athletes with viewers back home though their official social media partner, Twitter. By using the hashtags WeAreWinter and NousSommeslHiver – as well as team handles @CDNOlympicTeam and @OlympiqueCanada – Canadians nationwide will be able to join in conversation and cheer on their podium hopefuls from the comfort of their couch, bus stop, or barstool.

                If you’re a tweeter, you can get going by clicking any of our featured athletes names and start following their journey to Sochi.

                Mark McMorris | Snowboard – Slopestyle
                © Chris Gordaneer

                © Chris Gordaneer

                © Chris Gordaneer

                A quick view from Producer Tom Nesbitt’s eye before we pass it back to Chris.

                Its always exciting to work on a project from inspection to fruition. It transcends work when the project is a creative collaboration of the kind of scale that the #WeAreWinter campaign is. From the first meeting Chris and I had with CD Josh Stein (now of TribalDDB) and Agency producer at Proximity Jessica Takas I knew this was going to be one truly exciting adventure. It was logistically difficult, physically exhausting, mentally taxing, but best of all something I was so proud to be a part of.

                Snow, Ice, Mountains, Olympic athletes, whats not to love? ~ TN

                Mikaël Kingsbury | Freestyle Skiing – Moguls
                © Chris Gordaneer

                © Chris Gordaneer

                Noah Bowman | Freestyle Skiing – Halfpipe
                © Chris Gordaneer

                From start to finish this was an amazing experience – a job I will forever be proud to have been a part of. It’s always a pleasure to see your work in print around your city, but there’s something special about this campaign that’s been giving me goosebumps since I’ve caught it at transit stops and on TV.

                Director Henry Lu (of Moxie Pictures) and I worked closely alongside Josh and Jessica, to collectively ensure the look and feel of #WeAreWinter met the COC’s vision. Now seeing our efforts getting fellow Canadians excited about the Games – it’s a tough feeling to describe. The kind of thing I’m sure all the athletes we worked with could tell you a lot more about. ~ CG

                Roz Groenewoud | Freestyle Skiing – Halfpipe
                © Chris Gordaneer

                © Chris Gordaneer

                Sarah Reid | Skeleton
                © Chris GordaneerPhotographer: Chris Gordaneer
                Client: Canadian Olympic Committee
                Agency: Proximity Canada
                Creative Director: Josh Stein
                Content Producer: Jessica Valentini
                Digital Imaging: Mark Tyler / Stir Images
                Photo Producer: Tom Nesbitt & Kirsten White (MTL)
                First Assistant: Aric Guité
                Assistants : Daniel Tremblay (CGY), Trevor Yee (BC), Stephane Fiore & Frederik Robitaille (MTL)

                Those of you who can remember way back to last March may recall a PHOTOGASM of ours, where we teased this project while still in its early stages. At the time, Chris & Co. had been spending their days at Calgary’s Winter Sport Institute, so we’ll get the BTS rolling with a trip down the bobsleigh track before taking a look at the team’s time in Montréal, Quebec City, and Whistler. Be sure to click a pic and get yourself a closer look at the action.

                © Tom Nesbitt

                © Tom Nesbitt © Tom Nesbitt
                © Tom Nesbitt © Tom Nesbitt

                © Tom Nesbitt

                © Tom Nesbitt © Tom Nesbitt © Tom Nesbitt
                © Tom Nesbitt © Tom Nesbitt

                © Tom Nesbitt

                © Tom Nesbitt © Tom Nesbitt
                © Tom Nesbitt © Tom Nesbitt © Tom Nesbitt
                © Aric Guité © Aric Guité

                © Aric Guité

                © Aric Guité © Aric Guité © Aric Guité

                © Aric Guité

                What an amazing year long project this has been. I can’t thank the folks at Proximity enough for thinking of me in the first place. Josh and I went back and forth on these so often in post that we must have driven our retoucher completely bonkers. It was all for the best though, thanks Josh. To Mark Tyler, my long time retouching collaborator you did such an amazing job (as always) so thanks for all of your patience and skill. And speaking of patience, Jessica Valentini – big thanks go to you for keeping all of this on track and delivered on time. You should be putting in for a raise, I couldn’t have done this without you.

                All this to say, this was an amazing collaboration with some of the best in the business. Looking forward to seeing these up around town and around the country. As we cheer for the home team in just a few short weeks I was glad to play my part. Go Canada Go!! ~ CG

                © Tom Nesbitt

                Images © Chris Gordaneer
                BTS © Aric Guité & Tom Nesbitt



                  by Westside on October 7, 2013

                  With a bit of time on his hands between projects, Chris Gordaneer packed up his camera and set off for a week-long trip to the greatest country on Earth – Scotland. Thanks to his Instagram account we were able to gave you a tease of the trip, and now the time has come to see what kind of candies he brought back for our eyes. We’ll kick things off with a look at Chris’ map – his travels marked in blue – before a bit of background on the trip.


                  Carrying little more than a few bare necessities, Chris arrived in Glasgow safely, where his first stop was picking up a rental truck to get out on the road. His second stop came 10 minutes later, when he had to return to the rental location. Apparently the best way to remember which side of the road to drive on is by colliding with a bus.


                  With his car troubles behind him, our hero was back on the road in search of beautiful countrysides and safe places for sleeping. We’ll let Chris take care of explaining that last one, but first a look at some of the beautiful Scottish scenery.

                  © Chris Gordaneer

                  © Chris Gordaneer

                  © Chris Gordaneer

                  © Chris Gordaneer

                  On this trip I wanted to spend some time just traveling the countryside and checking out some locations that have family ties to my mums side. I’ve been to Scotland a few times now and every time I’m there I can’t get over how surreal the landscape is. Everywhere you turn there’s a view worth capturing.

                  © Chris Gordaneer

                  © Chris Gordaneer

                  © Chris Gordaneer

                  © Chris Gordaneer

                  © Chris Gordaneer

                  It was an absolute blast just being out on the road by myself, not having any real commitments, and just getting to take as much in as I could. Some might not be into the idea of sleeping on the side of the road in your rental truck, but the spacious Defender and sounds of the countryside really charges the batteries. ~CG

                  © Chris Gordaneer

                  © Chris Gordaneer

                  © Chris Gordaneer

                  © Chris GordaneerAll Images © Chris Gordaneer


                    TIGW | ALONE IN THE HIGHLANDS

                    by Westside on September 18, 2013

                    The title of this post is all you need to know for now, but based on the Instagrams so far, we’re pretty excited to see whatever it is Chris Gordaneer‘s currently up to.

                    © Chris Gordaneer

                    © Chris Gordaneer © Chris Gordaneer

                    © Chris Gordaneer

                    © Chris Gordaneer © Chris Gordaneer

                    © Chris Gordaneer

                    TGIW kids!
                    All Images © Chris Gordaneer

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