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by Westside on October 15, 2012

The 2012 Advertising & Interactive Awards Annual from Applied Arts has been sitting on my desk for a couple days now and so what better way to kick off the week than with some NEWS!

Three Westsiders found themselves within the pages of this years annual, all thanks to awesome clients, fabulous agencies, and some really fun projects.

Don’t forget you can click on any of the images below to get the full low-down on the work. Now lets open ‘er up and find out who’s rounding out this trifecta.

First up is Chris Gordaneer and BBDO Toronto’s infamous Mer-Cow and Pig Family for GE Profile Ovens. The Mer-Cow snagged some recognition in the Young Blood Advertising category for Single Print, as well for Point-of-Purchase/In-Store Ad or Promotion (Single). Chris’ family of pigs found some love as well with hugs in Point-of-Purchase/In-Store Ad or Promotion (Series).

HUGE shout outs to Art Directors Mike Donaghey and Jonathan Guy, who’s work with Chris received top marks for Art Direction (Series).

Next in the annual is Andrew B. MyersRemember image. Shot with DDB for Historica-Dominion, the Remembrance Day campaign was awarded several times including: Newspaper (Single), Public Service/Charity (Single), and Experiential/Event (Single).

We close this years Advertising Annual with a visit to Planet Shapton – home to a man by the name of Derek – who found two enormous projects awarded in various categories. His Keep Exploring campaign with DDB Vancouver for Canada Tourism was recognized for Complete Advertising Program (Complete) under the Broadcast TV section, and for Online Campaign in the Interactive section.

Keeping us in the Interactive section is Derek and Taxi 2′s Gigashelf. If you haven’t seen the work before you should definitely click through and check it out because it was surely deserving of love from both the Consumer Products and Mobile Apps categories.

A big congrats to all the teams at BBDO, DDB, and Taxi 2 on their awarded works, and word to all our winning photographers mothers (we, like they, are very proud of them on their achievements).
All Images © Respective Photographers


    A few weeks back I was listening to the ol’ short-wave at home, and while I can’t be certain, I’m pretty sure awards shows are like baseball games where you can tune in to a local AM station and listen to a play-by-play of whats happening at the gala, complete with a Vin Scully-esque announcer. It may have just been the delirious heat level of my apartment, but I found myself on the edge of my seat as the booming voice from the box called out some familiar names. I jotted down as much as I could, and so to close out this steamy summer month, we’ll read through my short transcript of the,

    Holding strong and true at first base is Andrew B. Myers, who’s work with DDB for Historica-Dominion received Bronze in Public Service: Single (Press/Out-Of-Home).

    Sittin’ pretty on second is Chris Gordaneer with a Bronze M for he and MacLaren McCann’s Out-Of-Home: Campaign (Point-Of-Purchase) for Precision Laser Tattoo Removal.

    With eyes on home, Jean Malek and Publicis Montreal’s work for Belron Canada has the extraordinary frenchman holding third with a Bronze in Magazine: Single.

    Looking to bring the boys home with a big dinger, stepping up to the plate is Frank Hoedl and Leo Burnett Toronto, who’s campaign for Raising The Roof took Gold in Public Service: Campaign, as well as a Silver for Public Service: Single (Press/Out-Of-Home – Red Chair).

    At this point there was some interference from my hipster neighbours’ pirate radio station and I lost the signal so I’m unsure if Frank hit that big dinger; but what I do know is that we here at Westside are proud of all our boys for their achievements and want to throw up a hard hitting high-five to all those involved in the shoots. Click on any of the images to get the full story on the works.

    Images © Respective Photographers


      PHOTOGASM | We Choo-Choo Choose You

      by Westside on February 14, 2012

      Being Valentines Day and all, Shelley and I thought it would be fun to go through our computers and try and capture the essence of love within the confines of our photographers portfolios. Some are direct selects from current portfolios. Some we dove a bit deeper into the catalogues. Nonetheless, ALL of todays images are our way of asking, will you be our valentine?

      Andrew B. Myers

      Chris Gordaneer

      Tom Feiler

      Frank Hoedl

      George Simhoni

      Tyler Gray

      Jean Malek

      Matt Barnes

      Nikki Ormerod

      Russell Monk

      Ryan Enn Hughes


      Derek Shapton

      Vicky Lam

      As we browsed through the works of our shooters, our eye’s tuned to the frequency of love, I thought it might be nice to attempt some reader/ writer interaction and pit 3 of our Cupids‘ against one another in capture-to-capture combat. So dear readers, it is to you we leave the choice:

      Whom of three couples pictured below, would you like to spend your Valentines Day with?

      George Simhoni

      Matt Barnes

      Nikki Ormerod

      The choice is yours!

      For this was Saint Valentine’s Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate.
      All Images © Respective Photographers


        TGIW | Things About Us, You Don’t Know

        by Westside on December 14, 2011

        Every wonder what lies behind that big ol’ W of ours!!??

        Our old logo was a cactus. Very Miami.

        Tom Nesbitt, Chris Gordaneers‘ amazing producer bikes to the studio everyday.

        Matt Barnes joined a dirt bike gang yesterday.

        Phaedra Kennedy, one of our powerhouse producers here has ran two Iron Man’s!!

        Chris‘ assistant Aric proposed to his girly pal this year, she said yes!

        Caitlin Robinson just purchased a really cool townhouse with her man friend.

        Vicky Lam is 5 ft even, but 7 ft in spirit.

        Chris Gordaneer has a really big truck.

        Derek Shapton‘s office is beside mine. He plays music really loud. I like it.

        Frank Hoedl just cut his hair and nobody knows who he is anymore.

        George‘s assistant, Gabe Nivera is really smart.

        George Simhoni cares about the environment.

        John Stevancec is in Disney World right now, alone.

        Nikki Ormerod has a book that farts, and pages fart noises over the intercom often.

        Russell Monk is in Mexico and plays guitar and builds houses.

        Lindsey Harrison has beautiful ginger hair and looks like she’s getting younger not older.

        Ryan Enn Hughes wears scarves 6 months of the year.

        Spenser Forrest will do anything. And he’s good at it.

        Tara O’Malley is tiny in real life.

        Sandi Wall really likes cottage cheese.

        Shanghoon is a ninja.

        Shelley Hayes is not Shelley Hayes’ real name.

        Tom Feiler has good self esteem.

        Tyler Gray looks a lot like Caitlin Robinson’s boyfriend.

        Jean Malek speaks french very well.

        Matt Le Blanc wore sandals up until yesterday.

        We love our jobs.

        TGIW friends!


          DEAR PHOTOGRAPHER | Dream Job

          by Westside on December 9, 2011

          Dear Photographer,
          You guys and gals at Westside seem to get a really wide variety of clients.
          Assuming you haven’t worked it already, what is your dream job (ie. client or project)?

          George Simhoni
          I have had many, but my dream job would be a tourism gig for Tourism Canada to promote adventure tourism in all those places you don’t see repeatedly advertised, and I am allowed to photograph and film with a small crew and art director in all those wonderful places.

          Ryan Enn Hughes
          I have a music video idea for “The Throne”…which if I ever got the chance to make would be the crowning achievement of my career. Swag.

          Matt Barnes
          I would love to shoot the Pirelli Calendar later in life! I think that would have to be one of the raddest assignments in the world.

          Andrew B. Myers
          I always thought it would be the grandest thing in the world to make imagery that would end up on the side of a jumbo jets.

          Tyler Gray
          Might sound cliche but the whole thing is a dream job. I mean, I take pictures for a living. Ultimately though I guess my dream job would have been to meet and shoot Johnny Cash, that aint happening though. I guess I could settle for Bruce Springsteen. Both are/were unbelievable story tellers and I draw a lot of my inspiration from this in my personal work.

          Jean Malek
          I would like to shoot a big project with a hollywood star. I’m not really a groupie, but I think it would still be nice to have someone like Scarlett Johansson in my shots, or Zooey Deschanel… superstars you know? ;D

          All Images © Respective Photographers

          An oversized thank you to Ryan and the same to all the photographers for sharing. Keep those questions coming kids, within reason we will answer just about anything. CLICK ME.


            TGIW | Giving Good Phone

            by Caitlin on November 16, 2011

            Happy Wednesday Everyone!

            I’m filling in this week for our dear friend Shelley who’s busy gallivanting around Paris, poor girl.

            Seeing as this isn’t my regular digs, I hope not to bore you, but enlighten.

            The topic this week, THE PHONE!

            © Andrew B Myers

            In the busy world of everything advertising, trying to book a one on one meeting is a challenge in itself. I spend most of my day on the phone, whether it’s cold calling or discussing a project, I do fancy myself a great phone chatter. However, for some photographers (yes you), this comes as a HUGE challenge. I get it, totally, but it’s actually an incredible tool!

            Here’s a few tips to help make your “Phone Job” go down a bit easier:

            1| DON’T BE SCARED! Just don’t. Really, what’s the worst that can happen??? All you’ll get is a “NO”, that’s NOT the end of the world. If you really want the job or any job (for that matter) a personal phone call will get you a lot further than an e-mail. Trust me, your e-mail has probably already been deleted.

            2| Write it down. If it’s is easier to have a script, I say, do it! The introduction is the most important part, so having some idea of what you’d like to say, it can be as easy as reading it off a piece of paper.

            3| If you can, do a little research on the individual or Agency. Not creeper styles, just a little background knowledge. People love being flattered, so if you can congratulate them on a recent award winning campaign or the birth of their new baby/ pet/ car/ hair style/ pair of shoes, you name it, they’ll appreciate you actually know something about them.

            4| Try to keep it light and casual. The idea is to keep the conversation short, sweet and light hearted, so you have more to chat about when you set up the MEETING!

            5| Follow up. If you don’t get through the first time, make a note and be sure to follow up a week later. You may have to leave a few voice mails before you get a response, but it’s important to stay consistent (and slightly persistent) in order to make the connection.

            © Nikki Ormerod

            Remember, you’re work should speak for itself, but that shining personality is just as important.

            Good lucky kiddies!


              IN PRINT | REMEMBER

              by Westside on November 11, 2011

              In honour of those who have fought, as well as those who continue to fight for our freedoms, we here at Westside are proud to celebrate Remembrance Day and give thanks to all members of the Canadian military.

              Photographer: Andrew B. Myers
              Client: Historica-Dominion
              Advertising Agency: DDB
              Creative Directors: Todd Mackie, Denise Rossetto
              Associate Creative Directors: Paul Riss, Matt Antonello
              Art Director: Italo Siciliano
              Copywriter: Matt Antonello
              Account managers: Mike Prentice, Sarah Thornley

              A word from Mr. Myers about the shoot, followed by some BTShots courtesy of assistant Thomas Dagg.

              This was a fantastic project to be involved with and something I became immediately excited about. Aside from doing my part to help commemorate those who made incredible sacrifices during major conflicts gone by, I got to meet veterans with truly humbling stories that made me realize just how little life experience I have in comparison, and by the same token refreshed my respect and gratitude to those above me who shaped a time in history I’m lucky to be alive in. ~ABM

              With some more info about the shoot, AD Italo Siciliano shared this,

              Remembrance Day fell on a extremely unique date this year. I really wanted this ad to be respectful and memorable, and speak to all soldiers – six real veterans saluting in formation, creating the shape of the date, 11/11/11. So I started showing the ad to some people at DDB. They got really excited. We met our client – Historica–Dominion Institute, they got really excited. Then, we showed Westside and our photographer – Andrew B. Myers, got really excited, then to our media company (OMD), programmer: Brendyn Zachary, our videographer: Jason Van Bruggen (a veteran himself), and many, many more. Everyone instantly felt the urge to dedicate their time and energy to make this campaign a reality.

              Then came the day of the photoshoot, as each of the veterans came into Westside, introduced themselves, told their stories, stood perfectly straight and saluted with pride, that is where both Andrew and I really felt how truly meaningful this was, not only to us, but to our veterans. And to our veterans: for everything you have done for our country, our safety, our people, this is our way of saying thank you. We “remember”. And we always will.


                TGIW | Shoot From the Hip

                by Westside on November 2, 2011

                My poor little point & shoot has dust on it! Despite the compact size and its all round godliness, I don’t use it. I use my cellphone and I really love the results. Between the Hipstamatic and the Instagram, all my little artsy photo needs are met. Everything is Hip and Everything is Instant.

                I started to wonder, if I’m taking these mind blowing photos with my cell phone (kinda jokes), what the heck are the professionals taking with their cell phones?

                Turns out, its good. Actually, its really really good.

                © Andrew B. Myers

                © Chris Gordaneer

                © Derek Shapton

                © George Simhoni

                © Jean Malek

                © Matt Barnes

                © Nikki Ormerod

                © Ryan Enn Hughes

                © Shanghoon

                © Tom Feiler

                © Tyler Gray

                © Vicky Lam

                Keeping it calm and casual on this wonderful Wednesday, shooting from the hip. TGIW!

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                  Tyler Does More Coke

                  by Westside on August 16, 2011

                  As promised, here’s the solution to our little Where’s Andrew challenge and another shot from Tyler for Coke (Rosalinda Graziano at The Hive):

                  Tyler Gray

                  Tyler Gray


                    Happy Canada Day from Westside!

                    by Westside on July 1, 2011

                    A little Canada Day themed Gallery to take you through the long weekend.

                    - – - – - – - -

                    Vicky Lam’s interpretation of the flag is sumptuous for the eyes and the tummy:

                    Vicky Lam Canada Day

                    - – - – - – - -

                    And this one came straight from Derek Shapton’s cottage to my inbox last night:

                    Derek Shapton Canada Day

                    - – - – - – - -

                    Another flag and a beautiful desaturated view from Andrew B Myers:

                    - – - – - – - -

                    More beautiful scenery from the other end of the country from George Simhoni:

                    - – - – - – - -

                    And, mid-continent, it’s a dramatic Lake Ontario from Russell Monk:

                    Russell Monk Canada Day

                    - – - – - – - -

                    What are two things distinctly Canadian? The CFL and Tim Horton’s of course. This from Ryan Enn Hughes, shot on Canada Day, Argos at Ti Cats:

                    Ryan Enn Hughes Canada Day

                    - – - – - – - -

                    And lets end with a Canadian sports icon shot by Chris Gordaneer:

                    Chris Gordaneer Sidney Crosby Canada Day

                    - – - – - – - -

                    Have a great long weekend! We’re back blogging on Tuesday.