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by Westside on March 20, 2014

Since announcing their intentions to move north of the boarder back in 2011, Canadians nationwide have been patiently awaiting the arrival of discount department store chain, Target. It has taken some time to get their feet firmly planted, but with stores starting to pop up last year and 36 locations now open across Ontario, it’s only appropriate they start getting loud about their landing.

With thanks to kbs+p Art Director Travis Cowdy, Andrew B. Myers found a number of colourful products in front of his camera, which he captured for the following ads.

© Andrew B. Myers

© Andrew B. MyersPhotographer: Andrew B. Myers
Client: Target
Agency: kbs+p
Art Director: Travis Cowdy
Copywriter: Phil Coulter
Producer: Kirsten White
Prop Stylist: Casey Tuninga
Assistants: Gabe Nivera, Rebecca Leach, & Michelle Brussolo

© Andrew B. Myers

While walking on Toronto’s King Street, Andrew spotted some of his work in the wild and was quick enough to snap a pic for you to see. Here’s a word from Mr. Myers about catching his shots, along with an added bonus video featuring production assistant Jimmy.

I kind of want to ride it. And let the driver know. They’d probably just shrug and tell me to take a seat. ~ Andrew

© Andrew B. Myers

Images © Andrew B. Myers
Video © Kirsten White



    by Westside on February 18, 2014

    It’s been some time since paying visit to his mind, and so today we excitedly show off some recent creative work from Andrew B Myers.

    Mum’s the Word© Andrew B Myers

    Rainbow Road© Andrew B Myers

    Lights On/Lights Off

    © Andrew B Myers © Andrew B Myers

    Taste the Rainbow© Andrew B Myers

    I Believe in the Loch Ness Monster© Andrew B Myers

    Check out more from the mind of Myers over on his website.
    All Images © Andrew B Myers



      by Westside on November 28, 2013

      With items falling into categories such as Wildly Entertaining, Compelling, and World-Changing, Time Magazine’s list of The 25 Best Inventions of 2013 is packed with awesome ideas and innovations that are sure to have an impact on our future lives. Alcoholic coffee? Check. Virtual reality system? Check. Bionic suit capable of allowing a paraplegic to walk again? Yeah that’s a big ol’ check!

      With much thanks to Time, the Studio played host to some of these incredible inventions as our very own Andrew B. Myers took charge of the list’s accompanying images. We’ve followed Time’s ordering of the items, which starts off with the fun and games before moving into the truely amazing – so sit back and enjoy Mr. Myers’ latest.

      The Anki Self Driving Toy Cars© Andrew B. Myers

      Sony DSC-QX100© Andrew B. Myers

      The Oculus Rift© Andrew B. Myers

      The 3Doodler© Andrew B. Myers

      The Artificial Pancreas© Andrew B. Myers

      Rewalk© Andrew B. Myers

      Also released with this years list, is a fantastic article titled “The Spark of Invention”, which Andrew also contributed to.

      © Andrew B. Myers

      Big shout outs to Andrew’s assistant Helene Goderis for helping him make all those awesome 3Doodles, as well to Time Magazine for trusting us with a $70+ thousand dollar exoskeleton and such a rad project! You can check out more info on any of Andrew’s props by clicking their titles above, or click on over to Time and see the full list.

      All Images © Andrew B. Myers



        by Westside on November 19, 2013

        Whether it’s chatting round the water cooler, or a lonely smoke in the autumn cold, we all find our ways to get a quick break in during the daily grind. Many at the studio enjoy sneaking off to one of our local coffee esablishments for a midday fix. But today Andrew B Myers and Blammo invite you to change up your daily routine, and try doing something more fruitful with your 5.

        © Andrew B Myers

        © Andrew B. Myers

        Working with Art Director (and all around great guy) Oliver James Brooks, Andrew brought his signature style to Del Monte and their lineup of delicious Fruit Cups. In addition to the layouts seen above, there are some really awesome double page versions that we’ve left at a nice high resolution for all your desktop background needs.

        © Andrew B. Myers

        © Andrew B. Myers

        © Andrew B. MyersPhotographer: Andrew B Myers
        Client: Del Monte
        Agency: Blammo
        Art Director: Oliver James Brooks
        Food Stylist: Chantel Payette
        Model Maker: Oxenham Design
        Assistants: Gabe Nivera & Rebecca Leach

        To bring the ears, lips, and Like’s to life, Jamie Oxenham of Oxenham Design was brought on board to whip up some of his model making magic. Here’s a look of some of the steps involved in creating the props via his blog From Aspire to Beyond.

        © Jamie Oxenham

        © Jamie Oxenham

        © Jamie Oxenham

        © Jamie Oxenham

        © Jamie Oxenham

        © Jamie Oxenham

        © Jamie Oxenham

        As for the day on set, it seems like donuts were the favourite prop based on Instagram’s from both Gabe Nivera and Tom Nesbitt.

        © Gabe Nivera

        © Gabe Nivera

        © Tom Nesbitt

        © Gabe Nivera

        So however you choose to take your break – that’s fine – enjoy your time. Just remember if you’re looking to change it up, grab a Del Monte Fruit Cup!

        Images © Andrew B Myers
        BTS Images © Jamie Oxenham, Gabe Nivera, & Tom Nesbitt



          by Westside on November 8, 2013

          Andrew B Myers has been doing a fair bit of travelling as of late. Both for work and pleasure.
          Which is fantastic for fans of his creative side. As his work is our pleasure.

          H-I-D (Hidden Hollywood)© Andrew B. Myers

          Lovin’ Spoonful© Andrew B. Myers

          Tokyo Kirby© Andrew B. Myers

          Happy Friday everyone!
          All Images © Andrew B. Myers



            by Westside on August 27, 2013

            The following campaign from Andrew B. Myers and john st. for SiriusXM radio is one that has proven to bring quite polarizing opinions from its viewers. While some, like most of us around the studio, find the concept to be funny, simple, and effective in providing a laugh – others have turned their heads and dubbed it as “Piss-Vertising“. We’ll let you decide for yourself.

            © Andrew B Myers

            © Andrew B MyersPhotographer: Andrew B. Myers
            Client: SiriusXM
            Agency: john st.
            Creative Directors: Angus Tucker & Stephen Jurisic
            Art Director: Marie Richer
            Copywriter: Jamie Umpherson
            Producer: Tom Nesbitt
            Assistants: Gabe Nivera & Rebecca Leach

            Whether you enjoy laughing yourself to urination or not, one thing we know for sure is it was a very fun day on set with the john st. crew and SiriusXM. Big thanks to all.

            YES. You ain’t cool, unless you pee your pants. ~ BM



              by Westside on February 12, 2013

              Brought to you in part by The Past, Present, and Future, today’s blog post showcases a project that is a testament to the powers of creative collaboration, and proves that at times, the worlds of digital and analog can come together in real harmony. An introduction from creative agency Sid Lee to get the ball rolling,

              Every day, an endless stream of tweets enters the Twitterverse – some to live on via retweets and favourites, others to fade into the dark depths of the web, never to be seen again. This “here today gone tomorrow” phenomenon led us to wonder: must digital chit chat be so fleeting? We didn’t think so. And thus, Knitterstream was born. It began as a data visualization project – an electronic knitting machine from 1998 that, with the help of custom software and hardware, could transform a humble tweet into a tangible, real life, woven work of art.

              With it’s physical debut at the C2-MTL conference a great success, the creative team at Sid Lee knew it was time to bring the Knitterstream to the masses, enlisting the services of not one, but two Westsiders to bring their vision to life! And so it was, that for the first time in their storied careers, the two great minds of Andrew B. Myers and Ryan Enn Hughes were brought together to act as one. Ladies and Gents, we – alongside Andrew, Ryan, Sid Lee, FatBox, Lunch Inc, Apollo Studios, and School – are proud to present, The Knitterstream.

              Directors: Andrew B Myers & Ryan Enn Hughes
              Agency: Sid Lee
              Creative Director: Dave Roberts
              Producer: Emily Patterson
              Copywriter: Pip Scowcroft
              Interactive Art Director: Ivan Sharko
              Cinematographer: Barry Cheong
              Feline: Little Tom – The People’s Champion
              Assistant: Adnan Saciragic

              For more info on the machine and how it wowed the gen-pop at C2-MTL, click on through to the Knitterstream site and check out a digital rendering of its analog creation.


                TGIW | MOUNT CLEVEREST

                by Westside on December 5, 2012

                As far as I’m concerned, the image that follows is the most clever ever.

                Well played Andrew B. Myers, well played.

                Image © Andrew B Myers


                  NEWS | THREE LUCK-Y BOYS

                  by Westside on October 15, 2012

                  The 2012 Advertising & Interactive Awards Annual from Applied Arts has been sitting on my desk for a couple days now and so what better way to kick off the week than with some NEWS!

                  Three Westsiders found themselves within the pages of this years annual, all thanks to awesome clients, fabulous agencies, and some really fun projects.

                  Don’t forget you can click on any of the images below to get the full low-down on the work. Now lets open ‘er up and find out who’s rounding out this trifecta.

                  First up is Chris Gordaneer and BBDO Toronto’s infamous Mer-Cow and Pig Family for GE Profile Ovens. The Mer-Cow snagged some recognition in the Young Blood Advertising category for Single Print, as well for Point-of-Purchase/In-Store Ad or Promotion (Single). Chris’ family of pigs found some love as well with hugs in Point-of-Purchase/In-Store Ad or Promotion (Series).

                  HUGE shout outs to Art Directors Mike Donaghey and Jonathan Guy, who’s work with Chris received top marks for Art Direction (Series).

                  Next in the annual is Andrew B. MyersRemember image. Shot with DDB for Historica-Dominion, the Remembrance Day campaign was awarded several times including: Newspaper (Single), Public Service/Charity (Single), and Experiential/Event (Single).

                  We close this years Advertising Annual with a visit to Planet Shapton – home to a man by the name of Derek – who found two enormous projects awarded in various categories. His Keep Exploring campaign with DDB Vancouver for Canada Tourism was recognized for Complete Advertising Program (Complete) under the Broadcast TV section, and for Online Campaign in the Interactive section.

                  Keeping us in the Interactive section is Derek and Taxi 2′s Gigashelf. If you haven’t seen the work before you should definitely click through and check it out because it was surely deserving of love from both the Consumer Products and Mobile Apps categories.

                  A big congrats to all the teams at BBDO, DDB, and Taxi 2 on their awarded works, and word to all our winning photographers mothers (we, like they, are very proud of them on their achievements).
                  All Images © Respective Photographers


                    IN PRINT | ANDREW B. SO HIP RIGHT NOW

                    by Westside on October 9, 2012

                    I remember my first Tragically Hip show like it was yesterday. Back in grade 5, my dad and his friend Jim took myself and a buddy to our first ‘big’ show at the Metro Centre. It was the Day for Night tour and the tickets must have been expensive because I remember my pop’s having to roll his own cigarettes a couple of times durring their set. Despite any economic repercussions, we all had an awesome time rocking out to “Grace, Too” and it continues to be one of my favorite childhood memories.

                    Andrew B. Myers has some fond memories of The Hip as well, his are a bit more recent though, and cooler. Here’s Andrew to fill you in on his close encounter of the Hip kind.

                    As someone who gets giddy with the notion of Canadiana and our tricky-to-define culture, it was a pretty neat opportunity to get to work with a quintessential Canadian group, The Tragically Hip. They had seen my work at an exhibition and wanted to fill their upcoming album with a handful of it, including the cover! This allowed me the opportunity to hang out with lead singer Gord Downie; who of course, turned out to be a really interesting mind. One more reason I love my job and the random situations it can take me to at the drop of a hat.

                    You can check out the latest single from Now For Plan A just below, or click through to Soundcloud where you can stream the whole album.

                    Image © Andrew B. Myers

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