Dave + Yoga Pants + ??? = Profit

by Alex Beetham on December 2, 2014

We’re thrilled here at Westside to have Dave Delnea join us full time in Toronto. A few differences from Vancouver: Less mountains, more snow, and a far superior hockey team.  But that goes without saying…

Dave recently reunited with a familiar client, and created some new lifestyle work for Lululemon.


Wet, cold and muddy… perfect for a day on location.

We were back at it with the crew from Lululemon last month on the west coast.  A change from our past yoga and running shoots, we were able to have some fun scrambling around a few Squamish rock faces in a rain storm.

Most of my talent direction ended with “… and try not to fall off the cliff”!  - Dave


I’m pretty sure this sign means that you should try and reach for the giant floating “R” above all cliff edges as a last ditch effort as the ground gives way under you.

BTS compAll Images & BTS © Dave Delnea

Stay tuned for more from Dave & team!


    Tyler keeps cucumber cool with Sanuk

    by Alex Beetham on December 1, 2014

    Tyler really appreciates a quality piece of footwear. So much so that he’s accumulated air miles twice this year, travelling to California just for sandals. Well, that and photographing a new global campaign for Sanuk, but mostly the free sandals. Here’s a few words from Tyler to tell you all about it:

    Nothing could be truer than the old adage “you learn something new everyday”.  I can’t remember what I learned the other 4 days we were there however the 2 things I took away from this job are 1/ DON’T use the washroom at Fais Do Do, (the Do Do in Fais Do Do is actual do do) a small dingy live music venue on West Adams that makes Grossman’s or Lee’s Palace washrooms look like an aseptic laboratory. and 2/ Don’t meet George Morreira at 2pm for “a couple beers” on a down day.  Thanks for the BarBQ George.

    Continuing with the Gong Show that was created during the last campaign, this series takes us to a place where “Powerstache” thinks they’re still the opening act for Tesla back in ’88 and to “That Couple” you walk past brawling in front of a Dance Club on Adelaide on a friday night and your Sanuk’s have you “Cool as a Cucumber”

    - Tyler




    Client: Sanuk
    Photographer: Tyler Gray
    Agency: Ignited USA
    Art Director: Jeremy Carson
    Creative Director: Stephanie Arculli
    Associate Creative Director: Karin Djelaj
    Print Producer: Sam Helphand

    When Tyler arrived at the Ignited head office, he was greeted by his work on the walls!


    Here’s a little look into what goes into prepping a night club for it’s close up:


    Beers and BBQ are most welcome after a job well done.

    Comp2All Images © Tyler Gray


      Joey L takes focus on Canon L Series Lenses

      by Alex Beetham on November 27, 2014

      It’s a rare full circle moment when the a leading manufacturer rings you up to create ads for the tools you use on a daily basis.  This is exactly what happened when Joey L was approached by the fine folk at DentsuBos & Canon, to create the latest print campaign for the legendary L-series lenses.  Here’s a look at the final images, layouts, and a few words from Joey.


      Fortress of Solitude.

      Retoucher Nick Leadlay’s mobile fortress of solitude.

      Working on the Canon L Series photoshoot was a crazy whirlwind that greatly challenged everyone involved. Any advertisement shot on set was going directly to print in less than 10 days, and going to be seen by thousands (potentially millions?) of people. After shooting a setup, we chose our final image selects right then and there with Dentsubos and Canon, and our retoucher Nick Leadlay began the retouching process immediately on set. No time for second thoughts!  Nick had built a little computer-fort out of V-Flats and set up shop not too far away from the action so we could walk over to his hideaway and give him notes.The photo team would move on to shooting the next setup, and the process would continue like that over 3 days until all the final advertisements were finished. I might sound crazy, but I actually kind of liked this workflow, because it kept us on our tippytoes and when the job was wrapped, everything was already completed and in the can. Sometimes the retouching process can drag out over months, so it was refreshing to simply be done, dust off your hands, and walk away, and hopefully get some sleep finally.And of course, as the shoot was for Canon L series, those were the only lenses we used for the actual shoot, which is not really a departure from my regular kit. – Joey L

      Here’s a look at the final image pairings, with original crops from Joey:

      Final Comp #1

      Final Comp #3

      Final Comp #2

      Photographer:  Joey L
      Client:  Canon
      Agency: Dentsu Bos
      Art Director:  Kyle Scotland
      Producer:  Kirsten White
      On Set Retoucher:  Nick Leadlay
      Stylists:  Marie Eve Tremblay
      Hair & Make Up: Lisa Vella
      Assistants: Jesse Korman, Caleb Adams, Rebecca Leach, Adi Saciragic, Eryn Wind

      Here’s a look into what happens behind the camera to make these images possible.  From Joey’s GoPro’s:


      From the phone of producer Kirsten White:


      Images © Joey L
      BTS © Joey L & Kirsten White


        Tasty Treats w. Shanghoon

        by Alex Beetham on November 26, 2014

        Howling winds and snowy squalls make many a stomach crave warm, gooey comfort food. Shanghoon and food stylist Sarah Sweeney cooked up a delicious creative with this homemade turkey pot-pie. Try and keep from drooling.

        Food Creative Sarah119_01F Food Creative Sarah144_01FAll Images © Shanghoon

        Shanghoon & Sarah on set:



          Ford + Toronto Maple Leafs = A Chris Gordaneer Special

          by Alex Beetham on November 25, 2014

          Sure there’s always death and taxes, but here are two more certainties in this life –  Chris Gordaneer will always be a Leafs fan, and he will always drive a Ford. This made Chris an ideal candidate to photograph die hard leaf fans that, like Ford says, go further.

          LeafsYearbookBarber LeafsYearbookTattoo LeafsYearbookWedding

          Client: Ford
          Agency: Blue Hive
          Photographer: Chris Gordaneer
          Art Director: Marc Caringal
          Producer: Kirsten White
          Assistants: Brendan Smyth, John Wayne Brown, Adi Saciragic, Paul Swanson
          Tattoo Artists: Maddalena Ruggiero & Alex Richarson
          MUAH: Taylor Savage
          Wardrobe: Marie Eve Tremblay
          Prop Stylist: James Kennedy

          Here’s a look at Chris’s final images, uncropped and outside of the final ad layout:


          Producer Kirsten White was good enough to snap these BTS shots of Chris channelling his inner bride:

          Kirsten BTS Comp1

          Tattoo artists Maddalena & Alex had our talent under their markers for a full a day to create this custom back piece.  First assistant Brendan Smyth snapped these BTS shots:

          Brendan BTS Comp2

          All Images © Chris Gordaneer
          All BTS Images © Kirsten White & Brendan Smyth


            CABA 2014 – Humber Advertising Graduates

            by Alex Beetham on November 19, 2014

            Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 8.47.00 PM

            Tomorrow evening, 4 years of Humber Advertising Student blood, sweat, and tears will be on display for their graduating portfolio show.  Eager graduates will be rubbing elbows with industry heavyweights, hoping to have the fruits of their labour admired and jobs thrust at them.  Westside is thrilled to be amongst great peers sponsoring these graduates, such as our friends over at School!  We can’t wait to see what everyone has been working so hard on!




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              Vicky + Paper + inBusiness = Profit

              by Alex Beetham on November 12, 2014

              November 11th is a day of significance for many.  First off it being Remembrance day – a day in honour of the soldiers who fought and perished in the many wars past and present.  On a lighter note, it is also international Pocky day (or also known as Peppero day) which happens to also be my favourite snack of all time.  But little did I know that it is also Origami day, which brings me to reflect upon one of my shoots from earlier this year.  Although it isn’t truly origami, it still involved some meticulous paper craft and design.  I was asked by art director, Erik Mohr, to illustrate a story for Globe and Mail’s quarterly publication, InBusiness magazine.  Innovation was the theme of this issue, featuring Canadian companies that are the frontrunners in their respective fields.

              This meant that I also had to be innovative in my approach to illustrate five very different companies and create a series that would tie them all together.  Erik had mentioned the idea of exploring paper illustrations. So, it only seemed fitting for me to call Kyosuke Nishida and Dominic Liu of Studio Toki. I’ve collaborated with Studio Toki before on other paper based projects, so I knew they would be the perfect fit for this one.  With their design savvy and eye for detail, we were able to come up with a series of original, 3D paper illustrations.

              It took a lot of brainstorming, sketches, construction, problem solving and a bit of MacGyver to make it all happen.  Although the process was sometimes painstaking and challenging, seeing our ideas transform into a tangible form was really rewarding.  Not to mention, we were left with awesome and cute little paper sculptures afterwards!

              Here is a glimpse into our pre-shoot process with some sketches from Studio Toki:


              Here are the final paper illustrations representing Canadian companies with innovative business approaches:

              Pebble Smart Watch:

              Silicon Sisters Interactive:

              David’s Tea:

              Freed & Freed International :

              A.F. Theriault & Son:

              And finally the opening image –  a structure a bit inspired by M.C. Escher’s surreal drawings:

              Many thanks to Erik Mohr for the unique assignment and also to Kyosuke and Dominic for helping to bring this idea to life!

              Client:  inBusiness Magazine
              Art Director: Erik Mohr
              Paper design and construction: Studio Toki  - Dominic Liu and Kyosuke Nishida
              Photography interns: Christa Guia & Kate Ince

              A look behind the scenes:

              photo 4

              photo 2-1

              photo 5

              photo 3-2



                Archive has love for Westside

                by Alex Beetham on November 7, 2014

                We’re thrilled to have 3 featured campaigns in the upcoming issue of Archive!  Keep your eyes peeled for these winners:

                Some George Simhoni location work in British Columbia for Suburu:

                George Simhoni for Suburu

                George Simhoni for Suburu

                Anthony Redpath had a blast creating these images for PlayLand:




                Last but not least, a Xeomin campaign from Shanghoon:

                Shanghoon_Scissors Shanghoon_Tongs

                Congratulations all around!!


                  Its a formal affair

                  by Tom Nesbitt on November 6, 2014

                  Tonight is the night! Get your award speech ready, your drinking hat on and set your fazer to full-on schmooze mode.

                  The ADCC’s come around but once a year and this year we over here at Westside got into the spirit by outfitting your best friends at tonights party; the Bartenders and Serving staff!

                  In the interest of collaboration we teamed up with art director/designer Matt Howe and the fine folks of  The Baitshop to create a one off t-shirt that will launch at this evening festivities. We are pretty pleased with the results and hope you will too. Have a look at the making of this instant classic…..


                  Inside the Baitshop

                  Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

                  Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset




                  See you tonight! #bestshirtever #westside #canibuyyouadrink #iratherwinashirt #fashionforward #justintimeforwinter #makesagreatchristmasgift



                    Matt takes on Movember with Campbell’s Chunky

                    by Alex Beetham on November 4, 2014

                    Campbell’s just launched their Movember Chunky campaign, which was shot by our very own Mr. Barnes! It looks a little something like this:

                    Matt Barnes - Hockey Matt Barnes - Hoser Matt Barnes - lumberjack

                    Agency: Real Interactive
                    Art Director: Kelly Small
                    Photographer: Matt Barnes
                    Producer: Tara O’Malley
                    Assistant: Gabe Nivera, Lori Waltenburi
                    Hair & Makeup: Sandra Yang
                    Food Stylist: LeeAnne Wright

                    Check’em out on Campbell’s Movember page!

                    Campbell's Movember Landing Page