Hungry? You will be.

by Chris Payne on March 3, 2015

It’s blue, it’s weird, it’s awesome, and that’s just the way we like it.

This image of the post-mortem-clucker belongs to one Liam Mogan, the third installment of new blood here at Westside since the new year.  To accommodate we have constructed a new kitchen here and by the looks of things, Liam’s pretty thrilled about his new appliances.  More to come on the reno in the near future, but in the mean time, here’s a sneak peak of the shiny new fridge and freezer, complete with Liam casually lounging about… really casually.


Liam has spent the past few years shooting food for the grid, among other publications and winning awards with his food photography.  We can’t wait to see what he can do when he is put up against the best food brands in Canada.

“I’m pumped to be a part of the extremely talented team here at Westside.  Ever since my college days, back in 2005, I’ve looked up to Westside as an inspiration… it’s such an awesome feeling being able to join the gang.  I’m really looking forward to working closely with Tom, Caitlin and Chris!  2015 is going to be a good one!” – Liam Mogan

20 4032

His welcome wasn’t complete of course, until he was fully initiated…  with fries.


Welcome aboard Liam!  You can check out more of his mouth watering work here.

Delicious Food © Liam Mogan
Liam Portraits © Alex Beetham

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    How To Train Your Drone

    by Tom Nesbitt on February 25, 2015

    Its Wednesday!!

    In celebration of hump day please take the opportunity to check out some fun drone racing & crashing through the woods.

    Thanks to Gary Ogle for unearthing this for us.

    As he mentions on Facebook, Its kind of like Return of the Jedi meets Batteries Not Included.

    Some Credits and Specs……

    Porket Racer 240:

    Full Carbon Frame
    Naze32 Board
    RCX Motors
    ESC 10A SimonK
    Lipo 1300mAh 3S
    Mobius Cam
    Video 5.8GHz

    Infos :



      Photoshop Wizards are a hard breed to tame.  They are able to conjure beauty from mere pixels with the stroke of a wand (wacom pen).  They are such magical beings that some have even been known to survive for days on end by only eating cookies and tea.  At least that is what we have learned after observing ours…

      We are extra excited to announce the addition of Nick Leadlay, to the Westside roster.  Nick is the first digital retoucher that Westside Studio has ever represented (yes, he is that good).


      “I am very excited to be joining the team at Westside Studio after working closely with them on multiple jobs over the past year.  The roster of photographers, along with the studio’s client list speaks for itself.  I am especially excited about the new ground we are breaking in Canada as far as retouchers being represented along side photographers.  Tom, Caitlin, Chris and the Westside family have been so welcoming to me since day one, so a special thank you goes to them.  I am really looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together!”- N.L

      Nick has worked his magic with a couple of the photographers here at Westside Studio.  Nikki Ormerod and Joey L have both trusted Nick’s sorcery with some major projects in the past, resulting in images that you have probably seen hundreds of times by now.  Take the following images for example:

       Nikki Ormerod



      Joey L


      When you combine extremely talented photographers with an extremely talented wizard, you end up with simply the best images possible.  What, you didn’t catch his magic in the images above?  Take a closer look at this amazing image by Joey L, shot for the recent Canon Campaign.  Slide the bar back and forth to reveal one of Nick’s latest spells in action.

      Did you catch it that time?  I’m sure you did, but in case you are curious, Nick wanted to tell you a little bit about his work.

      “This image was retouched on set during the Canon Camera shoot with Joey L.  The deadline for the image was at the end of the day, so there really wasn’t any time for mistakes.  However, I have worked with Joey before and he creates a really relaxed environment to work in, so that made everything a lot less stressful.

      The basic elements that we addressed in this image were; the focus and angle of the camera, the exposure on the female model and the elimination of any distracting elements in the scene.  We also did some subtle skin and hair work on the models, along with some global color correction/grading. Joey always likes to have a hand in the post production process and prefers to do his color grading at the end of the workflow.  This image was no different in that regard.  The majority of my time was spent on compositing the new camera into the shot from a different frame, as well as manually rebuilding the clothing around the camera and fixing the shadows.”

      So there it is folks, Nick Leadlay  has joined the team and we are pretty stoked about it.  He is currently in Tahiti retouching bikini models, which we are confident he is enjoying quite well.


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        Project Winter Survival With Derek Shapton & Frank Hoedl

        by Chris Payne on February 19, 2015

        Not sure what it might be like where you are, but here in Toronto we are in the middle of a serious cold snap.  Over night temperatures have recently sunk well past minus 20 degrees Celsius.  Prolonged exposure can be deadly.

        The homeless in particular are in tremendous danger at this time of year, which is why when Derek Shapton and Frank Hoedl were recently approached to work on a campaign for Project Winter Survival, they did not hesitate.



        From Derek’s blog: “Frank and I shot two print ads together, an exciting collaborative process that made for a rather unusual workflow. I scouted and sourced the locations, we co-piloted the cameras and co-directed the talent, and Frank applied his post-production magic to the final retouching. Frank has long been one of my favourite photographers and it was great to be able to work so closely with him. The final results are outstanding, and in fact won an Applied Arts Award in the Public Service category back in November.” 


        Frank lying down on the job

        Processed with VSCOcam

        Assistant Rebecca Leach sourcing some props


        Derek in ninja-mode while framing a shot

        “One of the setups also seemed to have some solid potential as a compelling little motion piece, and with the blessing of the creative team at Cundari, we gave it a go. We enlisted the help of Mike Rybinski at Spot Cinema and once the print ads were finished, shot a quick spec spot that turned out surprisingly well.”   See the final result below and visit Derek’s blog to find out more.

        Agency: Cundari
        Creative Director: Andrew Simon
        Art Director: Jason Lee
        Writer: Francesco Grandi
        Assistant: Rebecca Leach
        Motion Camera: Mike Rybinski
        Motion Post Production: Spot Cinema


          George Simhoni revs up the Lexus F SPORT

          by Chris Payne on February 4, 2015

          The thought of ripping around a track in one of the new Lexus F SPORT models is an attractive notion for anyone with, or without a drivers license.  The Lexus F SPORT series is a luxury/performance line up for the car enthusiast, blending technology and automotive engineering to ensure to improve every driving experience.

          Legendary Westside studio photographer George Simhoni teamed up with Greg Trinier at DentsuBos to illustrate the power and beauty of these new slices of automotive heaven.

          “I was asked to photograph the new models of the family of Lexus vehicles.  I knew that the weather would not be my friend in December for outdoor automotive photography.  Greg Trinier and I decided to do something very dramatic and moody since the weather suited that look more.  Our scout Brian Joe sent us pictures from the Flamboro race track in winter.  It is a very lonely and cool place off season.  It was the perfect background to photograph and dramatize the new lines on the cars.” -G.S.
          Staying warm on this shoot looks like it may have been tricky, however it looks like George dressed for the weather while checking focus and preparing to shoot the magnificent beasts.  Producer John Stevancec kept busy by taking these behind the scenes photos.
          Client: Lexus
          Art Director:  Greg Trinier
          Agency: DentsuBos
          Producer: John Stevancec
          Assistants: Gabe Nivera, Abe Roberto, Jon Brown and Bryan Ulrich


            Tyler Gray makes Half of a half Marathon feel complete

            by Chris Payne on January 28, 2015

            When most people envision a Sunday in late February, they may envision a warm cup of tea, the great indoors and relaxation.  It takes a really good reason to turn that vision into a 10.55km run through Peterborough…

            This year’s Peterborough YMCA Half a Half Marathon runners are about to lace up and bundle up to raise money for the Balsillie Family YMCA branch in Peterborough.  BrandHealth’s own Klint Davies and Dave Snider teamed up with Tyler Gray to create an awesome set of photos depicting what half frozen satisfaction looks like .  Check them out!

            Half and Half 1

            Half and Half 2 Half and Half 3

            “Often my favourite layouts are ones that are sketched on a napkin, much like this one, it leaves things relatively open for creative interpretation.  Dave’s sketches gave me a good guideline to work with without being too specific, and Klint and Dave were both really open to my vision.”


            “Klint and Dave are always chill to work with and going into this we knew it would be a bit of a challenge and would rely heavily on photoshop. Thinking like a retoucher and visualizing how it would ultimately come together I decided to shoot all the ice and dirt in individual pieces and puzzle it all together afterward.  The main benefit of doing it this way was the flexibility of being able to move things around as opposed to using heavy makeup on our talent but then having to retouch things out if I didn’t like it completely or if it crossed the centre line.  It can be a bit of a “leap of faith” for the client often as they go home at night without ever seeing exactly what we captured.  In this case, however everybody was on board and understood that this was the best way to do it.  The retouching was a great challenge and totally worth the time spent on it.”

            -Tyler Gray


            These photos were also brought to you by the ever amazing team plaid!

            Agency: BrandHealth

            Associate Creative Director: Klint Davies

            Art Director: Dave Snider

            Assistants: Bryan Ulrich, Abe Roberto



              Westside’s Bringing the Payne. Chris Payne.

              by Alex Beetham on January 13, 2015

              We here at Westside are thrilled to welcome our newest member of the team, Chris Payne.  He is bringing his love of photography & marketing to the table, stepping up as Sales & Marketing Coordinator working alongside our always magnificent agent, Caitlin Robinson.  This is Chris, happily admiring the Westside:


              3 fun facts about Chris, from Chris:

              1. My last job was to handle reptiles of various sizes and put on educational children’s shows with them.
              2. I have played in bands for the close to a decade and have been photographing concerts and musicians for the better part of the last 4 years.  Music is my other love.
              3. I am a huge dog lover.  On my desk sits a jar of human treats (mints, Werther’s originals, etc.) and next to it sits a jar of doggie treats (milk bones.)

              Chris In a Nutshell (AKA, A Bio):

              Chris Payne, born here in Toronto but grew up in Acton, Ontario.  I grew up snowboarding, skateboarding, listening to punk rock and playing music.  Photography found me at a young age, but I began taking it more seriously after high school.  I melded my love for music and photography by photographing local punk shows in restaurant basements, and bands that would break up a week later.  It took a few years until I was shooting some of the worlds most famous musicians at the ACC, Sound Academy and other large venues around Toronto.  Around the same time I began shooting weddings and making money from taking photos.  I wanted to grow my business and decided that I would go back to school to learn how.  For the past 2 years I have been studying business marketing at Humber College here in Toronto.  I fell in love with marketing from my very first class and knew that this was the next big thing in my life.  This education resulted in a job that I never would have thought I could find in my wildest dreams, the perfect meld of my love of photography and business.  Now filling the role of marketing and sales coordinator at Westside Studio.

              We’re excited to have you on board!  Bring the Payne.  (Turn it up?)


                Dave Goes for Gold with Nike

                by Alex Beetham on January 5, 2015

                Hockey fans eagerly await the holiday season not only for their friends and family, but to cheer on their fellow countrymen in arguably some of the most entertaining hockey of the year.  Every Boxing day the first puck drops for the IIHF World Juniors Tournament, where the best of the best upcoming NHL/KHL super stars take to the ice to bring home the hardware.  And they’re all still in high school.

                Dave Delnea was hired on by Rethink & Nike to showcase the 100th year anniversary Jersey that the boys are dawning this year.  Take a gander:


                Client: Nike Canada
                Agency: Rethink Canada
                Photographer: Dave Delnea
                Creative Direction: Lisa Nakamura / Leila Rogers
                Art Direction: Mustaali Raj
                Producer: Tom Nesbit & Heather Hyland
                Digital Artist: Aaron Campbell
                Assistants: Jamie Rosenthal, Mike Smith, Spencer Robertson, Heather Hylander, Brendan Smyth

                A look onto Dave’s set on shoot day:


                All Images & BTS © Dave Delnea


                  If you’ve spent any time with Shanghoon, you know that he’s essentially the Korean P.Diddy.  So it was really no surprise to me when I heard Traffik Group approached him to pop bottles, strut with models, and make that Vodka sparkle like only Shanghoon can.   Behold:



                  When I first saw the Ciroc layout, I wasn’t sure how the talent and product shots were meant to be handled together – and the project presented an extra challenge for me, because I don’t usually shoot people. But doing a test shot helped me figure out the proper angle and way to manage the talent in the background to get all the elements to fit in the picture. It was a great experience, and it turns out that I do love shooting people! It was also fun to get out of the studio and spend a day in a club – we had a blast.

                  Thank you to everyone from Westside and Traffik who came out to be in the shot!

                  Enjoy Ciroc during your holidays.  -  Shanghoon

                  Client:  Ciroc
                  Agency:  Traffic Group
                  Photographer:  Shanghoon
                  Producer:  Phaedra Kennedy
                  On Set Producer:  Kirsten White
                  Creative Director: Dylan Welsh
                  Art Director: Phil Smith
                  Beverage Stylist:  Sarah Sweeney
                  Wardrobe Stylist:  Nadia Pizzimenti
                  Hair & Makeup: Taylor Savage
                  Assistants: Jeff Jamison, Bryan Ulrich, Brendan Smyth

                  2014-11-04 10.59.21

                  Brendan, Jeff, & Bryan look on as Shanghoon lays out the battle plan.


                  Hey! If it isn’t our very own super-agent/model hybrid, Caitlin Robinson!

                  Stay tuned for some exciting new work from Shanghoon in 2015!

                  Images © Shanghoon
                  BTS Images © Kirsten White


                    Derek Shapton Envisions “Possibility” for United Way

                    by Alex Beetham on December 19, 2014

                    What you are about to witness, was created with only still images from Derek Shapton, and post production magic from one incredibly talented Joe Fellows.  Observe:

                    I’ll answer your question before you ask.  That gorgeous technique you just witnessed is named the “Parallax Technique,” from Make Productions. Mr. Shapton explains:

                    “In essence, and without giving too much away, the Parallax method is a way of using various digital transforms, effects, and animations to breathe light, life, and a sense of depth into a series of still photographs.”

                    For more insight into the day, and to learn more about the Parallax technique, Derek has assembled some words up on his blog.  Here’s who had a hand in creating this piece:

                    Client:  United Way
                    Agency:  TAXI
                    C0-Director / DOP:  Derek Shapton
                    Co-Director / Post Production: Joe Fellows / Make Productions
                    Producer:  Phaedra Kennedy
                    Creative Director: Steve Mykolyn
                    Copywriter: Jake Bogoch
                    Art Director:  Yuko Brown
                    Broadcast Producer: Nicole Poon
                    Print Production Director: Sharon Govang
                    Stylist:  Cheryl Thompson
                    Assistants:  Jon Brown, Gabe Nivera, Peter Olson
                    Production Company: Westside Studio

                    A few looks into the shoot days snapped by producer Phaedra:


                    Gabe with flawless typing form on the left, and the ol’ location laptop huddle on the right.


                    Derek capturing hoop angle variations.


                    Shoot essentials: Good coffee, Sugar. Shoot Bonuses: Working lunch patio pints & beers.


                    Derek caught this moment between shots. A trio of assistants, and one post production magician.

                    And while we’re on the topic of Derek Shapton, are you acquainted with his alter-ego Thunder_Pino?  I’d suggest you give him a follow.  Here are a few of his observations from the scout & shoot days:

                    Thunder_Pino_Assembled“Possibility” Video © Derek Shapton
                    BTS Images © Phaedra Kennedy & Derek Shapton
                    Thunder_Pino © Derek Shapton

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