About Us

Westside Studio is an advertising photography facility in Toronto, Canada. The studio represents award-winning commercial shooters and this blog is an outlet for our latest news and imagery plus things of note from the wider world of commercial photography.

Your friendly rep is Caitlin Robinson:

Our photographers are:

  • Andrew B. Myers
  • Chris Gordaneer
  • Derek Shapton
  • Frank Hoedl
  • George Simhoni
  • Matt Barnes
  • Nikki Ormerod
  • Ryan Enn Hughes
  • Russell Monk
  • Shanghoon
  • Tyler Gray
  • Vicky Lam
  • You can find us at:
    70 Ward Street,
    Toronto, Ontario
    M6H 4A6

    (416) 535-1955

    Caitlin can be reached at:

    General studio inquiries can be sent to: