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by Westside on December 16, 2011

Back in late October the studio opened its doors to two students from Sheridan looking to get their work-terms completed by doing whatever I told them to do. It was set to be a pretty slow week around 70 Ward, which I was pleased about as it would fare well for my list of things that needed cleaning. Fortunately for them, Vicky Lam came to the rescue and shot some work for The Globe and Mail: Report On Small Business. Here’s Vicky with the lowdown on her project.

ROSB‘s photo editor, Jordan MacInnis, originally approached me about shooting some still life images featuring the catalogues of Maplea Girls Dolls, an Ontario-based company that creates 18-inch-tall Canadian themed dolls. In a digital age, it’s quite interesting to hear that Maplea Girls has strived and flourished because of their print catalogues.

The article, written by Simon Houpt, is more about the success of the print catalogue and less about the actual dolls. So, for this instance, both Jordan and I pondered different ways of showcasing the catalogues in an interesting way. I’ll often do thumbnail sketches, but wanted to explore the option of doing a digital sketch this time around. It really gives me a better idea of composition and lighting if I plan these things ahead on paper. Here are some of the ideas I originally had:

My minions James & Jason, although excited about all their cleaning, were more than happy to assist Ms. Lam in making her designs come to life. However they would not be completely free of the lash. Some behind the scenes images was their task, and the boys did well.

A big thanks to Vicky for her insights.
A tip of the hat to both Jason and James who did a bang up job durring their work-term, assisting pretty much every facet of the studio over the week. Good work gentlemen.

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