TGIW | Is That Porn?

by Westside on November 9, 2011

It’s supposed to be so obvious isn’t it? But its not.

© Matt Barnes

The line between Pornographic Photography and Fine Art Nudes can be quite unclear, and mostly its defined in the eye of its beholder. Shooting in black and white can often make it more acceptable among art critics, equal rights activists, and even Facebook. Where as something stark, vibrant and Terry Richardson-esque get a lot art lovers knickers in a knot. So what exactly constitutes what’s what? Is it all just art? Are we being too conservative?

© Matt Barnes
I asked on one of our photographers Nikki Ormerod who teaches a Nude and Boudoir Photography workshop at Pikto about her thoughts.

© Nikki Ormerod

Nude photography is a delicate matter. Shooting it is extremely difficult and takes a certain personality to understand what looks beautiful and know how to keep their subject comfortable. Nude photography explores form and light. It takes me back to my studio classes and makes me dig back to photographing cubes and cylinders in school. The way lights falls around curves and diminishes over valleys.

© Nikki Ormerod

Nude photography is a search for beauty in any human form. The line that divides nude portraiture and porn can sometimes be fine and in edgy fashion photography that line becomes blurred at times. It all depends on your intentions as an artist and your abilities as a director.

TGIW Kiddos!

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