TGIW | So you think you can shoot?

by Westside on October 18, 2011

As a photo agent here at Westside I am always on the prowl for new shooters that rock my world. As agents there are many qualities we look for in a photographer, but in short it all boils down to this: New vision with a winning personality.

Since its midweek I thought I’d share some helpful advice.

So you think you can shoot?

1. Don’t Just Stand There, SHOOT!!!
Don’t paralyze yourself with the thought that taking good photos costs a lot of money. Shoot anything. Shoot your mother, your dog, your best friend’s stereo from the 80′s, your cell phone, your cell phone in the woods, just shoot. Every time you set out to take a picture it will be better than the last. Your style will reveal itself with the constant watering of picture taking. Be true to this reveal.

2. Seek Inspiration!
Get inspired! Don’t let the television be your main inspiration because I’ll bet you $ that you, and the next one will be shooting the exact same thing at the exact same time. Dig a little deeper, look a little higher. Do research and pay attention to details.

3. Promote Yourself!
Get your stuff on the internet, in front of your friends, start a blog, and get your pals on board and excited about you. Get out and meet people, important people, and tell them you’re a photographer. Tell them you’d love to send them some of your work, and then here’s the kicker, send it to them. Follow up the next day. Network!

4. Learn the Art
Anyone can buy a camera, and anyone can take a pretty good snap, but very few strive to master the art. And in all honestly I hope you never master the art. Once you believe you’re a Zen Master Flash then, well…it’s unfortunate, but you stop learning and growing as an artist. Your journey to being the best you can be will never be complete. As an artist you should never be satisfied. This is the key to being a great artist. Its called drive.

5. Till Debt Do You Part Shooting and Get a Lame Full Time Job
Don’t buy all sorts of fancy gear off the bat. Please! Get the very basics and rent the rest when you need it. You’d be surprised what a little facebook shout out can bring to your door step. Use your resources!

6. Try to Make Some Money, Honey!
Charge for your services. What a concept! Learn about usage and what you’re worth as a photographer.

7. Good Luck!
There’s a little bit of luck involved but not much. Most success stories involve thousands and thousands of hours of blood, sweat and tears. Work your little tush off, set some realistic goals, set some unrealistic goals, and go get it!! Stay Motivated.

TGIW! xo

PS. No post is complete without a great visual.

© Matt Barnes

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