DEAR PHOTOGRAPHER | The Digital? World + Whats yer Yeti like?

by Westside on October 7, 2011

Dear Photographer,
In the digital age, when is photography ‘photography’ and when does it become graphic art?
Lost in Digital Arena

Well LIDA I decided to share your query with my entire photographer/assistant address book and see what came back. Quick to the draw was Tyler Gray who shared this,

Incorporating Photoshop with photography today is really no more progressive than what Ansel Adams was doing 75 years ago with the zone system, dodging and burning and various other methods of manipulating a photo. Man Ray came from this same generation and so did many movie makers between the 20′s and 80′s by using paintings to create majestic and non existent backgrounds. A great example of this is “the mansion on the hill” in Psycho and more so the majestic backdrops in The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind.

All that said, the digital age is really no different than the changes that have happened over the past 100 years. Ansel was an outsider in his day and is now embraced to the fullest extent. In my opinion, photography will always be photography regardless of how we spin it, or at least until we start taking pictures without cameras (a.k.a CGI, but ill pass on that grass).

Then Nikki showed up with the Readers Digest version, short, sweet, and to the point.

When the digital work becomes a vital part in completing the image. As in, not just using digital manipulation to just enhance but to build the photograph to levels unachievable in camera.

Big thanks to LIDA for the question and a nod of the brow to both Tyler and Nikki for their input.

Dear Photographer,
I’d love to read about how Matt Barnes created his Yeti image.
Thanks in advance!
Yours Every Time, Iceman

Well YETI, I talked to first assistant Spenser about the ordeal, and after shaking off the post traumatic stress he was able to share this much,

Most difficult shoot I’ve ever worked on. As if dealing with a massive blizzard wasn’t enough, the truck we were moving gear in broke down half way up the mountain and there were some tense moments amongst the crew (regarding what to do about the situation, but more importantly who was in possession of the weapons). Luckily for all of us involved I have a touch of Sherpa in me and I was successful in leading Matt and the crew to the area of the mountain where the locals had observed the humanoid feeding.

And as it turns out, Matt’s beautiful monstrosity has its very own BTS video that is almost as big as the Yeti himself.

What was not shared in the BTS video is where the beast now rests. Spenser elaborates,

As a man I could not in good conscience allow such a glorious pelt to be lost to the mountain. So I bagged, tagged, and stuffed that sucker. Now she’s on show for all to see.

So dear reader, thus ends the first instalment of Dear Photographer, hopefully it was to your liking. Give the top banner a click for a direct email link with the subject line already made for you, all you have to do is type your question and you should hear back with a “got your question – working on it” type response within 48 hours.

PS. R.I.P Big Steve

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