by Westside on October 4, 2011

Do you ever have those moments where you are looking at an image and think to yourself, “I am confused and do not understand how this was made possible. If only I could ask the photographer what they did, maybe I would have a better understanding of how much work actually went into creating this radical photo.” Take these images for example.

Of course it only makes sense to think Matt forced this Richmond St ready spicy italian into a walk-in freezer for a couple of hours until the frost built up, utilizing those brief minutes to get the shot before forcing him back in to re-frost.

Here in our next example I am still trying to find out how much this man was paid in order to allow Tyler to set him on fire.

And would you believe that for this image Chris was actually riding a horse, bareback, gripping the beast one handed by its mane, while the other hand operated his camera? His assistant Aric was required to ride along side him as Chris felt it best to shoot tethered to his laptop.

Feel as though I am misinformed? Perhaps just strait up dont believe that these were the techniques used to capture these images? Well tell ME what you want to know and I will do my absolute best to get all the proper facts from the proper people so your mind can stop wondering how our photographers achieved their final image. Looking forward to reading your questions and trying to pry out the answers from our staff.

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