by Westside on September 28, 2011

Hey there Westside readers.
Some of you may be wondering whats with some of the changes happening here on the blog, most notably: where did Heather go and who is this Matt guy? You might remember back in July the studio announced that we had hired a new studio manager, well this Matt and that Matt are one in the same.

The reason behind the sudden shift in blog authors is due to the unfortunate news that Heather has stepped down from her post and will be taking time to focus on her new teaching venture at Sheridan College where she will be molding the minds of aspiring shooters in the schools Photography program.
From Heather,

I’m sad to leave Westside and their readers, but am looking forward to the new challenges that Sheridan will surely send my way. I wish you guys all the best and thank you for the support during my time on the Westside Blog. 

So sit tight and stay tuned readers, Matt and Shelley are ready to set up to the plate and start knockin’ some dingers out there for your eyes to feast upon.

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