Road Trip!

by Westside on August 3, 2011

This time of the summer makes me pine for a road trip. When you live in a beautifully large and diverse country like Canada, it’s hard not to think that we are missing something if we don’t carve out time to drive across it’s entirety.

Well George Simhoni knows the beauty of Canada better than most of us- he’s spending some quality time in Alberta later this month, shooting a campaign for Travel Alberta (a client George has worked with for the past couple of years). Here’s one of last year’s shots that George did with Scott Shymko at Karo Group Calgary:

George Simhoni Travel Alberta

George doesn’t play favourites with the provinces. Here’s a shot last year campaign for Nova Scotia Tourism. This was shot with Brian Hickling (Art Director) and Halifax-based ad agency Colour:

George Simhoni

I love the contrast in these two shots between new mountains and old.

As I prep for my own cross-Canada camping adventure with family in tow (2013 if we can get it together in time), I regularly check in with photographer Naomi Harris’ great Canadian road tripping blog The Maple Highway. An ex-Torontonian who relocated to New York City over 10 years ago, she’s rediscovering her roots by touring the country, camera and model releases in hand. Heading into Ontario as we speak, she’s come from Victoria and will end up in Newfoundland before the summer’s through.

If you’re not in a position to take two months off work, then go on a vicarious road trip through Naomi’s adventures here. And, stay tuned to this blog over the next few weeks as we bring you dispatches from the road in Alberta with George and crew.

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