Introducing Matt Le Blanc- New Studio Manager

by Westside on July 28, 2011

We have a new member of the team over here at Westside: Matt Le Blanc, is our new studio manager and is apparently quite happy to work for booze:

Matt Le Blanc

Matt’s thank you gift from The Hive: A Bottle of Jack

Let’s learn a bit more about Matt:

Two weeks into the job and I’m still riding the high from hearing I would be joining the Westside team.

Aside from familiarizing myself with the daily workings of the studio, my opening weeks have given me time to get to know and help some of the photomasters. Whether it be helping Mr. Shapton with his “possible advertising changing*” photo, finding Mr. Myers a charger for his 7D, or scanning a parking ticket from Quebec and sending it to an assistant so it doesn’t double in price, I’m happy to do it. This week, aside from helping out Team Barnes with some shots there’s been a lot of painting and clean up to be done.

My first real task in the big boy shoes came on day 2. I got a call the afternoon before the shoot, it was Tom Feiler and he needed me to get materials to make “two 12ft benches like the ones from old class pictures”. I got what I needed together and the following morning met outside The Hive. Having only met Tom over the phone the day prior I was really motivated to make whatever he needed happen, (who knows what a man who photographs giant rabbits might do if I did wrong by him). All went well though, the benches worked out great, Tom was able to capture what he envisioned, and I must have done something right because there’s now a 3.0L bottle of JD sitting on the lazy-susan! Rit’aan bi’.

Here are some outtakes, shot by Matt, of Tom Feiler’s shoot for The Hive:

Tom Feiler The Hive

Tom Feiler The Hive

What are they looking at? We’ll never know.

* Derek has been teasing us about this one for a week- we’ll let you in on his plans to revolutionize product photography as soon as we can weasel it out of him.

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