Nikki Ormerod is in my House

by Westside on July 21, 2011

Yes, this is my laundry room and that’s Nikki Ormerod’s shot on the package of Bounce:

Despite the wacky and wild or moody and desaturated imagery retained by some clients, shiny happy people have always a mainstay of commercial advertising. Nikki does it with punchy branded colour in these shots for Bounce (with Leo Burnett: Paul Giannetta, CD and Leila Courey, AB). Here are a couple of the original shots:

Nikki Ormerod

Nikki Ormerod© Nikki Ormerod

Speaking of colour, I actually love this orange/aqua combination and it put me in mind of this shot (the orange below, admittedly has a bit more red in it), pulled from my (true story) decorating inspiration file on my desktop:

This was not shot by Nikki but look for a post in the next week or two about shooting celebrities- featuring Tyler Gray’s recent shoot with Carrie Fisher!

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