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by Westside on July 5, 2011

Here’s a brand-spanking new feature we’re launching on the blog. It’s called 5+ (if you were a regular reader of my blog this may all seem familiar) and it involves asking Creative Professionals like yourselves for your inspirations- what gets your creative juices going, inspires you and keeps you motivated?

First up is the inimitable Dave Tupper, Associate Creative Director at Y&R in Toronto. Here’s his portrait, taken by the equally inimitable Tom Feiler. Tups is in the middle:

Tom Feiler Dave Tupper 5+Dave © Tom Feiler

According to Dave, this is how it all went down:

Heather Morton : “Tuppie-Tupp, what are 5 things that inspire you?.”

Dave Tupper : “Hmmm, 5 things? Well, here ya go, in no particular order.”

- – - – - –


Dave Tupper 5+

With just the right mix of art, design, architecture and the porns, ffffound has to be the best collective blog out there (ya ya haters, I’m sure there’s other great blogs just like this one, but I bet they are inspired by ffffound).


Dave Tupper 5+

Ya that’s right, my aunt is on my “inspiration list” (insert “awwwww” here). After studying art and design she quickly spring boarded into the heart of the fashion biz. She travels the world from runway to runway discovering trends and movements setting the tone for high-end mens fashions in Canada. Not bad for a little rock and roller from the west coast.


Dave Tupper 5+

There is nothing better then listening to new Radiohead track for the first time and trying to guess the next stage or sequence of the song. From drums to vocals, every piece of instrumentation is thought out and beautifully brought to life. But it isn’t just their music that moves my crotch muscles. From Thom’s artwork to every video they produce, they are so strategic in understanding the meaning of fresh. ( *** Note : Glazers video for Rabbit in the headlights is still tops for me).


Dave Tupper 5+

Vacation is key. It clears the shit and makes room for the good.


Dave Tupper 5+

I would be lying if I said all students inspire me. Because there is a large group of them that I want to line up against a wall, take a running start, and smash the palm of my hand against each one of there faces while I yell “THE AD WORLD DOESN’T OWE YOU ANYTHING!!!” However, there are a select few that make me fear for my job, and it’s these kids, that type of talent, that type of new thinking that pushes me, excites me and forces me to stay on my game.

They say you are only as good as your last big win. It’s fucking true.

(*** Note : In my article photo, the random lady to the right has 3 pieces of corn for teeth, just sayin’)

- – - – - –

Heather Morton : “Thanks Tupps. You’re the best, and I love you.”

Yep, that’s pretty much how it went down. Thanks Tupps.

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