by Westside on April 22, 2011

From photographer Tom Feiler:

I Shot David Houghton’s Rabbit

“Will you shoot a rabbit?” she asked.
“Depends on what it did.” I said coyly.
“Pardon?” the Art Director finally replied.
I was stymied by my skillful repartee.

The wall clock ticked. Silence ensued. And suddenly, I committed to shooting David Houghton’s rabbit, Rockwood.

I had shot lots of animals before and I knew I could evoke the emotional range we were looking for. And to his credit, Rockwood did his part and played the role of a bunny.

The shoot went well.
The team was happy.
And Rockwood pooped.

Maybe he was nervous from all the people. My guess is his ego got the better of him and he didn’t care what he did or where he did it. Nevertheless, this wouldn’t be the last time we’d work together. I cast Rockwood in his very first role in a live action commercial for the Ministry of Transportation.

Yet today, Rockwood and I don’t talk much anymore. Seems like he’s moved on to greener pastures. That’s just the way rabbits are I guess.

Images © Tom Feiler

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