by Tom Nesbitt on January 10, 2014

Hey All,
When we started up this whole TGIW section of the Blog way back when, it was just a way of getting over the monotony of a week’s worth of days. Wednesday has traditionally been singled out as the day to begin the slide towards the weekend. Generally we’d take a little time away from talking about the work so much, and shine the light outward on the world at large. Well this weeks post takes that all that interesting content you come to love and pushes it two steps to the right. Now when you check in on TGIW you’ll think OMG its only Wednesday?, but snap its already Friday!!! no need to slave over Thursday.

Just tying to keep you on your toes. Enjoy and TGIW!

Winter happens – there isn’t anything you can do about it. I find the best way to get through it is to embrace it. So…….
You might as well just get out there and enjoy it as best you can. Look, you can always come back inside and have a drink – right? – unless of course you are ice fishing and then, well, you got nothing to complain about.
Here are just a smattering of the Westside Crews Instagram pics proving we aren’t scared of the cold!!

BTW – It you are at all interested, we like to play shinny at Campbell Park on Wednesday nights

Tom Nesbitt© Tom Nesbitt

Phaedra Kennedy© Phaedra Kennedy      © Phaedra Kennedy

© Phaedra Kennedy

Nikki Ormerod© Nikki Ormerod

Tyler Gray© Tyler Gray

© Tyler Gray

Chris Gordaneer© Chris Gordaneer

Kirsten White© Kirsten White Derek Shapton© Derek Shapton

Caitlin Robinson© Caitlin Robinson

Matt Barnes© Matt Barnes

Derek ShaptonTGIW-Winter-Derek

John Stevancec© John Stevancec

Andrew B. Myers© Andrew B Myers

Phaedra Kennedy© Phaedra Kennedy

Tom Nesbitt© Tom Nesbitt

Shanghoon© Shanghoon
All Images © Respective Instagramers

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