by Westside on December 13, 2012

I was walking down St Clair Ave. West last weekend on my way to get some tasty brunch, when I noticed a couple enjoying the Saturday by doing some window shopping with their small child in tow. As I waited to cross the street, the wee one managed to get loose from her fathers hand, and began an investigation into a nearby sidewalk tree. It was then that time began to slow down as I watched the puff of pink snowsuit enjoy her own tasty meal. A handful of pebbles.

Before her mother could scream and save the day, a pre-coffee lightbulb went off in my head: this would be the perfect intro for George‘s work with Brandhealth! George will share a word on the campaign, but first, some pictures! Enjoy.

Brandhealth’s idea for the UR Immunization campaign was so much fun to work with. Creating situations where a child may pick up an infection in everyday life gave us endless possibilites for potentially germ riddled situations. Together as a team, Rick Kemp, Randelle Poque, and I were able to really explore each idea and try different ways to bring out the best from each scenario.

My advice when it comes to working with youngsters? Remember that children are great to work with, impossible to work against – be prepared for whatever, that is the way to succeed when photographing children.

Photographer: George Simhoni
Client: UR Immunization
Agency: Brandhealth
Creative Director: Rick Kemp
Designer: Randelle Pogue
Assistants: Gabe Nivera & Colin Rycroft

I am really proud of our results and want to give a big thank you to Rick and Randelle for making me a part of this campaign. Also, a special thanks to the young girl who let me make mud pies with her. Here’s some behind the scenes shots from my assistant Gabe so you can see what kind of fun we got up to on set. ~GS

Images © George Simhoni
BTS Images © Gabe Nivera

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