by Westside on December 11, 2012

Featuring what could be the sexiest headlights on the market, the 2014 Acura RLX has been the talk of car-town ever since its unveiling at this years Los Angeles Auto Show. As tends to be the case when a manufacturer launches a new model, enthusiasts aplenty have attempted to get a closer look at the luxury sedan, and today Chris Gordaneer gives them just what they’re looking for. A bit of eye candy before we throw it over to Chris for some details.

When I got a call from Bob at Grip Limited regarding a very hush-hush shoot for Acura, I started getting that tingly feeling of excitement that comes along with a great project – and by the end of our conversation it was a full on buzz. Having the opportunity to create the lookbook for Acura’s new flagship sedan, with the added bonus of some very cool location shooting, what more could I ask for?

We shot exteriors over two days at our highly classified location before making our way back to Westside for the detailed interior shots. There’s always a bit more tension on set when you’re dealing with a top secret project, but despite keeping our #setlife instagrams to a zero, we all had a lot of fun bringing Acura’s vision to life. Huge thanks to my crew and everyone at Grip Limited for their hard work.

Photographer: Chris Gordaneer
Client: Acura Canada
Agency: Grip Limited
Creative Director: Bob Goulart
Art Director: Nancy Ng
Designer: Jill Brown
Print Producer: Liz Crofton
Producers: Tom Nesbitt & Kirsten White
Assistants: Aric Guité, George Moreira, Dusty Parr, Adnan Saciragic, Drew Grav-Graham, & Jason Gordan

Due to the under wraps nature of the production, there’s not much by way of behind the scenes to showoff Chris at work behind the camera; however, in addition to his photographic skills, Chris is also quite the grill-master and much to the enjoyment of the carnivores, also acted as caterer for their time on set. Here’s a peek at his meat.

For more from Chris’ time with the RLX go check out the Acura Canada website, where you’ll find a number of images not shown here and learn about some of the amazing technologies found in Acura’s new beast.
All Images © Chris Gordaneer

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