by Westside on December 7, 2012

Much like a good wine and some cheese, the pairing of Shanghoon and TBWA\Toronto is something that never fails to please an eye looking for fine photography. Shortly after making food fly with Art Directors Dan Bache & Susie Lee, Team Shanghoon spent a weekend with a trio of TBWA‘ers and a few redesigned vehicles from Japanese automaker, Nissan.

We’ll kick it off with some shots before handing things off to ‘The Hoon’.

I love shooting cars!

It was a real pleasure to work with TBWA on creating these ads for the new Nissan Sentra and Pathfinder, both being great looking cars. It was a lot of work to do 10 exterior shots, but my crew worked very hard over the weekend shoot and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Everyone was making jokes and laughing. Noel made some mean coffee on set using his very own Tim Horton’s coffee maker. Good times.

Big thanks to Jason, Guiherme, and Rodger for having me working on this great job – and to Jeff and Christine from TBWA and Phaedra from Westside for a smooth production and client management.

Photographer: Shanghoon
Client: Nissan
Agency: TBWA\Toronto
Art Directors: Jason Lee, Guilherme Bermejo, & Rodger Eyre
Account Managers: Jeff Thomas & Christine Rowe
Producer: Phaedra Kennedy
Assistants: Colin Rycroft, Marvin Kwan, Abe Roberto, & Noel Araquel

I put together this short time-lapse video to show you how things looked on set durring our 4 days of shooting for Nissan!

The ads have been out for a bit now, and can be seen around the city as well as on the web, but nowhere are they more prominently on show than at Yonge-Dundas Square here in Toronto. Here’s a look for those of you living outside the 416.

A grandoise thanks to Shanghoon for sharing and a tip of the hat to the folks down at TBWA\Toronto on another job well done. Happy Friday folks – enjoy the weekend!

Images & Video © Shanghoon
ITC Images by MLB

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