by Westside on December 3, 2012

The week’s kickin’ off with some new work from Tyler Gray and The Hive. Tyler fancies himself somewhat of a writer these days and so we’ve handed off the pen and paper to the teen literary sensation. Take it away Mr. Gray.

I’ve been shooting the OLG Sports Guts with the dudes at The Hive for a few years now and have been dying to shoot these on location since day one. The OLG green background worked really well as part of their recognizable brand but this year we took it to a whole new level.

When Brad first mentioned the thought of shooting in a convenience store with the idea of following “iconic” sporting moments like Tiger Williams riding his hockey stick and the ever recognizable Heisman stiff arm – I just about did a back flip.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for the third and final ad in the series this coming spring.

Photographer: Tyler Gray
Client: OLG
Agency: The Hive
Associate Creative Director(s): Klint Davies & Brad Van Schaik
Producer: John Stevancec
Stylist: Shea Hurley
Hair & Make-Up: Taylor Savage
Assistants: Marvin Kwan, Gary Ogle, Colin Rycroft & Adnan Saciragic

Now time for a look at the day on set, where fun was had and a little skin was shown.

A little back story to that last one for you… Klint – being the hockey hero that he is – had sacrificed his body for his team the previous evening by taking a puck to the rump, leaving a battle scar he wasn’t afraid to show off. Ensuring his place as the manliest of men.

Big thanks to Tyler for sharing and a round of Great Job!’s to the boys from The Hive.
And with that we leave you to your marvelous Monday.
Images © Tyler Gray
BTS Images © John Stevancec

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