by Westside on November 16, 2012

Vicky Lam has been waiting so patiently to talk about this awesome project – she’s taking the reigns today, so I expect everyone to be on their best behavior for her. Take it away lady.

Here’s a look at my favourite shoot of the year! Scotts’ has had some great ideas for ads and I’ve been really happy to be part of it. I love shooting still life, especially when they involve model builds and miniature props. I also love the idea of walking into an empty studio and turning it into a whimsical set then leaving at the end of the day with something amazing. I got to have all this and more with Scotts’ magic Shed of Wonder.

We were asked by creative team Marissa Mastenbroek and David Houghton, to create a miniature shed and garden that would transform over all four seasons. We enlisted the help of master model maker Franc Madden to bring this scene to life. Shooting over two days and using unconventional items to transform the set into spring, summer, fall, and winter – for grass (think bathroom rug) and snow (think salt!).

This has got to be my favourite shoot so far – it was really neat to see the different transitions of the set from season to season. I love working with miniatures too, as it is very reminiscent of childhood shows and story books I’ve seen. I’ve been itching to release images from this shoot, but have been waiting for all seasons to pass. For now, here are the first three, and we’ll have to wait till winter comes to see number four.

Photographer: Vicky Lam
Client: Scotts Miracle-Gro Canada
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Art Director: Marissa Mastenbroek
Copywriter: David Houghton
Model Maker: Franc Madden
Assistants: Alex Lukey & Lindsay Lauckner

Many thanks to Scotts for having me on board for such a great creative and to the team for bringing it all together! Now here’s a look at Franc and all of us working hard playing Mother Nature. ;D ~ VL

Along with the stills, Vicky was tasked with putting together some .GIF images for the Scotts Shed of Wonders Facebook app, but we’ll hang on to those until Winter rears it’s icy heart a little later in the year. Enjoy the weekend!

Images © Vicky Lam

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