by Westside on November 21, 2012

Sometime last week I noticed a change on Google’s image search engine bar – an Android-ish camera icon now sat next to the search button. I clicked it. This happened.

And there it was. The ability to reverse search any one of the millions of uncredited photographs out there in the vast belly of The Internet. I’ll leave the instructions on how to use this lovely new feature to its creators* and just give 2 cents on why this is such wicked awesome news for photo people.

For the Photographer who wants to know where their images have ended up due to the “i LuV tHiS!” nature of social media sites like Pinterest and Tumblr, there is now an easily accessed database to reference at his or her leisure. Take for example, this portrait of me shot by Thomas Dagg. Wildly spred amongst the Tumblr community, Thomas can now track down where his image is appearing (possibly not represented as his own).

For sake of showcasing the ability to show an images reach, I scrolled down for the above screenshot. What appears in the first results of the search are links to both Thomas’ blog, and the actual post where the image was originally shared. So now when someone comes across an image they like, whether they be an Art Director or just a fan of photo, a quick hop over to Google can** provide ready access to the images’ creator. Which is pretty damn cool and just another reason why photo-makers everywhere should TGIW!

*TinEye has been successfully providing this service for quite some time – it’s possible they feel cheated by this feature launch.
**It’s still not perfect, unlike you.

End of Day Update! As it turns out this is actually really old news, and because I rarely go to the proper Google Images site, I was ignorant to think the camera was new… still cool though.

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