by Westside on October 24, 2012

It’s no secret that the boys over at Castor Design manufacture some amazing furnishings. Nor is it a secret that said boys are good buds with Mr. Derek Shapton, and given the opportunity to collaborate on a project, both sides dive in head first.

For their latest endeavor, Castor was commissioned to create a custom lighting installation for the Bell Blue Room at Toronto’s TIFF Lightbox. They came up with the idea of growing copper sulphate crystals on a set of chandeliers, at which point they approached Derek to collaborate on a short film to accompany the installation. More details from Derek himself after the 1080p optimized film (so if you got the speed, full screen that sucker in glorious HD).

Working with the Advanced Optical Microscopy Facility at the University Health Network, I shot a time-lapse of copper sulphate crystals growing in solution with an Olympus BX51 microscope using polarized light illumination and Olympus uPlan FL 4x and 10x objectives. Post production was handled by Mark and Mike from Spot Cinema, with sound design by D. Burke Mahoney.

The installation and film will have their public début this Thursday night in the Blue Room, where it will be running for a year on a big monitor behind the bar. ~ DS

If you’re interested in taking a more detailed look at one of the stills from Derek’s video, give the following still a click, then scroll on down to get a closer peek at Castor Design‘s copper sulphate crystal covered chandeliers.

Video & Still © Derek Shapton
Images © Castor Design

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