by Westside on November 22, 2012

What follows is an excerpt from Tyler Gray’s upcoming novel, Shades of Gray. An in depth autobiography that recounts Tyler’s later years of adolescence, leading into his days of parenthood. Erotic, amusing, and brutally honest, readers will be given a unprecedented look at the unique life of the talented Mr. Gray.

A mear eight-teen years at the time, I found myself travelling the backroads of this great nation, alone and carefree. Those long stretches of abandoned asphalt come in handy when you’re doing 160km in a ‘borrowed’ Mustang. And said ‘borrowed’ Mustang comes in handy when you’re making a stop for gas at Billy Hill’s Gas Depot and notice Billy’s cute daughter sittin’ all by her lonesome.

We exchanged smiles while I filled up Blue Lightning (my name for the beast), which I guess Billy noticed from his perch behind the cash because by the time I had made my way inside to pay, the old man’s .22 Long Range had started gettin’ a fresh polish. Taking the hint, we did our business quickly and I made way back to Blue doing my best to avoid Elly May on the way. But didn’t I know she’d be trouble.

“Name’s Bessie,” she shouted with just the right amount of twang. An’ before I got a chance to say otherwise she was up front ridin’ shotgun and we were off with nothing but the warm summers’ night ahead of us….

For the cover of his latest literary work Tyler set out to recreate that fateful night with Bessie, and because he’s that kind of guy he sent along his image complete with dust jacket sleeve, featuring a portrait of the eloquent author at home.

All Images © Tyler Gray

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