by Westside on September 24, 2012

I remember the first time I played ExciteBike for NES I wanted to be a badass dirt-biker and go off sweet jumps. It didn’t pan out. Many years later XBOX 360 launched the arcade game called TRIALS, it was/is hard as hell and made me want to go on the internet and watch people go off sweet jumps. It was awesome. I’m recalling this because of what arrived in my inbox over the weekend from Chris Gordaneer, don’t worry, I’m taking you somewhere.

If you don’t know, motorcycle trials is an insane form of motocross that is about overcoming scored obstacles rather than speed. Prominent elements of trials racing are: the bikes have no seat and the riders have no fear – watch this if you need proof of their pouch size. It seems Chris knows some trial riders, and on a recent trip to the cottage he spent the day with the boys out on the trails putting together todays gas powered creative.

All Images © Chris Gordaneer

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