TGIW | So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night

by Westside on September 19, 2012

Dear friends, family and lovely readers,

This is my last but not least TGIW. But don’t fear, T-Dub will prevail.

I am leaving my Westside nest and jumping on a new train, into a new light, head first.

My time here at Westside Studio has defined my adult life and I am not leaving empty handed. I met my wonderful husband here, have made many friendships that I’m sure will be lifers, and have so many wonderful memories, it actually makes my heart ache.

So to you Westside Studio, thank you for being my home away from home from day one. Thank you for letting me grow with you. Thank you for letting me graffiti your beautiful white walls and throw epic parties, but most of all, thank you for being you.

And to the rest of y’all, keep on keeping on.


- Special Agent

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