by Westside on May 31, 2012

From the desk of Tyler Gray,

I think he said his name was Luke, but I can’t be sure at this point; regardless, he had arrived in county earlier that day. Passed by him on my way into town, no thumb, just eye’s on the gravel and headed strait for West End. Caught him breaking town limits on my way back home, figured the hell with it and stopped to see if I could offer him a ride anywhere. He obliged and hopped up in shotgun.

Said he was headed nowhere in particular, adding, “got all I need right here in this bag n’ this bottle”.
Had me pull over not far into town. “Gooda restin’ spot as any,” he declared. At that point I gave up my plans and spent the remainder of the day taking in the life lessons of ‘Luke’, those kind of experiences you only find in a Waylon Jennings tune.

As the day began loosing light I asked ‘Luke’ if I could take his picture; fortunately he again obliged my request, but was adamant that he be an element to the surroundings rather than the focus.
“Just as I am in life.”

Image © Tyler Gray

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