by Westside on May 16, 2012

The .GIF file. Brought into this world back in ’87 by CompuServe, the Graphics Interchange Format has been bringing joy to internet users since Netscape Navigator upgraded to v2.0. Whether it was displaying a companies logo or letting you know that a site was under construction, thanks to Netscape the GIF became an everyday part of the internet. Then came Geocities.

Although the dancing baby was probably the appropriate time for the GIF to really take off as a new medium for artists to play with, it wasn’t until the revamped/rebranded ‘cinemagraph‘ came along that people started to really take notice and wonder on the ways they could play within the 256 colour scheme.

One of these interested artists is Ryan Enn Hughes,

I’m really excited about exploring GIFs as a medium, as I see them sitting right in the middle between Motion Pictures and Still Photography. I really took notice of GIFs when I saw the work of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. My skill set and history with stop motion work has allowed me to explore GIFs seamlessly. I feel the whole format is very ‘wild west’ right now – its great to see innovation coming from new and exciting directions.

Ryan recently launched a new creative series titled Sparkler$ which marks his first venture into the realm of GIFs and according to the Huffington Post, our guy Ry’, “has created a mesmerizing series that could force many to rethink the possibilities of animated GIFs.” Lets take a look at a few images from the series.

One of the awesome things about Ryan is he’s very much into sharing the ‘how-to’ behind his projects, and like 360 Project and Les Mills before it, Sparkler$ gets the BTS Video treatment.

There’s a few more images to the Sparkler$ series which can be seen over in the GIFs section of so click on over to see more. For those of you who have Tumblr pages, Ryan has made his gifs availible for sharing on His Tumblr Page so reblog, reblog, reblog!

TGIW kids.
Images/Video © Ryan Enn Hughes

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