PHOTOGASM | Matt Barnes. 3 Ways.

by Westside on March 23, 2012

Put on your good socks kids because it’s Friday and we got a whole lotta Matt Barnes for you to drool over.

Kicking off our three way of Barnes are a few of Matt’s promo stills for the National Arts Centre’s 2013 production of Big Mama! The Willie Mae Thornton Story. Taking the reigns on the role of Big Mama Thornton is Canadian gospel legend and Toronto resident Jackie Richardson, who’s voice apparently blew some minds over the course of the shoot. Let’s take a look.

Second to the party is another Barnes, Troy Barnes that is, A.K.A Childish Gambino, A.K.A Donald Glover. Despite his Sound Academy show being postponed until later in the summer, Mr. Glover passed through Toronto under his Childish Gambino moniker to shake some hands, kiss some babies, and let Matt follow him around the Metropolitan Hotel.

Closing out our three way is some work that took Matt and Co. down to California in order to shoot for V*LUP Magazine, a skin journal specializing in the curviest of femme fatales; and while V*LUP may not have gotten off the ground, these images from Matt are sure to… never-mind, just look.

If yer lookin’ for a bit of Motion from Mr. Barnes be sure to click through to the VLUP post, there’s a tantalizing look at the gangs trip down south.

Now ya better hit that blog ya hear!

All Images © Matt Barnes

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