by Westside on March 9, 2012

Back in January we shared some sweet work from Nikki Ormerod and now her Nike saga continues. Our previous post can provide you with the low down on the who’s, why’s, and when’s – as well as a hefty load of behind the scenes stuff. Today we simply provide an update on how the campaign has progressed.

Here’s a look at a new shot from Nikki featuring Luke Schenn.

Nikki worked with the good folks at Breadwinner Creative Agency on the shoot, and while she handled the photography like the pro she is, they had a different task at hand. Here’s an excerpt from their post about the shoot,

BCA was called in to create the identity of the campaign. This included designing the logo and wordmark, developing the campaign’s manifesto, designing the graphic treatment of the truck, developing all campaign signage and creating four custom hockey card packs – from photoshoot to press floor – that were handed out from the truck. We also designed branding for apparel and produced a short video interview featuring Alex Ovechkin, Dion Phaneuf and Luke Schenn that was displayed on the truck’s built in flat-screen.

Here’s the video which was shot by the Breadwinner gang once Nikki had finished up with the boys,

Go check out the Breadwinner Blog for more info and pictures of their Nike truck.

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