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by Westside on February 29, 2012

Hey readers, Shelley’s a tad busy today so I thought I would take some work off her plate and take care of todays TGIW. Let’s get going because I’ve got what I hope is an interesting read for ya’s.

This week marks the launch of the new Cindy Sherman exhibit at MoMA, and in keeping with all things Sherman, fine art auction house Sotheby’s has an 8x10in print from the conceptual artist playing the lead in their upcoming Contemporary Art auction. What really caught my eye about the sale was when I saw the the press release‘s house estimates. I took a screen cap of the cover and increased the figures for dramatic effect, here’s a look.

Estimated selling price at $150/200K, but wait, NYC’s Levin Art Group director Todd Levin thinks the image is likely to see the $600/800K range with buyers premium! These higher figures aren’t a huge surprise considering Sherman’s work accumulated a whopping $13.7M at auction last year alone, but when you consider the print size, this one’s a bit of a game changer.

Last years $4.3M print from Andreas Gursky was a beast at 11.6 feet wide, and even Sherman’s own Untitled #96, which sold at Christies earlier in the year for $3.9M, was a “life-sized” 4 feet wide. Even if the bids on this dwarf print don’t explode past Levin’s estimates in a 1%’ers cock fight, at it’s size this image could end up one of the most expensive photographs sold.

This brings us to my question (finally I know). Is fine art photography now playing in the minor league’s, working it’s way up to the majors where painting has been for so many years? Perhaps it’s just that the auction house writers are putting in longer hours on their catalogue notes. Either way it’ll be interesting to see where the hammer falls on lot 78.

**Update – If you click the link on ‘lot 78′ you can see the final sale notes.**
Untitled Images © Cindy Sherman | Rhein II © Andreas Gursky

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