by Westside on January 27, 2012

Working in a studio such as Westside it comes as no surprise that there’s a lot of cool and interesting stuff going on around here any given day of the week, but sometimes really cool stuff happens right under your nose.

Like the day I arrived at work back in November, thinking it to be just another Friday, only to discover that the ‘hush hush’ shoot Nikki Ormerod had scheduled was going to feature some big name hockey players for an even bigger name client. All I could think throughout the morning was: who’s it going to be? With the back half of the studio aflutter with people moving between studio F, E, and makeup/wardrobe, I seised the brief moment I was offered and asked Nikki who would be coming in for the shoot. Then she dropped the bomb.

I shot Alex Ovechkin, Luke Schenn, and Dion Phaneuf, for Nike! How cool is that?!? The idea behind the shots was that we were catching these players just before they’re going to play some shinny. These guys were super cool and totally intimidating. Thanks to Nike and Breadwinner! I had such a great time!

Client: Nike
Agency: Breadwinner
Photographer: Nikki Ormerod
Creative Director: Ben Motz
Art Director: Nick Chen-Yin
Assistants: Thomas Dagg, Jon Brown, Jason Mortlock, & Dex Anderson

Never shy of revealing the hows of her shoots, Nikki was nice enough to hook you up with a time-lapse of studio F as all the action took place.

Unfortunately for the non-Leafs fan inside me Mr. Ovechkin was unable to shoot in the studio that day, but understanding that pictures would be enough to please me, assistant Thomas Dagg snapped these shots from their time with Alexander the Great.

For more behind the scenes pics from when the boys from the Leafs were in the house, head over to the Breadwinner Blog.

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