Tom Feiler – Editorial Portfolio

by Westside on August 26, 2009

From Tom Feiler’s new editorial portfolio:

“This is my father after triple bypass heart surgery. He recovered and now this picture is in the lobby at Westside. It is 4 feet x 4 feet and he would hate it!”

“This is the Donnie Wahlberg. He was in town filming SAW. We originally had 15 minutes with him but that turned into 2 hours! He was a little guarded at first but eventually became very adventurous. It was my idea to shoot in the sauna but it was his idea to smoke! This was shot for Men’s Health Magazine!”

“This photo was taken for Saturday Night Magazine. I was sent to the Canadian Forces base in Edmonton to capture the first round of soldiers being dispatched to Afghanistan. These women were having a smoke outside. They wanted to get away from the official event that was going on inside. The image still makes me sad. One of the soldiers I photographed was killed months later”.
© Tom Feiler

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