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by Westside on January 19, 2012

Nestled nicely between his trips to South Africa and Nicaragua, Chris Gordaneer found himself headed to the good ol’ U S of A to do his thing for Union Pacific, or U.P. as they like to be called. So grab your satchel, find your inner hobo, and hop on board as we follow Chris’s journey. Choo Choo!

Mountain Lake, MN

Logistically the trip would prove to be a difficult one, as unlike most vehicle shoots, Chris’s talent had places to be and was always on the move. Here’s the man himself to fill us in.

These were working trains on revenue tracks, (i.e. the track is used by multiple railroads to move freight), so we had to be pretty quick with the shots. We’d have no more than 45 minutes – and sometimes as little as 15 – with the train set before it had to move on to it’s destination or clear the track for incoming traffic. Fortunately we had plenty of time for prep, as we always waiting for the steel beasts to come our way. This free time also provided opportunities for shooting motion work that ya’ll will have to stay tuned for!

Carpinteria, CA

Edison, CA

I asked Aric, Chris’s assistant if there were any notable moments from the boys trip cross the mid-west.

The whole trip was fun, but without question my highlight happened in Texas where the engineer let me sit in his seat and blow the horn. Childhood dream come true. I called my dad that night, he was jealous.

Fort Worth, TX
Images © Chris Gordaneer

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