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by Westside on December 24, 2012

A heavyset man with an admirable beard and a lust for milk and cookies is set to slither down the chimney of many a home this evening. While his methods might be considered unsound, his intentions are the sort that can bring warmth to the coldest of hearts.

It is with these intentions in mind that everyone here at Westside wish you the merriest of Christmas’, the happiest of belated Chanukah’s, and the greatest of “whatever you may celebrate during this holiday season”.

See you in 2013 kids. Thanks for another awesome year.

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    by Westside on December 21, 2012

    It’s the last day before the holiday break here at Westside, and while the Blog may still have a post in the stocking, the great studio hall is calm like a quiet winters night. Sounds like the perfect setting for a tale of murderous revenge, brought to you by Miss Vicky Lam and her Christmas client, FANGORIA.

    Fangoria Holiday Horror © Vicky Lam

    What a great way to end the year and start the holidays!  You can’t go wrong with gingerbread men… murders! This creative was brought to life from masterminds, Mooren Bofill and Nick Asik from Zulu Alpha Kilo.  I was sooooooo excited when I got the brief and just thought we had to make this happen. Although it may seem that I only like “cutesy” ideas or things, I definitely enjoy dark humour too, and this was the perfect combination of both.

    Fangoria Holiday Horror © Vicky Lam

    Fangoria Holiday Horror © Vicky Lam

    To meet our tight deadline, we enlisted the help of model maker/magician Jamie Oxenham. He crafted some sturdy and sadistic gingerbread men and off we went! The evil little characters made it hard not to laugh and it was definitely a fun shoot to end off the year. Thanks so much to Mo and Nick for dreaming up such a twisted creative for Fangoria fans! And a Special thanks to the great team for making this happen! 

    Fangoria Holiday Horror © Vicky LamPhotographer: Vicky Lam
    Client: FANGORIA
    Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
    Art Director: Mooren Bofill
    Copywriter: Nick Asik
    Model maker: Jamie Oxenham
    Assistant: Alex Beetham

    You may be able to spot some in downtown Toronto or in NYC (near Fangoria headquarters), but in case you miss them here’s a look at some from here in Toronto.

    Happy holidays!  muahahahhahahah… ~ VL

    Fangoria Posters Gingerbread Murders Toronto Vicky Lam

    Because this is one of the last posts of the year there’ll be no holding back, we’re giving ya everything AND the kitchen sink! So sit back and enjoy some BTS images from assistant Alex Beetham, and then we’ll take a look at the layouts that brought Vicky so much holiday cheer.

    Vicky Lam Fangoria Gingerbread Murders

    Vicky Lam Fangoria Gingerbread Murders

    Vicky Lam Fangoria Gingerbread Murders

    Vicky Lam Fangoria Gingerbread Murders

    Vicky Lam Fangoria Gingerbread Murders

    Vicky Lam Fangoria Gingerbread Murders



    Big thanks to Vicky for sharing such an awesome project, and a round of cheers for Mo and Nick from Zulu on a job very well done!



      by Westside on December 19, 2012

      As we approach the end of the working year and enter the joyous time of holiday vacation we would like to use this final TGIW of 2012 to remind you all to have a happy and safe time away from the workplace. For instance, should you find yourself dealing with electrical wiring outdoors in the cold and wet snow – use caution – you could get electrocuted, as implied by this latest image from Jean Malek for Hydro-Québec.

      © Jean MalekPhotographer: Jean Malek
      Client: Hydro-Québec
      Agency: LG2
      Producer: Jerome Couture
      Retouching: Visual Box
      Assistants: Seb Roussel & Will Cole
      Image © Jean Malek



        by Westside on December 18, 2012

        As my mother always says about December, Tis the season for giving. Something tells me she may have passed this message along to Shanghoon because today he’s taking over the blog to tell you all about some new work for one of the worlds largest and best known charities.

        I was very excited when Yusong from Grey Canada asked me if I was interested in helping out with his Salvation Army campaign. It’s a very cool concept and for a really great cause so when Yusong asked me if I could light it “Shanghoon style”, I knew it couldn’t have been a better project to work on.

        We explored a variety of ways to execute the idea of words being pulled apart, and eventually decided that having (prop builder extraordinaire) Franc Madden manufacture the letters would be our best way of achieving Yusong’s look. I snapped this picture of them working hard – Franc looks deep in thought.

        Yusong & Frank Pondering © Shanghoon

        We really wanted to use an unaltered Salvation Army Kettle for the shots, so we had Franc make the required letters to the scale needed in order to attach a real one. Here’s a look at the final letters before our big shoot day.

        Franc's Letters © Shanghoon

        After much planning and preparation, we spent a solid day on set, and now here we are! I’m very proud to present this campaign for Salvation Army and hope that you enjoy the final images as much as I did making them!

        ShanghoonShanghoonShanghoonPhotographer: Shanghoon
        Client: Salvation Army
        Agency: GREY Canada
        Art Director: Yusong Zhang
        Prop Builder: Franc Madden
        Assistants: Colin Rycroft & Heather Gilmour

        All Images © Shanghoon



          by Westside on December 13, 2012

          I was walking down St Clair Ave. West last weekend on my way to get some tasty brunch, when I noticed a couple enjoying the Saturday by doing some window shopping with their small child in tow. As I waited to cross the street, the wee one managed to get loose from her fathers hand, and began an investigation into a nearby sidewalk tree. It was then that time began to slow down as I watched the puff of pink snowsuit enjoy her own tasty meal. A handful of pebbles.

          Before her mother could scream and save the day, a pre-coffee lightbulb went off in my head: this would be the perfect intro for George‘s work with Brandhealth! George will share a word on the campaign, but first, some pictures! Enjoy.

          Brandhealth’s idea for the UR Immunization campaign was so much fun to work with. Creating situations where a child may pick up an infection in everyday life gave us endless possibilites for potentially germ riddled situations. Together as a team, Rick Kemp, Randelle Poque, and I were able to really explore each idea and try different ways to bring out the best from each scenario.

          My advice when it comes to working with youngsters? Remember that children are great to work with, impossible to work against – be prepared for whatever, that is the way to succeed when photographing children.

          Photographer: George Simhoni
          Client: UR Immunization
          Agency: Brandhealth
          Creative Director: Rick Kemp
          Designer: Randelle Pogue
          Assistants: Gabe Nivera & Colin Rycroft

          I am really proud of our results and want to give a big thank you to Rick and Randelle for making me a part of this campaign. Also, a special thanks to the young girl who let me make mud pies with her. Here’s some behind the scenes shots from my assistant Gabe so you can see what kind of fun we got up to on set. ~GS

          Images © George Simhoni
          BTS Images © Gabe Nivera



            by Westside on December 11, 2012

            Featuring what could be the sexiest headlights on the market, the 2014 Acura RLX has been the talk of car-town ever since its unveiling at this years Los Angeles Auto Show. As tends to be the case when a manufacturer launches a new model, enthusiasts aplenty have attempted to get a closer look at the luxury sedan, and today Chris Gordaneer gives them just what they’re looking for. A bit of eye candy before we throw it over to Chris for some details.

            When I got a call from Bob at Grip Limited regarding a very hush-hush shoot for Acura, I started getting that tingly feeling of excitement that comes along with a great project – and by the end of our conversation it was a full on buzz. Having the opportunity to create the lookbook for Acura’s new flagship sedan, with the added bonus of some very cool location shooting, what more could I ask for?

            We shot exteriors over two days at our highly classified location before making our way back to Westside for the detailed interior shots. There’s always a bit more tension on set when you’re dealing with a top secret project, but despite keeping our #setlife instagrams to a zero, we all had a lot of fun bringing Acura’s vision to life. Huge thanks to my crew and everyone at Grip Limited for their hard work.

            Photographer: Chris Gordaneer
            Client: Acura Canada
            Agency: Grip Limited
            Creative Director: Bob Goulart
            Art Director: Nancy Ng
            Designer: Jill Brown
            Print Producer: Liz Crofton
            Producers: Tom Nesbitt & Kirsten White
            Assistants: Aric Guité, George Moreira, Dusty Parr, Adnan Saciragic, Drew Grav-Graham, & Jason Gordan

            Due to the under wraps nature of the production, there’s not much by way of behind the scenes to showoff Chris at work behind the camera; however, in addition to his photographic skills, Chris is also quite the grill-master and much to the enjoyment of the carnivores, also acted as caterer for their time on set. Here’s a peek at his meat.

            For more from Chris’ time with the RLX go check out the Acura Canada website, where you’ll find a number of images not shown here and learn about some of the amazing technologies found in Acura’s new beast.
            All Images © Chris Gordaneer



              by Westside on December 7, 2012

              Much like a good wine and some cheese, the pairing of Shanghoon and TBWA\Toronto is something that never fails to please an eye looking for fine photography. Shortly after making food fly with Art Directors Dan Bache & Susie Lee, Team Shanghoon spent a weekend with a trio of TBWA‘ers and a few redesigned vehicles from Japanese automaker, Nissan.

              We’ll kick it off with some shots before handing things off to ‘The Hoon’.

              I love shooting cars!

              It was a real pleasure to work with TBWA on creating these ads for the new Nissan Sentra and Pathfinder, both being great looking cars. It was a lot of work to do 10 exterior shots, but my crew worked very hard over the weekend shoot and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Everyone was making jokes and laughing. Noel made some mean coffee on set using his very own Tim Horton’s coffee maker. Good times.

              Big thanks to Jason, Guiherme, and Rodger for having me working on this great job – and to Jeff and Christine from TBWA and Phaedra from Westside for a smooth production and client management.

              Photographer: Shanghoon
              Client: Nissan
              Agency: TBWA\Toronto
              Art Directors: Jason Lee, Guilherme Bermejo, & Rodger Eyre
              Account Managers: Jeff Thomas & Christine Rowe
              Producer: Phaedra Kennedy
              Assistants: Colin Rycroft, Marvin Kwan, Abe Roberto, & Noel Araquel

              I put together this short time-lapse video to show you how things looked on set durring our 4 days of shooting for Nissan!

              The ads have been out for a bit now, and can be seen around the city as well as on the web, but nowhere are they more prominently on show than at Yonge-Dundas Square here in Toronto. Here’s a look for those of you living outside the 416.

              A grandoise thanks to Shanghoon for sharing and a tip of the hat to the folks down at TBWA\Toronto on another job well done. Happy Friday folks – enjoy the weekend!

              Images & Video © Shanghoon
              ITC Images by MLB



                by Westside on December 4, 2012

                Sitting at my desk, sipping on a warm medium black, I remember the old days when you had to bring cash money to Tim Hortons or you couldn’t get a cup of that delicious, always fresh anytime nectar. Things changed ’round the turn of the millennia, started seein’ people payin’ with cards ‘steada change; pretty convenient to not have to be fumblin’ with coppers at the counter. Turns out there’s been another quick and painless method of payment come to Canada’s largest fast food service, and Shanghoon was brought in to make its grand introduction. We’ll pass the story off to him while we show off some of the work.

                Thanks to the great team at TBWA\Toronto I got to create some really cool images for Visa payWave, the new way to pay at Tim Hortons! It was a lot of fun getting to make the food “fly” for the shoot. With a local Tim’s baking us fresh Timbits, Bagels, and Doughnuts for the morning shoot (completed with coffee), the day on set was fully stocked with delicious snacks.

                A special thanks to Art Directors Dan Bache, who had such an awesome concept, and Susie Lee for the fun day on set (and for her supervision ;D). As well I’d like to thank Shannon from Visa, John from TBWA, and the entire crew for their hard work and helping make that sandwich look like it was perfectly tossed together.

                Photographer: Shanghoon
                Client: Visa Paywave
                Agency: TBWA\Toronto
                Art Directors: Dan Bache & Susie Lee
                Account Leader: John Hughson
                Prop Maker: Franc Madden
                Food Stylist: Chantal Payette
                Assistants: Colin Rycroft, Abe Roberto, & Heather Gilmore

                When it comes to making great photos, they say nothing looks as real as real, a concept fully understood in the creation of Shanghoon‘s images. Here’s a look at the pre-retouched set along with a few of the many billboards found around Toronto featuring the work.

                Congrats on a job well done to Shanghoon and the team at TBWA, and in case you’re wondering, I kept imagining I was Jud Crandall from Pet Cemetery while I was writing this post. Enjoy the day ya’ll.
                Images © Shanghoon
                ITC Images by MLB


                  IN PRINT | GRAY’S GOT GUTS

                  by Westside on December 3, 2012

                  The week’s kickin’ off with some new work from Tyler Gray and The Hive. Tyler fancies himself somewhat of a writer these days and so we’ve handed off the pen and paper to the teen literary sensation. Take it away Mr. Gray.

                  I’ve been shooting the OLG Sports Guts with the dudes at The Hive for a few years now and have been dying to shoot these on location since day one. The OLG green background worked really well as part of their recognizable brand but this year we took it to a whole new level.

                  When Brad first mentioned the thought of shooting in a convenience store with the idea of following “iconic” sporting moments like Tiger Williams riding his hockey stick and the ever recognizable Heisman stiff arm – I just about did a back flip.

                  Enjoy, and stay tuned for the third and final ad in the series this coming spring.

                  Photographer: Tyler Gray
                  Client: OLG
                  Agency: The Hive
                  Associate Creative Director(s): Klint Davies & Brad Van Schaik
                  Producer: John Stevancec
                  Stylist: Shea Hurley
                  Hair & Make-Up: Taylor Savage
                  Assistants: Marvin Kwan, Gary Ogle, Colin Rycroft & Adnan Saciragic

                  Now time for a look at the day on set, where fun was had and a little skin was shown.

                  A little back story to that last one for you… Klint – being the hockey hero that he is – had sacrificed his body for his team the previous evening by taking a puck to the rump, leaving a battle scar he wasn’t afraid to show off. Ensuring his place as the manliest of men.

                  Big thanks to Tyler for sharing and a round of Great Job!’s to the boys from The Hive.
                  And with that we leave you to your marvelous Monday.
                  Images © Tyler Gray
                  BTS Images © John Stevancec

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