November 2012


by Westside on November 28, 2012

It all worked out so perfectly… thanks to the team behind SHARP Magazine‘s Fall/Winter Book For Men, Matt Barnes had the pleasure of playing host to Montréal’s Rick Genest, perhaps better known by his stage-name, Rico the Zombie.

For some reason when the issue came out I decided to hold back on posting this series of images. I’m not sure what it was, but the timing just didn’t seem right. Now, with a full moon upon us – and this, the 666th post to our Blog – I leave you with a quote from Peter H. Gilmore and some beautiful work from Matt Barnes.

… he is his own God. Satan is a symbol of Man living as his prideful, carnal nature dictates.

All Images © Matt Barnes

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    by Westside on November 27, 2012

    A team of heavy hitting Canadian sport superstars rolled through the Westside recently to join forces with Team Ormerod for Nike’s latest achievement in athletic apparel – HYPERWARM. Need the heat of a bulky winter coat, but the fit of a second layer of skin? HYPERWARM!

    Who was on the roster for the big game you ask? Well then for the rest of the post, I ask that you please imagine the following is being read to you by Bruce Buffer with a lower voice.





    Photographer: Nikki Ormerod
    Client: Nike
    Retouching: Happy Finish
    Hair/makeup: Laura Szucs & Jukka
    Styling: Lee Sullivan
    Assistants: Thomas Dagg, Jamie Rosenthal, Jason Gordon, Kirsten White, John Wayne Brown

    There’s plenty more shots over on the Nike website(s) as well as in your local Nike Store, as seen here featuring Ms Nikki herself!

    Now here’s a shot of Stamkos looking mystical – while sharply dressed in Nike – waiting to play hockey.

    Images © Nikki Ormerod



      by Westside on November 23, 2012

      Nikki Ormerod was doing a bit of computer clean up this week when she came across a good chunk of work from her days as a younger photographer. She was going to just continue on with her backing up and clearing disk space, when she thought,

      why not give the kids a good hard PHOTOGASM for their Friday afternoon.

      So in celebration of the wildness that is today, the blackest of Fridays, we bring to you a showcase of images from some of Nikki’s favorite Metal concerts, as seen through her lens.

      If you really want to set the mood, I suggest turning up the volume and letting Mastodon blow your office into “Oblivion”. And if you’re wondering who your looking at, just hover over the image to get learned.

      Enjoy the weekend everyone \m/

      All Images © Nikki Ormerod



        by Westside on November 22, 2012

        What follows is an excerpt from Tyler Gray’s upcoming novel, Shades of Gray. An in depth autobiography that recounts Tyler’s later years of adolescence, leading into his days of parenthood. Erotic, amusing, and brutally honest, readers will be given a unprecedented look at the unique life of the talented Mr. Gray.

        A mear eight-teen years at the time, I found myself travelling the backroads of this great nation, alone and carefree. Those long stretches of abandoned asphalt come in handy when you’re doing 160km in a ‘borrowed’ Mustang. And said ‘borrowed’ Mustang comes in handy when you’re making a stop for gas at Billy Hill’s Gas Depot and notice Billy’s cute daughter sittin’ all by her lonesome.

        We exchanged smiles while I filled up Blue Lightning (my name for the beast), which I guess Billy noticed from his perch behind the cash because by the time I had made my way inside to pay, the old man’s .22 Long Range had started gettin’ a fresh polish. Taking the hint, we did our business quickly and I made way back to Blue doing my best to avoid Elly May on the way. But didn’t I know she’d be trouble.

        “Name’s Bessie,” she shouted with just the right amount of twang. An’ before I got a chance to say otherwise she was up front ridin’ shotgun and we were off with nothing but the warm summers’ night ahead of us….

        For the cover of his latest literary work Tyler set out to recreate that fateful night with Bessie, and because he’s that kind of guy he sent along his image complete with dust jacket sleeve, featuring a portrait of the eloquent author at home.

        All Images © Tyler Gray


          TGIW | TI ESREVER

          by Westside on November 21, 2012

          Sometime last week I noticed a change on Google’s image search engine bar – an Android-ish camera icon now sat next to the search button. I clicked it. This happened.

          And there it was. The ability to reverse search any one of the millions of uncredited photographs out there in the vast belly of The Internet. I’ll leave the instructions on how to use this lovely new feature to its creators* and just give 2 cents on why this is such wicked awesome news for photo people.

          For the Photographer who wants to know where their images have ended up due to the “i LuV tHiS!” nature of social media sites like Pinterest and Tumblr, there is now an easily accessed database to reference at his or her leisure. Take for example, this portrait of me shot by Thomas Dagg. Wildly spred amongst the Tumblr community, Thomas can now track down where his image is appearing (possibly not represented as his own).

          For sake of showcasing the ability to show an images reach, I scrolled down for the above screenshot. What appears in the first results of the search are links to both Thomas’ blog, and the actual post where the image was originally shared. So now when someone comes across an image they like, whether they be an Art Director or just a fan of photo, a quick hop over to Google can** provide ready access to the images’ creator. Which is pretty damn cool and just another reason why photo-makers everywhere should TGIW!

          *TinEye has been successfully providing this service for quite some time – it’s possible they feel cheated by this feature launch.
          **It’s still not perfect, unlike you.

          End of Day Update! As it turns out this is actually really old news, and because I rarely go to the proper Google Images site, I was ignorant to think the camera was new… still cool though.



            by Westside on November 16, 2012

            Vicky Lam has been waiting so patiently to talk about this awesome project – she’s taking the reigns today, so I expect everyone to be on their best behavior for her. Take it away lady.

            Here’s a look at my favourite shoot of the year! Scotts’ has had some great ideas for ads and I’ve been really happy to be part of it. I love shooting still life, especially when they involve model builds and miniature props. I also love the idea of walking into an empty studio and turning it into a whimsical set then leaving at the end of the day with something amazing. I got to have all this and more with Scotts’ magic Shed of Wonder.

            We were asked by creative team Marissa Mastenbroek and David Houghton, to create a miniature shed and garden that would transform over all four seasons. We enlisted the help of master model maker Franc Madden to bring this scene to life. Shooting over two days and using unconventional items to transform the set into spring, summer, fall, and winter – for grass (think bathroom rug) and snow (think salt!).

            This has got to be my favourite shoot so far – it was really neat to see the different transitions of the set from season to season. I love working with miniatures too, as it is very reminiscent of childhood shows and story books I’ve seen. I’ve been itching to release images from this shoot, but have been waiting for all seasons to pass. For now, here are the first three, and we’ll have to wait till winter comes to see number four.

            Photographer: Vicky Lam
            Client: Scotts Miracle-Gro Canada
            Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
            Art Director: Marissa Mastenbroek
            Copywriter: David Houghton
            Model Maker: Franc Madden
            Assistants: Alex Lukey & Lindsay Lauckner

            Many thanks to Scotts for having me on board for such a great creative and to the team for bringing it all together! Now here’s a look at Franc and all of us working hard playing Mother Nature. ;D ~ VL

            Along with the stills, Vicky was tasked with putting together some .GIF images for the Scotts Shed of Wonders Facebook app, but we’ll hang on to those until Winter rears it’s icy heart a little later in the year. Enjoy the weekend!

            Images © Vicky Lam


              As this is sure to be the only time and place you’ll find the following three people grouped together, it’s a real pleasure to introduce the following shoots from Matt Barnes in the form of a three way PHOTOGASM. All titans in their respective trades, these well known names recently passed by Matt’s lens; and while each was for different reasons, all three allowed Matt the time to whip up some of that tasty 90 proof Barnes Gold that we all know and love. Leaving the words to Matt’s main man Dylan over on THE PASSING SHOT, so give a click to the images if you want more to the story.

              Alright boys and girls get yourselves ready for a triple shot of Barnes – and we won’t take no for an answer – ’cause today it’s on the house! Enjoy.

              KEVIN O’LEARY

              TILA TEQUILA

              ALBERT WATSON
              All Images © Matt Barnes


                TGIW | PUNK ROCK, BIG TEASE

                by Westside on November 7, 2012

                Two weeks ago we did a little feature on a man named Paul and his upcoming birding documentary PUNK ROCK, BIG YEAR. Today he’s back on the Blog with a first look at the film in form of a teaser trailer, which was shot and directed by Westsider Chris Gordaneer and Industry Films’ Jonathan Bensimon.

                Click away on PLAY, and if you like what you see don’t hesitate to check out the PUNK ROCK, BIG YEAR Indigogo Page!




                  by Westside on November 6, 2012

                  For 80 years and counting Farmers Dairy has been a daily part of life for lactose loving Atlantic Canadians. To be honest I don’t even remember what the competing milk brand is back home in Nova Scotia, which coincidentally is exactly where Tyler Gray went to hang out with a few rad gals and a whole bunch of cows.

                  Here’s Tyler to show you the work and tell you his tale.

                  Why does a milking stool only have three legs? Because the cow has the udder. BMooooo!!! Pull up a chair, a cold glass of milk with a squiggly straw and tuck into the latest campaign for Farmers Dairy.

                  Having grown up just outside what was once the small farming community of Maple Ontario and once home to Shur Gain, Canada’s largest dairy research farm (pre Canada’s Wonderland and 4 lane roads), this job took me back to when watching the sun rise over a field of low lying fog was more important than the price of a litre of gas. At one point during the job, Vicki (the CD) had asked me what my ideal job to shoot was and in her disbelief I told her “this one”.

                  The night prior we all stayed in Truro, Nova Scotia. After a long day of shooting we barely made it into Greco Pizza for some late night eats, a round of pints, and selects, before finally tucking in at around 1am at the not so comforting Comfort Inn. The following day I wanted to shoot Farmer Dean with his big white beard at sunrise so up and at ‘em at 4:30am, into the van, grab a coffee and with burning eyes we start the 45 minute trek through Nova Scotia’s rolling interior to Middle Musquodoboit and that glorious facial hair.

                  The roads wound through small virtually non existent farming communities; the sun started to rise with an amazing cool palette of colours as we drove up and down through pastured valley’s full of rolling fog with Dire Staits “Walk of Life” (not necessarily fittingly but memorably) playing on the radio. Ahead of schedule we arrived at Dean’s farm to shoot the stills and some pre roll spots. I walked out behind his barn and sat in the pasture next to the corn field a few hundred yards out and took in the moment.

                  The late night, the polyester sheets at the hotel, and the 3 1/2 hours of sleep were all pushed out as I sat there and watched a huge 150 year old (extremely rare) American Elm appear and disappear through the fog on the other side of the field. I watched a huge Black and Yellow Argiope Spider in his dewy zipper-looking web, deep in the fence row next to me. I could hear the quiet odd rustle of the corn leaves in the next field over, the sun was just starting to come up over the east side of the barn and I absorbed it all like a sponge.

                  Photographer: Tyler Gray
                  Client: Farmers Dairy
                  Agency: M5
                  Art Director: Krysta Rudofsky
                  Creative Director: Vicki Murphy
                  Producer: Phaedra Kennedy
                  Assistants: Gabe Nivera & Andrew Chow

                  Anyway, going back to Vicki’s question, yes, this is why this is my ideal job. Contrary to to how I’m making it sound, this was actually an extremely hectic and busy shoot. We drove over 800KM in 3 days and shot both stills and pre roll video but I guess my point is, often its the tiny and sometimes short moments that make the experience. Huge thanks to Vicki at M5, Krysta at Wavelight, and of course the whole crew who all added their mark to this project.

                  As mentioned above, there was also some motion work on the docket for Tyler and his merry band of milkers. Short, sweet, and to the point, the spots bring further emphasis to the love we share for farmers and what they provide our bellies on a daily basis.

                  When Tyler and crew we’re packing up to head off on their journey, I gave both he and Gabe very specific instructions that I wanted to see LOTS of behind the scenes images – that way I could get really nostalgic, miss my mom, and show off some of that beautiful Nova Scotia scenery. The boys didn’t disappoint.

                  Images © Tyler Gray
                  BTS Images © Tyler Gray & Gabe Nivera


                    PHOTOGASM | INSTA-TRIPPING

                    by Westside on November 5, 2012

                    Today we take a moment to relive the instagramemories of Nikki Ormerod‘s recent working trip to British Columbia. For contrast, the memograms of her assistant Thomas Dagg will also be present in our journey. Finding Nikki’s version of the trip on the left hand side, with Thomas’ to the right, the images are displayed chronologically in hopes of providing an accurate portrayal of their time on the road.

                    When the time comes we’ll tell you all about those lovely looking locations above, but until then, sit tight and go take a look at some of Nikki’s work. Enjoy the day folks.

                    Images on Left © Nikki Ormerod
                    Images on Right © Thomas Dagg