October 2012


by Westside on October 29, 2012

Give Matt Barnes an inch of creative license in a project and the man will take a mile. In fact he’ll run that mile in around 4 minutes, no joke. Such was the case when Toronto based wedding company Let Them Eat Cake Films approached Matt to combine forces on their first print advertisement. Having worked with Matt on numerous shoots in the past, under the handle of Spot Cinema, the partnership was one of the heavenly sort, as …Eat Cake owner Mike Rybinski explains.

In part, my decision to do a big production was solidified once I knew Matt was into the concept and was as excited as I was about bringing my brand to the next level. I wanted something that fully encompassed the feeling of what my clients (hopefully) experience when they see the finished version of their wedding day film, and without a doubt Matt achieved just that.

A look at the image, which will appear in upcoming issues of The Wedding Co. & Perfect Wedding Guide.

Photographer: Matt Barnes
Client: Let Them Eat Cake Films
Producer: Tara O’Malley
Wardrobe: Stuart Farndell
Hair & Make-Up/ Wig Design: Dylan Hanson
Prop Stylist: Derrick Elyea
Set Build: Lee Lindfield
Assistant: Papi Topping

Bringing the whole project full circle, Mike had his guys on set to create the following behind the scenes look at the day That’s The Spot Let Them Eat Cake.

Images © Matt Barnes
BTS Video © Spot Cinema

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    by Westside on October 26, 2012

    Grip Limited celebrated their tin-th anniversary last night with a wicked good time and Lady Caitlin wants to tell you all about it!

    Here’s to 10 great years Grip!

    What a fabulous event, starting with a killer venue. Airship 37 is a sweet venue down on the East side of town, great space for a party!

    Tons of familiar faces, boozy drinks, giant Jenga and a photo booth, you knew this party was going to be off the hook! And it was! Thanks for letting us celebrate a milestone with you Grip, you guys ROCK! So do your hangovers today, I’m sure!

    Here’s a few tasty treats from our photo booth abuse last night, enjoy!


      TGIW | CuSO4_5H2O

      by Westside on October 24, 2012

      It’s no secret that the boys over at Castor Design manufacture some amazing furnishings. Nor is it a secret that said boys are good buds with Mr. Derek Shapton, and given the opportunity to collaborate on a project, both sides dive in head first.

      For their latest endeavor, Castor was commissioned to create a custom lighting installation for the Bell Blue Room at Toronto’s TIFF Lightbox. They came up with the idea of growing copper sulphate crystals on a set of chandeliers, at which point they approached Derek to collaborate on a short film to accompany the installation. More details from Derek himself after the 1080p optimized film (so if you got the speed, full screen that sucker in glorious HD).

      Working with the Advanced Optical Microscopy Facility at the University Health Network, I shot a time-lapse of copper sulphate crystals growing in solution with an Olympus BX51 microscope using polarized light illumination and Olympus uPlan FL 4x and 10x objectives. Post production was handled by Mark and Mike from Spot Cinema, with sound design by D. Burke Mahoney.

      The installation and film will have their public début this Thursday night in the Blue Room, where it will be running for a year on a big monitor behind the bar. ~ DS

      If you’re interested in taking a more detailed look at one of the stills from Derek’s video, give the following still a click, then scroll on down to get a closer peek at Castor Design‘s copper sulphate crystal covered chandeliers.

      Video & Still © Derek Shapton
      Images © Castor Design

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        by Westside on October 23, 2012

        Last Tuesday, Toronto Crime Stoppers (TCS) – alongside several partners in the Ontario gas industry – held a press conference to launch their new Gas Theft Awareness campaign. The recent death of a Toronto gas attendent had re-sparked the issues surrounding fuel theft, and with this new campaign the TCS plans to remind everyone that if you intend to steal your gas, it’s not a difficult process to figure out who you are.

        DDB Toronto has been at the forefront of many TCS ads, and in several cases someone from the Westside has been lucky enough to use their photographic skills in hopes of helping take a bite out of crime. This campaign would be no different, as Team DDB employed the services of Ryan Enn Hughes to bring their concept to life. Here’s a look at the work.

        Photographer: Ryan Enn Hughes
        Client: Toronto Crime Stoppers
        Agency: DDB Toronto
        Creative Director(s): Todd Mackie & Denise Rossetto
        Associate Creative Director(s): Paul Riss & Adam Bailey
        Art Director: Loretta Lau
        Copywriter: Jordana Rapuch

        Keep your eyes open at your local gas station and you might come across Ryans images either in the above layout, or perhaps something like these guys below.

        Images © Ryan Enn Hughes



          by Westside on October 22, 2012

          Long time friends of the Blog may recall a tattooed Associate Creative Director who’s really into Birding and was on a 365 day quest to not only see as many different species of bird as possible, but also to document the entire process of his big year. An already hefty undertaking for a Associate Creative Director at a major advertising firm, our bird loving Gilgamesh then pushed his project to the limit, deciding to permanently inscribe the binomial name of each found species on himself when the year was complete. Ladies and Gents, please reacquaint yourselves with Mr. Paul Riss.

          Throughout his journey, Paul was fortunate to have the support of many different people willing to follow him into the wilderness in search of another tattoo. Bringing a Westside presence to the project, both Chris Gordaneer and Derek Shapton found themselves in Paul’s tow, behind the lens of what will become PUNK ROCK BIG YEAR.

          While time has run out on Paul’s ‘big year’, the work on PRBY is far from finished. Now entering the post-production phase, Paul and producer Marie-Pierre Toure are in the process of putting together his dream of getting,

          … a younger generation to understand that there are birders out there just like them and they should check out this most incredible pastime. Also, to make people aware of how fragile and important birds are to our natural environment.

          In an effort to keep his real world children’s college funds in tact, Mr. Riss has started a IndieGoGo campaign in hopes of garnering further support for his unfinished baby. There are some awesome donation perks availible, ranging from a digital pat on the back ($10), to a physical copy of the completed film ($50), all the way up to being able to tattoo your name or brand on Paul ($5,000 – no joke!).

          So whether your a Birder, an independent film fan, or just enjoy Paul’s work, if you got an extra buck why not get yourself a digital pat on the back, you’ll sleep better at night knowing you helped a man fulfill his dream.

          Just in case the above links weren’t obvious, CLICK HERE to check out the other perks offered on the PUNK ROCK BIG YEAR Indiegogo page.

          Images © George Simhoni, Paul Riss, & Chris Gordaneer Respectively


            TGIW | PROTECT YA NECK

            by Westside on October 17, 2012

            Back in June while most people were drooling over Apple Marketing VP Phil Shiller’s announcement of a Retina Display (RD) on the new MacBook Pro, one person in Switzerland was getting angry. When Shiller got to showing off the updated RD-ready version of Photoshop, photographer Sabine Liewald‘s vibrant image – Eye Close-up – was prominantly showcased for several minutes.

            As we got closer to the MBP release date, Liewald’s image moved to Apple’s website as part of the ‘Design and Layout’ features page, and could be seen in a number of Retina Display related advertisements. It was at this point (I assume) that the words of the great philosopher RZA rang through Sabine’s head.

            You best protect your neck.

            Why might this beautiful phrase have passed through her head you ask? Well, there’s a little thing in the professional photography world called “licensing”, and in this case Apple had none.

            As reported first by Patently Apple, the world’s most valuable company had acquired license to use the image from Liewald’s agent, but solely for layout/ mock-up purposes. According to the paperwork submitted to the District Court for New York,

            Despite representing that it did not intend to use the photo and knowing that it had not obtained a license, Apple proceeded to copy, publish, and exploit Plaintiff’s photograph, including in its MacBook Pro advertising campaign, keynote addresses and related advertising materials without permission or compensation.

            At this point there’s probably some people feeling like the whole situation is probably an oversight by the legal department regarding what kind of licensing was purchased, but what if I told you this isn’t the first time Apple has used an image without first obtaining proper license?

            Way back in 2010 durring the keynote for the first gen iPad, the background image on the tablet – Pyramid Lake (at Night) by Richard Misrach – was used without proper licensing from the San Francisco based artist. Times must have been simpler back then because Misrach kept his cool and waited on Apple to throw him the bone he deserved; and by the time the product hit shelves he had a proper deal cut with his image shipping as the default background on every unit. No such luck has come by Miss Liewald’s way.

            For now we will have to wait and see what comes from the case of Liewald v. Apple Inc., but until the gavel falls I only have one question for Apple Inc. As a company caught up on both sides of a number of copyright infringement cases, and one that knows it has a stronghold on the computing side of the photography industry, why show such a lack of respect to an artist?



              by Westside on October 17, 2012

              When Zac Muir-Vavrina from INNOCEAN informed Tyler Gray that their assignment from KIA Canada would require that he return to college, T-Dogg showed up to their pre-pro meeting 15 minutes late, whiskey breathed, and wearing a toga. Fortunately for Tyler the pre-pro wasn’t actually until the following day and when he arrived (on time) the receptionist didn’t seem to recognize him without his traditional Roman garb.

              It was here that Tyler learned what Zac really meant by his back to school comment. Team GRAY-OCEAN would be taking over a local frat house in order to create the following ads as part of the KIA Grad Program, where the auto-maker is calling on students to show them their latest innovations. There’s prizes and money giveaways so if your still in school you might want to check out their Facebook Page. Here’s the work.

              Photographer: Tyler Gray
              Client: KIA Canada
              Agency: INNOCEAN
              Art Director: Zac Muir-Vavrina
              Copywriter: Freddy Nduna
              Producer: John Stevancec
              Assistants: Aric Guite & Drew Grav-Graham

              Here’s a look at one way you might find Tyler’s images in use.

              Images © Tyler Gray


                NEWS | THREE LUCK-Y BOYS

                by Westside on October 15, 2012

                The 2012 Advertising & Interactive Awards Annual from Applied Arts has been sitting on my desk for a couple days now and so what better way to kick off the week than with some NEWS!

                Three Westsiders found themselves within the pages of this years annual, all thanks to awesome clients, fabulous agencies, and some really fun projects.

                Don’t forget you can click on any of the images below to get the full low-down on the work. Now lets open ‘er up and find out who’s rounding out this trifecta.

                First up is Chris Gordaneer and BBDO Toronto’s infamous Mer-Cow and Pig Family for GE Profile Ovens. The Mer-Cow snagged some recognition in the Young Blood Advertising category for Single Print, as well for Point-of-Purchase/In-Store Ad or Promotion (Single). Chris’ family of pigs found some love as well with hugs in Point-of-Purchase/In-Store Ad or Promotion (Series).

                HUGE shout outs to Art Directors Mike Donaghey and Jonathan Guy, who’s work with Chris received top marks for Art Direction (Series).

                Next in the annual is Andrew B. MyersRemember image. Shot with DDB for Historica-Dominion, the Remembrance Day campaign was awarded several times including: Newspaper (Single), Public Service/Charity (Single), and Experiential/Event (Single).

                We close this years Advertising Annual with a visit to Planet Shapton – home to a man by the name of Derek – who found two enormous projects awarded in various categories. His Keep Exploring campaign with DDB Vancouver for Canada Tourism was recognized for Complete Advertising Program (Complete) under the Broadcast TV section, and for Online Campaign in the Interactive section.

                Keeping us in the Interactive section is Derek and Taxi 2′s Gigashelf. If you haven’t seen the work before you should definitely click through and check it out because it was surely deserving of love from both the Consumer Products and Mobile Apps categories.

                A big congrats to all the teams at BBDO, DDB, and Taxi 2 on their awarded works, and word to all our winning photographers mothers (we, like they, are very proud of them on their achievements).
                All Images © Respective Photographers


                  IN PRINT | IN A FLASH

                  by Westside on October 12, 2012

                  You know the sound. That annoying jingle jangle of a pocket full o’ change. Combine your shillings with a set of keys and a smartphone and you’ve just become a one-man-band for all your co-workers to enjoy while you walk through a tensely quiet office hallway. In a world where few purchases come to the even doller, it’s next to impossible to prevent your pockets from producing their own metallic beats… until now.

                  Through tech advancements by Interac, new debit chip cards featuring Interac Flash allow consumers to instantly pay for their smaller purchases with debit without the need for a pin or card insertion. The super-powered functionality of the Flash system was not lost on the team at FUSE Marketing Group, who spent the day in Studio C with Matt Barnes and the That’s The Spot crew creating the following troupe of unostentatious superheros.

                  From FUSE President Stephen Brown,

                  This is not your garden variety superhero campaign. We are showcasing the idiosyncrasies of everyday people enjoying the super-powers of Interac Flash. It humanizes the smart technology of Interac Flash and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

                  Photographer: Matt Barnes
                  Client: Interac
                  Agency: FUSE Marketing Group
                  V.P. Creative Director: Brenda McNeilly
                  Associate Creative Directors: Andy Lumsdon & Andrew Bradley
                  Art Director: John Rocca
                  Digital Art Director: Cam Guest
                  Copywriter: Brook Johnston

                  While I can’t speak for the rest of the country, I can almost guarantee that if you live in Toronto and aren’t under a rock, you’ve seen the campaign out on your city streets. A quick spin around town and the bright orange billboards should stick out no matter where they’re tucked off, but just in case you are under a rock here’s a few for your view.

                  Big ups to Matt and everyone from FUSE that was involved in the campaign, but before we close up shop for the weekend a big shout out goes to Matt’s good buddy Lee Lindfield who did a killer job creating the pin-wheel backdrop for Team Flash. Here’s a peak at the piece while in production.

                  Images © Matt Barnes
                  Billboards © MLB


                    IN PRINT | MONEY IN THE BANK

                    by Westside on October 11, 2012

                    Now that school is back in full effect, many first comers to university life are probably starting to realize how awesome their moms were when it came to a good meal and some clean undies. Well welcome to the real world kids, where little is easy and nothing is free… except the 50 bones that TD Canada Trust is going to give you when you sign up for their Student Banking Bundle.

                    To promote this short lived offer Art Director Aya Rafaeli-Bernardo of DraftFCB teamed up with Nikki Ormerod and tossed some students into that big green chair.

                    Photographer: Nikki Ormerod
                    Client: TD Canada Trust
                    Agency: Draft FCB Toronto
                    Art Director: Aya Rafaeli-Bernardo
                    Stylist: Shea Hurley
                    Hair & Make-Up: Cait Mizzi
                    Assistants: Kirsten White, Thomas Dagg, & Adnan Saciragic

                    Take a look at the work as you might see it online or in print.

                    Images © Nikki Ormerod