August 2012


by Westside on August 30, 2012

As summer continues to wind down, we get closer to the time of year when we must say goodbye to the warm weather wears, and adopt such apparel as the ‘pant’ or ‘jacket’. It can be a difficult transition for some, but fortunately for those with fears of fall fashion there’s the Toronto Life Stylebook to guide you along the path of prevailing taste. Vicky Lam took this same path earlier in the month when she and the Stylebook team got together to put the finishing touches on this years autumn outfits.

Here’s Vicky to tell you more.

Shoes and sparkly things – some of my favourite things all in one shoot, what more could I ask for? The team at Toronto Life Stylebook gave me the chance to photograph this fall’s looks and let me ooh and ahh over all the designer shoes and accessories. Check out the Fall/Winter edition on newsstands today! Thanks to the great team at Toronto Life Style for an awesome shoot!

What brainstorming and inspiration tends to looks like:

Us hard at work!

And now here are some of the shots in this issue:

Photographer: Vicky Lam
Client: Toronto Life
Art Director: Una Janicijevic
Photo Editor: Anna Lisa Sang
Fashion Editor: Meaghan Binstock
Off-Figure Stylist: Serge Kerbel
Assistants: Alex Lukey & Kai Wong

Big thanks to Vicky for sharing and a happy (and safe) long weekend to you all!
Images © Vicky Lam



    by Westside on August 29, 2012

    Black and white. And possibly 50 shades of grey. Often some of my favourite shots are in B&W. Something timeless about it all.

    Don’t you think?

    Matt Barnes

    Ryan Enn Hughes

    Vicky Lam

    Russell Monk


    All Images © Respective Photographers



      by Westside on August 28, 2012

      Our studio is looking for a new Photography Sales Agent to join our team!

      ABOUT YOU /
      You are an individual who thrives on new challenges. You are a self-starter with high energy and have a creative flare. Your confidence shines bright, and you pride yourself on your client service skills. You have a fresh open mind, great time management skills, and work well as both an individual and in a team environment. You have a passion for photography and the arts. You have an eye for trends, a sense of marketing, and are savvy with social media and technology in general.

      You will be representing a roster of 13 award winning artists, along side another agent. Aside from managing existing clients, you will work to develop new relationships via portfolio lunches, personal meetings, and you will attend important industry events. You will maintain and update the client database. You will manage every client inquiry and ensure to meet all client expectations. You will be responsible to negotiate photography and licensing fees, send all estimates, and put together treatments for each project. You will be responsible for structuring the content of our social media along with our studio manager to establish a quality and tone. Your creative mind will be challenged at all times to find interesting and innovative ways to reach our target markets. You will also help to guide and motivate the photographers with their careers (e.g. arrange for photographers to meet clients, encourage them and help them with innovative ideas for their self promotion.)

      Westside Studio is an award winning commercial photography studio in the heart of Toronto. We house 13 photographers, two sales agents, four producers, a studio manager and an administrative team. Westside succeeds in accomplishing the utmost creative and innovative commercial photography and is internationally known. We work with top advertising agencies and clients like Coke, Ikea, Walmart, Air Canada, Sony, Virgin Mobile, Ford and Nike.


      Well then, we’d like to hear from you!
      Please send a resume to with subject line GOT WHAT IT TAKES.



        by Westside on August 23, 2012

        If there’s one thing I know about Barack Obama it’s this: the man loves him some pie. Based on this it’s likely that El Presidente would end up drooling upon seeing the goods coming out of Toronto bakery Madeleines.

        This weeks edition of The Grid has a nice little feature on Madeleines pies, and much to Shanghoon‘s pleasure these (still warm) treats were waiting for him when he arrived at the studio earlier in the week.

        One of my most delicious shoots yet, their Sour Cherry pie is out of this world! The moment I knew I had the shot, I started eating. Amazing stuff.

        For more on Madeleines pies go hit up The Grid.
        All Images © Shanghoon


          In Memory of Gian Carlo Drueco

          by Westside on August 22, 2012

          Today’s post is in memory of an incredible young photographer Gian Carlo Drueco. The world lost a beautiful person and photographer. My heart goes out to his girlfriend, friends, and family.

          In his honour, here are some lovely words from his close friends, along side some of his stunning images.

          Gian was my friend. He was honest, humble and talented as hell. I was truly lucky I could consider him a close friend. I know he was genuinely touched by the outpouring of love and support from an industry that he was so new to and from people that didn’t even know him. If I have learned anything from Gian and our friendship, it is to embrace every opportunity, to stay positive and to live life like you fucking mean it. My life was better for having known him and I miss him more than I thought I could.

          - Helen Yousif

          I met Gian when we were both just starting our journey in photography at Sheridan College 7 years ago, but I feel like I’ve known him for much longer than that. He was the first person to talk to me on the first day of class and even went out of his way to introduce himself as I was fumbling in my locker. That was very indicative of the way Gian was: friendly beyond words, eager to meet strangers, longing to make people feel welcome. And of those people he met, he would almost instantly become a meaningful part of their lives. Since then, he had grown into one of my dearest friends and someone who I admired both on a personal level and on an artistic one. Many of you only know Gian through his photography, but it was something he put so much of his thought and emotion into, you’ve no doubt at least got a sense of some part of him. His photographs drip with atmosphere; something I strive for, but have never been able grab a hold of the way Gian did. He was always looking for that new way of doing things; a new intangible that would set his work apart and it showed. It’s not often you can say that one of your closest friends is also one of your favourite artists in your field. I don’t think I ever said that to him; I hope he knew. With such a deep well of talent and a genuine excitement for the stuff around him, he was destined for big things. It would only be a matter of time before his break came along and his career blew up. I wish he had a chance to experience that. He deserved to have that chance. I hate that he didn’t.

          For those that didn’t know him personally, he leaves behind a painfully gorgeous body of work. Work that I hope continues to find a new audience. For those of us that did know him, he leaves behind much more than that; he’s left us with a lifetime’s worth of genuine friendship, countless memories of great times spent together, more positivity than could possibly fit into one human being, stories of his truly unique sense of humour (not to mention a closet full of deep v t-shirts), … the list goes on. While we’ll never be able to fill the hole he leaves, we can count ourselves lucky in having those experiences to forever keep with us. His afterglow will last until long after we all make our departures too.

          When I look back through the work he left behind, I’m overwhelmed with the sadness that we’ll never see what else he had in store; that I’ll never again get to watch the happiness that making photographs brought to him; that we’ll never get to share another drink and bat around new ideas and dream about the future. But more than any of that, I’ll simply miss my friend.

          Gian, you meant more to me than I’m afraid you ever knew. Love ya, man.

          - Gary Ogle

          On Saturday August 25th a memorial will be held in Gian’s honour. Please click here for more details.
          To view more of his work, please click here.



            by Westside on August 21, 2012

            TheFWA, or Favorite Website Awards, began shortly into the new millennia and ever since then, the website has been showcasing the best of The Web on a daily basis. The site is the highest ranking website award program on the interweb, and back in 2009 they launched a new website – FWAPhoto – where each day vistors get a fresh dose of photography from a selected picture maker.

            So why am I talking about TheFWA and their offspring FWAPhoto? Well, while checking out the overview of selected images for this month, I noticed a familiar frame and was pleased to find work from Jean Malek as the Photo of the Day for August 18th!

            The image is from Jean’s series, The Secretary, shot as a personal creative but later published by SNAP!, a free art, fashion, and culture magazine available quarterly here in Canada. A quick word from Malek before we get into the good stuff.

            The Secretary marked the beginning of my exploration of cinematic framing within photography. My inspiration for the creative series came from the Steven Shainberg film of the same name, and a huge thanks goes out to Shayl Prisk at SNAP! for including this work in their pages. Hope you enjoy!

            All Images © Malek



              by Westside on August 17, 2012

              The weeks end is near, and to close it out in a calming manner we have a portfolio update from Shanghoon to tell you about. Full of new and older images, the portfolio is a great testament to both Shanghoon’s abilities and to his client list, as a large percentage of the images appear in their final print form.

              Here’s a few selects, including some very recent work for Gain, but be sure to click an image to check out the portfolio in its entirety.

              Enjoy the weekend kids!
              All Photography © Shanghoon


                TGIW | GOING ON A FAIR HUNT

                by Westside on August 15, 2012

                Starting this Friday, Exhibition Place will be abuzz with people celebrating the start of the 134th Canadian National Exhibition. There’s something for pretty much everyone at ‘The Ex‘, so whether your in the mood for music (Big Sugar on the 18th!), looking for animals (Cat Show on the 25th!), or wanting to get some thrills in (Midway Rides everyday!), they got you covered.

                Thinking about all those rides got me looking through the library of Westsider work and for today’s TGIW I’ve put together a little showcase of fair grounds from a few of our shooters.

                Tyler Gray

                Nikki Ormerod

                Tyler Gray

                Matt Barnes

                Tyler Gray

                Russell Monk

                Tyler Gray

                Nikki Ormerod

                Tyler Gray

                TGIW! xo.
                All Images © Respective Photographers

                *Editors Note* Tyler Gray‘s images are from a series he shot of the now deceased London Balloon Festival.



                  by Westside on August 14, 2012

                  There’s a phrase the kids are using these days, goes a little something like, ‘g’d up from the feet up’; well todays PHOTOGASM from Matt Barnes is just that. With Canadian music talent Keshia Chanté in front of his lens, Matt pulled all the stops to ensure he could keep the Juno Award winner looking as g’d as possible. Based on these selects from the shoot, I think he accomplished that.

                  Naa peep that work homie.

                  Hit the link to see more from Mr. Barnes’ work with Keshia over on THE PASSING SHOT.
                  All Images © Matt Barnes



                    by Westside on August 13, 2012

                    Since her return to the City of Hog, Nikki Ormerod has been getting back in the swing of things in a big way and today we’ve got a double dose of vitamin NO, so get a towel and put on your sunscreen ’cause we’re headed to the beach!

                    First up is a preview look at a soon to come fashion editorial for GLASSbook, enjoy the teasers.

                    While you wait to see more of that sexy S65 from the second image, here’s a few selects from another day of creative fun in the sun with Nikki and Mila.

                    All Images © Nikki Ormerod