July 2012

A few weeks back I was listening to the ol’ short-wave at home, and while I can’t be certain, I’m pretty sure awards shows are like baseball games where you can tune in to a local AM station and listen to a play-by-play of whats happening at the gala, complete with a Vin Scully-esque announcer. It may have just been the delirious heat level of my apartment, but I found myself on the edge of my seat as the booming voice from the box called out some familiar names. I jotted down as much as I could, and so to close out this steamy summer month, we’ll read through my short transcript of the,

Holding strong and true at first base is Andrew B. Myers, who’s work with DDB for Historica-Dominion received Bronze in Public Service: Single (Press/Out-Of-Home).

Sittin’ pretty on second is Chris Gordaneer with a Bronze M for he and MacLaren McCann’s Out-Of-Home: Campaign (Point-Of-Purchase) for Precision Laser Tattoo Removal.

With eyes on home, Jean Malek and Publicis Montreal’s work for Belron Canada has the extraordinary frenchman holding third with a Bronze in Magazine: Single.

Looking to bring the boys home with a big dinger, stepping up to the plate is Frank Hoedl and Leo Burnett Toronto, who’s campaign for Raising The Roof took Gold in Public Service: Campaign, as well as a Silver for Public Service: Single (Press/Out-Of-Home – Red Chair).

At this point there was some interference from my hipster neighbours’ pirate radio station and I lost the signal so I’m unsure if Frank hit that big dinger; but what I do know is that we here at Westside are proud of all our boys for their achievements and want to throw up a hard hitting high-five to all those involved in the shoots. Click on any of the images to get the full story on the works.

Images © Respective Photographers


    IN PRINT | Ridin’ High With George & Sony

    by Westside on July 26, 2012

    Earlier this year Sony created a big black wave in the world of TVs when they released the latest model of their flagship XBR series television. At it’s largest size of 65 inches wide and a mear 1.5 inches deep, the full array LED display is a piece of craftsmanship that any man would love to have in his cave, as for the first time in the storied history of the LCD panel, plasma lovers are paying attention.

    Through the combination of a new image processor and localized dimming of the Light Emitting Diods, the XBR-HX929 produces an image as real as life itself, and when you want to advertise amazing picture quality, you call in an amazing picture maker. Enter Mr. George Simhoni.

    Photographer: George Simhoni
    Client: Sony
    Creative Director: Hao Huang
    Assistants: Gabe Nivera & Spenser Forrest

    The innovation doesn’t stop there though; as part of their outdoor advertising for the new XBR, Sony has given three Toronto transit shelters their very own televisions! While the person across the street is waiting for the bus in a regular ol’ glass box, you can be riding high with a couple of kids about to make a 215 foot drop on a roller coaster!

    But wait! You’re not just experiencing the life-like picture quality produced by Sony’s X-Reality PRO Engine, you have actually become PART of George’s shot! Take a look.

    While the prominent elements of the image were captured in studio, George and his team needed to shoot the roller coaster element separately, so the boys packed up their gear and headed out to a local theme park where not only did they get one very large ride all to themselves, but (from George)

    fun was had by all, and I’ve got the behind the scenes pictures to prove it!

    You can read more on Sony’s TSA’s over on Media In Canada’s website.
    Image © George Simhoni
    TSA Images by Matt Le BLanc
    BTS Images by Gabe Nivera, Spenser Forrest, & John Stevancec

    *Geeked Out Side Note* As someone who is well versed in the ways of TVs, it was REALLY hard not to talk about how amazing this television is. Google that beast and read for yourself; it will be the likely be the first time you see “produces deeper black levels than any current LCD or plasma TV” in a review for an LCD panel.


      TGIW | Got Lei’d

      by Westside on July 25, 2012

      Last Thursday we threw an epic bash to celebrate all our best pals, loved ones and clients. Five tonnes of sand, two food trucks, and 120 cases of beer later, we were all feeling pretty groooooovy. A huge thanks to our sponsors Sailor Jerry and Steam Whistle! We love you.

      Oh! And a special thanks to that handsome police officer who stopped by. No ladies, that definitely was not a stripper. I asked.

      Thanks to all who came out an had a great time! View more pics here and here.



        IN PRINT | Old Time GPS With Shanghoon

        by Westside on July 24, 2012

        There’s a new player on the Canadian whisky scene and she’s pretty sexy from every angle. A sleek bottle with an attractive price point, Collingwood Canadian Whisky fulfills all your liquor store needs by being a bang for your buck value that doesn’t disappoint once it hits your glass.

        When time came for distillary owner Brown-Forman to gear up some summer promotion for the latest addition to their whisky line-up, they sought out the team from The Hive to devise a means for showcasing Collingwood both as a brand, and a township.

        The result of their hard work is a traditional topographical map of Collingwood (released in June through the Globe & Mail), which when reversed has a prominent image of the unmistakeable cologne like bottle, shot by our very own Shanghoon. Here’s a look at the booze barons’ final image, followed by the reverse of the map.

        Photographer: Shanghoon
        Client: Collingwood Canadian Whisky
        Agency: The Hive
        Art Director: Paul Parolin
        Copywriter: Jess Willis
        Assistant: Colin Rycroft

        In addition to a beautiful bottle-shot from Shanghoon, the map features some really cool hand carved maple woodblock illustrations from Nick Zdon; here’s a closer look.

        Great work by everyone involved, now go hit up your local bottle shop and get a taste of that smooth Collingwood finish.
        Bottle Image © Shanghoon
        Woodblock Illustrations © Nick Zdon


          TGIW | Summer Crossing

          by Westside on July 18, 2012

          Matt Barnes recently travelled with a superb team down to Upstate New York to capture his vision of a youthful Truman Capote (played by Marc Andrew Smith). While gracing the gardens of Yaddo, cruising aboard vintage Chris Crafts, and all suited in bow ties, Matt captured what might be the best interpretation of Truman yet.

          Matt Barnes, you’ve done it again. (With a little help from some friends Dylan Thomas Childs, Marc Andrew Smith, Kyle Topping, and James Waring).

          Check his blog for more details.



            NEWS | A Photo Annual Trifecta

            by Westside on July 16, 2012

            The 2012 Communication Arts Photography Annual is off the press and on my desk, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s three Westsiders gracing it’s pages.

            It’s pretty crazy to think that the 125 selected photographers appearing in this years’ CA:PA were originally part of a list of 4,685; so with that in mind we extend a huge congrats to not only our own shooters, but to all those showing work in this years collection.

            Starting us off in the opening pages of the annual is Tyler Gray, who’s work with DDB for Subaru landed some recognition in the Advertising category.

            Closing out the Advertising category is Frank Hoedl, who’s Red Chair for Raising the Roof continues to receive top marks from jurors.

            Rounding out the trifecta of Westsiders within CA:PA this year is Russell Monk and his Casa Portraits series, which can be found in the Editorial category.

            Congrats boys! Keep up the good work.
            Images © Respective Photographers


              Looking for some fun and interesting photo related activities to partake in this weekend? Well boy howdy do we got something right up your alley, as this Saturday Derek Shapton will be over at Pikto Gallery making his debut as Professor Portrait. The Pikto site sums up the senario quite nicely so let’s take a quick read and then we’ll meet with The Professor.

              Drawing on his many years of experience, Derek Shapton will lead students through the challenges of environmental portraiture. This hands on workshop will explore available lighting techniques in indoor and outdoor locations. Shapton will discuss all aspects of creating the shot, including connecting with the subject and finding interesting and relevant locations within the parameters of specific assignments.

              Why did you choose to lead a workshop?

              I resolved this year to say YES to as many new opportunities as I could, and the workshop invitation came along so I thought I’d give it a try.

              Are you excited about taking on the role of teacher?

              Yes, but also a little nervous. I’ve never done this before, but I think I have some good ideas for the workshop & am looking forward to getting started!

              Any advice for those who cant make it to the seminar?

              Everything is a light source. Also, the world is your tripod!

              There’s still a few spots open for tomorrow’s class, so if you’re interested in a fantastic opportunity to hone your portraiture skills be sure to click through to the Pikto site for all the details and registration. CLICK.
              All Images © Derek Shapton


                TGIW | How Much Did That Photo Cost? Part III

                by Westside on July 11, 2012

                Round 3! Ding! Ding! Ding!

                Inspired by weekend trips Tyler Gray took with his grandparents, this photo is a sentiment worth a production reveal! Tyler actually purchased this beautiful ride for this creative, and now has the pleasure of cruising around with his family like the good ol’ days.

                When working on creatives, photographers typically wear many hats. Often that means, asking friends to dress up and strike a pose, numerous trips to value village, facebook shout outs for specific props and gizmos a plenty, and yes, a lot of your own cold hard earned cash.

                Car $2500
                Getting the Car Road Ready $1200
                Gas $170
                Wardrobe (Tyler Styled) $40
                Talent Costs $500

                TOTAL $4410

                Image © Tyler Gray


                  NEWS | The More You Know (about Nikki & Chris)

                  by Westside on July 10, 2012

                  The shooting star of information continues to passby the Blog today with updates on what’s happening in the world of two more members of our team.

                  When Nikki Ormerod informed me last night that her newly redesigned website was up, running, and ready for show – I was excited to get the word out on the double, as the new NIKKIORMEROD.COM, coded and designed by Adam Leon at Transmitter Studios, meets every requirement I have for getting a thumbs up when it comes to the “how’s my website” question. I’ll break it down nice and quick for yas.

                  A different SPLASH PAGE each time you visit! Pretty!

                  A really CLEAN AND SIMPLE entry point for gallery selection. Pleasant piloting!

                  The layout of the portfolios AUTOMATICALLY ADJUSTS to fit your browser size. Pleasing perspective!

                  Meanwhile, over in Camp Gordaneer, the boys have been working hard as of late. We’re keeping the story cool on ice, but here’s a lovely teaser of things to come from Chris and company.

                  So sit tight, and when the future comes we’ll tell ya all about the adventures of Gordaneer, but until then click on through and check out NIKKIORMEROD.COM.

                  Website Grabs © Nikki Ormerod
                  Chris Shooting © Aric Guité


                    Breaking news readers! Well, it’s nothing urgent, just a little update on what’s goin’ down ’round the Westside, but it’s exciting stuff nonetheless.

                    First on the docket is Russell Monk, who earlier today added a handfull of new images to his portfolio on our web gallery. Here’s a couple selects from the new work to get you excited about clicking through for the rest.

                    Next with some news is Tyler Gray, who recently revamped his printed portfolio by spending weeks on end at Kinko’s working away at fine tuning all those little details that make a portfolio shine. One of those details that Tyler pulled off beautifully is the lay flat nature of the binding, allowing you to view any of his 2 page layouts as though they were one seamless piece of paper; here’s a look at the book.

                    All Images © Respective Photographers