June 2012


by Westside on June 27, 2012

Yes, it’s the million dollar question. How much?

In the next few TGIW’s I’m going to breakdown the costs of some of my favourite photographs.

Below is an epic creative by Matt Barnes. Any fan of Matt’s appreciates his obsessive attention to detail, but what they might not see is the dollar value to each and every little thing he’s strategically placed in his frame. While Matt dreams up his fantastical tale, Tara, his producer and right hand lady helps the dream come true.

For this particular creative Matt had some help from his friends over at Vistek. Also, all his lovely assistants volunteered their time, and doubled up as the talent in this one. Prepare yourself for the Yeti.

Producer $300
Equipment Rental $400
Yeti $5000
Props $3000
Wardrobe $1000
Location Fee $500
Meals & Craft $550
Auto/Truck Rentals $1200
TOTAL $11950
Equipment $1200
Digital Capture $1000
Assistants $2000
Props $3000
Talent (Were the assistants)
Prop Stylist $3500
Producer $500




    Big news to close out the week coming from the That’s the Spot gang, as yesterday word came from on high that Matt’s collaboration with BBDO New York for Gillette snagged itself a Silver Press Lion.

    This is Matt’s second win at Cannes, both times having worked with BBDO on the awarded projects. Here’s a look at the Dry Armpit Affair, Dry Armpit Bluff, & Dry Armpit Informant in all their sweaty silver glory.

    Photographer: Matt Barnes
    Client: Gillette
    Agency: BBDO New York
    Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars
    Creative Director(s): Raj Kamble & Paul Vinod
    Executive Creative Director: Toygar Bazarkaya
    Art Director: Daniel Aykurt
    Copywriter: Apoorva Kale

    A HUGE congrats to Matt and the team from BBDO on their Silver Lion, but before we go here’s a look at a shot from the pre-light for the Dry Armpit Bluff image, featuring Matt’s assistant Spenser.

    All Images © Matt Barnes


      TGIW | Today I Am Thirsty

      by Westside on June 20, 2012

      God created man. Man created beer. (Or something like that). Either way, we at Westside Studio love everything about the golden brew. We love to drink it, but we especially love to take pictures of this magnificent beverage.

      Stay cool today friends!

      Shanghoon | Molson Canadian

      Frank Hoedl | Carling

      Tyler Gray | Red Baron

      Matt Barnes | Molson Canadian

      Chris Gordaneer | Guiness

      Shanghoon | Miller

      Derek Shapton

      Matt Barnes | Budweiser

      Vicky Lam

      Frank Hoedl | Carling

      Tyler Gray | Budweiser

      Shanghoon | Labatt Blue

      Derek Shapton

      Matt Barnes | Bud Light

      Shanghoon | Kokanee

      Chris Gordaneer | Guiness

      Matt Barnes

      Shanghoon | Molson M

      A young Shelley with her eye on the prize.
      All Images © Respective Photographers


        IN PRINT | Chris & Tom Get It Up In A Minute

        by Westside on June 19, 2012

        As anyone who has ever been on a camping trip can attest, typically the worst job to have when spending a night out in the hinterland is to be on tent duty. Whether it be due to a missing tent-pole, or the overly detailed yet highly complicated set up instructions, it’s a task that can cause even the most patient of people to see red and question their decision to get their Jeremiah Johnson on. However; thanks to the innovative engineers at Coleman, the tent set up blues are a thing of the past thanks to their new 60 second pop up tent, the Coleman Instant Tent.

        That’s right, thanks to Coleman you can be enjoying a beverage next to your fully set up tent in less time than it took to rummage through your party stacker cooler for the coldest can. Who better to showcase this triumph in tenting than than a couple of men who are no stranger to gettin’ it done nice and quick; ladies and gents, directing duo Chris Gordaneer & Tom Nesbitt.



        Director(s): Chris Gordaneer & Tom Nesbitt
        Client: Coleman
        Agency: Y&R
        Art Director: Lisa Mok
        Copywriter: Matt Fraracci
        Executive Creative Director: Israel Diaz
        VP Director of Broadcast: Diane Kirk
        D.O.P: Tico Poulakakis
        Editor: Aaron Dark
        Executive Producer: Joan Bell
        Head of Sales: Marni Luftspring
        Line Producer: Marie Walsh

        Here’s a little BTS peek at the day courtesy of Director Tom Nesbitt.

        Videos © Chris Gordaneer & Tom Nesbitt


          NEWS | The NMAs Make It Rain

          by Westside on June 18, 2012

          Earlier this month The Carlu played host to the 35th annual National Magazine Awards, a Canadian foundation who’s objective it is to make it rain recognition on the individuals who excelled that year in both print and digital publications. Amongst the 700 or so members of the Canadian magazine industry at The Carlu that night, there were a couple of Westsiders; who hopefully brought their umbrellas for todays post.

          First up is Mr. Derek Shapton, who was awarded Silver in the Portraiture category for his work with MORE Magazine; photographing Brenda Waudby for their feature article on one of Pathologist Charles Smith’s victims.

          There’s more story to the portraits by way of Planet Shapton, who was also nominated in the Words & Pictures category for work shot for Cottage Life.

          Next to the winners circle is Ms. Nikki Ormerod, who you may remember took a sunny summers sail along the Toronto waterfront for The Grid last August, in order to create a 1,100 image panoramic of the city shore line. Nikki and the team at The Grid (Vanessa Wyse, Lara Zarum, Jacqueline Perlin, Diana Monge, Nana Arbova, & Laas Turnbull) took home a Silver in the Words & Pictures category.

          To make the viewing experience of such a vast image a bit easier on your bandwidth, The Grid has this nice video of Nikki’s journey; so if your stuck inside, sit back, relax, and take a quick ride along the water.

          Bringing us home is Matt Barnes, who’s work with The Grid’s Vanessa Wyse, Got Spunk, received a downpour of recognition taking home the Gold in three design categories: Magazine Cover, Art Direction for a Single Magazine Article, and Art Direction for an Entire Issue.

          Congrats all around to Derek, Nikki, and Matt for gettin’ rained on, and a big shout out to both The Walrus and The Grid, who took home 12 and 6 awards, respectively.

          All Images © Respective Photographers


            IN PRINT | Mr. Gray Goes Back To School

            by Westside on June 14, 2012

            Smarty pants Tyler Gray‘s got some new work for Western University on show and lucky for us he’s here with all the goods.

            Take it away Mr. Gray.

            First and foremost, I would like to apologize (on behalf of all of us) to Andrew for making you “Rock Out” wearing the Michael Jackson glove for over an hour. Time heals all wounds.

            I received a phone call from Scott (a graphic designer friend of mine at Western U) outlining this idea they had to shoot a throw back campaign for Western’s homecoming festivities this fall. From the brief discussion over the phone and without seeing layouts I immediately jumped at the idea after hearing the words “Michael Jackson glove” and “Roller Skates”.

            The whole idea was based around the thought of “reliving” the experience had at Western. Herb Ballantyne, Mustangs QB and Class of ’46′s dream was relived by current Mustangs QB and Class of ’13, Donnie Marshall.

            Judy Alaszkiewicz, MA ’80 and Women’s Athletic Alumni was relived by Dena Gouweloos, BA ’14

            and Gary Groulx, Alumni Association Board was relived by University Student Counsel President Andrew Forgione BA ’12.

            I found a whole new level of respect for the football players of “back in the day”, after getting an up close look at the flimsy leather helmets they wore and were essentially playing for pride, glory, and not much more.

            A HUGE shout out to Scott, Terry, the whole team at Western for pitching in and pulling all of this together, and of coarse all the talent for taking time out of their days to swing by for a little fun. I think we all had a blast!

            Fortunately we can make our own educated decision on the days ‘blast-fulness’ as Professor Gray has provided us with some behind the scenes images from his day spent on campus.

            Here’s a look at how Western is using the images for their upcoming Homecoming.

            All Images © Tyler Gray


              TGIW | Cool Cars

              by Westside on June 13, 2012

              There’s something very romantic about a beautiful car, especially something vintage. I’ve always had a soft spot for the muscle car and it seems I’m not the only one.

              Take a drive down and check out some cool cars by some cool cats.

              George Simhoni

              Matt Barnes


              Chris Gordaneer

              Nikki Ormerod

              Frank Hoedl

              Derek Shapton

              Matt Barnes

              George Simhoni


              Tyler Gray

              Chris Gordaneer

              Andrew B. Myers


              Frank Hoedl

              Matt Barnes

              George Simhoni

              All Images © Respective Photographers


                IN PRINT | Mr. Barnes Puts the Kids to Work

                by Westside on June 12, 2012

                If you can’t cover the bills, who will?

                Your kids, that’s who. At least that’s what Matt Barnes and Paul Riss will have you believing after you get a look at their new print campaign for Manulife Financial’s Synergy insurance plan. By combining your life, disability, and critical illness insurance into one neat little green box, people like Mr. Small Firm Lawyer – who recently fell off a ladder – doesn’t have to tell Junior to hit the pavement and start billing some hours; and as Matt shows us, Junior isn’t down with his pop’s paperwork.

                Photographer: Matt Barnes
                Client: Manulife Financial
                Agency: DDB
                Art Director: Paul Riss
                Sylist: Donna Irvine
                Hair/Make-Up: Sandra Yang

                The kids may have been required to play adults for the purpose of the shoot, but behind the scenes on a Matt Barnes set there’s always some kids play to be captured. Here’s a peek at the youngin’s day spent with the big kid.

                All Images © Matt Barnes


                  TGIW | GOIN’ ON A TRIP!

                  by Caitlin on June 6, 2012

                  Hello Wednesday! You took waaaay to long to get here. Especially with Shelley away, sad face, it makes my days feel empty. But she’s out East gallivanting around (and hanging out with Lamas).

                  Ah, summer, well, almost summer, the time for holidays! I’m taking off next week and can’t wait to just unwind and recharge. Many of us take time off to do what we love, shoot awesome photos!! It’s a real unique time for Photographers to explore and travel to places they’ve never been before. It’s a very creative time, shoot what you love with no one giving you guidance or telling you how it needs to look. I find many of our guys (and gals) come back with some really inspiring work that they are really proud of.

                  My advise, TRAVEL! For yourself, for your work! It can be an incredibly rewarding experience and a chance to see the work a little differently your camera lens. You’re outside your comfort zone, problem solving in places you’re unfamiliar with, it’s a great challenge for any shooter!

                  Check out some of the sweetest holiday photos from our Westsiders…

                  TYLER GRAY | Lisbon, Portugal

                  CHRIS GORDANEER | Calgary, Alberta


                  Calgary, Alberta

                  RYAN ENN HUGHES | Hawaii

                  GEORGE SIMHONI | Italy


                  VICKY LAM | Beijing, China

                  Kearney, Ontario

                  Phan Rang, Vietnam

                  Happy Shooting!
                  All Images © Respective Photographers


                    IN PRINT | Derek & Matt Get All Dressed Up

                    by Westside on June 5, 2012

                    Two tales to tell you about today dear reader; brought together under the umbrella of dapperness, we shine the spotlight on two men who, while differing in styles, are both photographically fashionable in their own right. Derek Shapton brings fight club to the corporate portrait, while Matt Barnes gets a few dingers out of a Sharp-ly dressed Blue Jay.

                    Our first stop is Planet Shapton, where Derek shares a bit of thought behind his upcoming images.

                    Brian Richer and Kei Ng from Castor Design were told by their PR company to come up with some new portraits — the website we worked on together has been a giant hit (it’s just won a FWA, and has also been nominated in numerous categories at the Cannes advertising awards), and with all the attention, they’ve also had an inevitable flood of PR photo requests. Brian and Kei are not particularly corporate individuals, so we thought it would be fun to take some business-style portraits and put a bit of a different spin on them. Inspired by photos of mobsters, and playoff hockey interviews where stitched-up goons appear on live TV wearing $5000 suits, we went into the studio with the exact same setup I’ve used on many AR headshots and played dress-up for an afternoon. I think the results speak for themselves. Special thanks to Andrea Heldman for the outstanding SFX work.

                    In keeping with the genteel, we come to our second stop; The Passing Shot, where thanks to Sharp Magazine, Matt got to have the Rogers Center all to himself while shooting Jays’ slugger, Jose Bautista. Styled by Donovan Whyte of Judy Inc, #19 certainly plays the part, outfitted in Hugo Boss complemented by a ‘Capeland‘ watch. Fine wears indeed.

                    A behind the scenes look at Matt’s assistant Papi working hard with Joey Bats!

                    Click on through and pay The Passing Shot a visit for more images from Matt’s shoot with Jose!
                    Images © Derek Shapton & Matt Barnes