May 2012


by Westside on May 31, 2012

From the desk of Tyler Gray,

I think he said his name was Luke, but I can’t be sure at this point; regardless, he had arrived in county earlier that day. Passed by him on my way into town, no thumb, just eye’s on the gravel and headed strait for West End. Caught him breaking town limits on my way back home, figured the hell with it and stopped to see if I could offer him a ride anywhere. He obliged and hopped up in shotgun.

Said he was headed nowhere in particular, adding, “got all I need right here in this bag n’ this bottle”.
Had me pull over not far into town. “Gooda restin’ spot as any,” he declared. At that point I gave up my plans and spent the remainder of the day taking in the life lessons of ‘Luke’, those kind of experiences you only find in a Waylon Jennings tune.

As the day began loosing light I asked ‘Luke’ if I could take his picture; fortunately he again obliged my request, but was adamant that he be an element to the surroundings rather than the focus.
“Just as I am in life.”

Image © Tyler Gray



    by Westside on May 30, 2012

    As the youngin’s prepare to wrap up another school year, we figured we’d wrap up May (almost) by bringing you a smile courtesy of a whole bunch’a rugrats.


    Frank Hoedl

    Chris Gordaneer

    George Simhoni

    Tom Feiler

    Ryan Enn Hughes

    Matt Barnes

    Derek Shapton

    Russell Monk

    Nikki Ormerod

    Frank Hoedl

    Chris Gordaneer

    George Simhoni

    Tom Feiler

    Derek Shapton

    Matt Barnes

    Russell Monk

    Frank Hoedl
    All Images © Respective Photographers


      NEWS | Tyler and Feiler Share Some PD(N)A

      by Westside on May 29, 2012

      The PDN Photo Annual has been out for a couple weeks now which means it’s high time we throw down some praise to the two Westsiders who grace this years pages of everyone’s favorite year in review.

      One’s a part-time magician, and the other makes STD’s look sexy, but these are the things that make them who they are and we love them both very much. Ladies and Gents can we get a big round for both Tyler Gray and Tom Feiler.

      First up is Mr. Feiler, who’s Movember PSA’s grew in nicely and caught a mention in the Advertising category. Let’s take a look at the work and the names who made it happen.

      Tom Feiler

      Photographer: Tom Feiler
      Agency: Bensimon Byrne
      Creative Director: David Rosenberg
      Art Director: Chris Harrison
      Copywriter: Hayes Steinberg

      Next on the docket is Tyler Gray, who’s ADCC winning crash test dummy campaign for Subaru continues to hit jackpot on those flimsies.

      Photographer: Tyler Gray
      Agency: DDB Canada
      Creative Directors: Paul Riss & Matt Antonello

      Big round’a high fives for the boys (and those who helped them along the way).

      Images © Tom Feiler & Tyler Gray


        IN PRINT | Matt Barnes Saves Hope

        by Westside on May 28, 2012

        As many a’boob-tube fan know, the return of summer means the return of summer TV, which for many years has typically brought nothing to the table that is worth coming inside for. Then somewhere down in TV-Land a lightbulb went off and shows like Weeds, True Blood, and Breaking Bad came along to teach the network exec’s that if you make good TV – we’ll watch it – even if it’s nice outside. CTV hope they have one of these summer hits in their upcoming supernatural/medical drama series, Saving Hope, starring Canada’s own Erica Durance and Michael Shanks.

        When time came for promoting the series, Agency 71‘s Chad Maker kept it Canadian and called in our TV man Matt Barnes to do his thing.

        Here’s look at one of the many Saving Hope billboards running across Toronto right now.

        Images © Matt Barnes


          IN PRINT | Miniature Fun Time with Vicky Lam

          by Westside on May 24, 2012

          This weeks cover story of The Grid is all about BIG ideas, where several Toronto “brainiacs” share their thoughts on what they feel would help shape up Pig-City*; and while the proposals in Toronto the Better may be grandiose in scale, the images from Vicky Lam that accompany them are anything but.

          To provide a bit of backstory to Vicky‘s work, the ideas that she set out to bring to life are included as an intro to her images.


          … Just as some medical institutions and graduate schools keep canines around to relieve general stress, so too would … our transit system benefit from exuberant furriness. Pets … are currently prohibited on the TTC during rush hour, but that’s when they are needed most.


          Toronto produces close to 400,000 tons of residential garbage every year … what if we diverted all that garbage … and built a mega-mountain for skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and all the other great activities only made possible by a true point of elevated land?

          #23| THROW A DAMN BABY PARADE!

          People love seeing babies walk, and people love seeing babies in costume— this would have it all. It would be a very short parade, since you can’t make them walk very far. Babies as upside-down clowns? That’s amazing.


          What if each and every one of Toronto’s 44 wards got $1.35 million every year to spend how people living there saw fit? That’s what happens in Chicago’s 49th Ward: Citizens come together to decide their priorities, whether it’s roads, streets, lighting, sidewalks, or parks.

          Photographer: Vicky Lam
          Photo Editor: Shelbie Vermette
          Assistant: Maggie Walker

          From Vicky,

          It was a challenging shoot, I superglued my fingers together amongst the assembly of props, but really fun to work on a mini-scale. Special thanks to assistant Maggie Walker for her handy craftwork and to Franc Madden for providing me with some miniature props!

          For the full list of city changing ideas go hit up The Grid. Enjoy the weekend kids.
          All Images © Vicky Lam


            IN PRINT | Tom Feiler Makes It Clap

            by Westside on May 24, 2012

            Sexy. Sexy. Sexy.

            The three words that get used the most when talking about Tom Feiler. A sexy man indeed but is there more to him than just killer looks? Well, Bernice Allinson thought so when she came up with this STD awareness campaign for the Ontario Ministry of Health. “You are the first person I thought when I thought of Chlamydia,” said Bernice to a flattered Tom. “I know,” he replied, filling up with pride.

            The shoot went well and the only infection was the mutual love expressed by everyone on set. Here’s the work for ya’ll to enjoy.

            Photographer: Tom Feiler
            Client: Ontario Ministry of Health
            Agency: RAIN 43
            Art/ Creative Director: Bernice Allinson
            Necklace: Jamie Oxenham
            Assistants: Gabe Nivera & Landon Speers

            Yes there has been a theme lately for Mr. Feiler. Last year’s award winning PoMo Gay exposé for The Grid, the forementioned Chlamydia ads for Rain, Naked News Anchorwoman cover for the Grid, and (coming soon to the blog) Tom just finished two TV spots for Monistat. Sexy times for a sexy man.
            Images © Tom Feiler


              TGIW | Get Schooled!

              by Westside on May 23, 2012

              Yo fresh meat. I mean, hopeful assistants. You should go to this!


                PHOTOGASM | Summatime Snoggin’

                by Westside on May 22, 2012

                Now that the boys & girls of summer are out in full swing it only seems appropriate that we continue the summer love today with some recent creative work from Miss Nikki O, simply titled Kisses.

                Photographer: Nikki Ormerod
                Hair & Makeup: Taka (Ford)
                H&M Assistant: Uno
                Stylist: Christine Vieira
                Assistant: Thomas Dagg

                Done so soon? Click on through to BLOGEROD for more kisses from Nikki.
                All Images © Nikki Ormerod



                  by Westside on May 17, 2012

                  It’s pretty much common knowledge that boys are made of slugs, snails, and puppy-dogs’ tails; while on the other hand, girls are comprised of sugar, spice, and everything nice; however, lesser known is what happens to these ingredients in the summer months when Matt Barnes is hanging ’round with a camera. Well put on your learnin’ glasses and prepair to get schooled by Matt’s Boys & Girls of Summer.

                  To see more Girls and/or Boys of Summer go hit up The Passing Shot!
                  All Images © Matt Barnes


                    TGIW | GIF LUV

                    by Westside on May 16, 2012

                    The .GIF file. Brought into this world back in ’87 by CompuServe, the Graphics Interchange Format has been bringing joy to internet users since Netscape Navigator upgraded to v2.0. Whether it was displaying a companies logo or letting you know that a site was under construction, thanks to Netscape the GIF became an everyday part of the internet. Then came Geocities.

                    Although the dancing baby was probably the appropriate time for the GIF to really take off as a new medium for artists to play with, it wasn’t until the revamped/rebranded ‘cinemagraph‘ came along that people started to really take notice and wonder on the ways they could play within the 256 colour scheme.

                    One of these interested artists is Ryan Enn Hughes,

                    I’m really excited about exploring GIFs as a medium, as I see them sitting right in the middle between Motion Pictures and Still Photography. I really took notice of GIFs when I saw the work of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. My skill set and history with stop motion work has allowed me to explore GIFs seamlessly. I feel the whole format is very ‘wild west’ right now – its great to see innovation coming from new and exciting directions.

                    Ryan recently launched a new creative series titled Sparkler$ which marks his first venture into the realm of GIFs and according to the Huffington Post, our guy Ry’, “has created a mesmerizing series that could force many to rethink the possibilities of animated GIFs.” Lets take a look at a few images from the series.

                    One of the awesome things about Ryan is he’s very much into sharing the ‘how-to’ behind his projects, and like 360 Project and Les Mills before it, Sparkler$ gets the BTS Video treatment.

                    There’s a few more images to the Sparkler$ series which can be seen over in the GIFs section of so click on over to see more. For those of you who have Tumblr pages, Ryan has made his gifs availible for sharing on His Tumblr Page so reblog, reblog, reblog!

                    TGIW kids.
                    Images/Video © Ryan Enn Hughes

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