April 2012

NEWS | Mr. Myers Gets Touched by an Angell

by Westside on April 30, 2012

Andrew B. Myers has been a hot topic as of late. With a cover image for The Walrus, followed by the front page of Time, and now starring on a Maynards candy wrapper, there’s no denying that Mr. Myers is burnin’ up the hypothetical photo charts. His reign of photographic sultriness doesn’t end there though; as premiering this Thursday night at Angell Gallery, is an exhibition of Andrew’s work titled, Common Misconception.

As the flyer notes, the show kicks off on Thursday May 3rd at 6pm so if you got nothing going on, be there – it’s sure to be a time. Got plans for Thursday already? No worries, Common Misconception runs strait through the month until June 2nd, so you got plenty of time to see the works of Mr. Myers.

Go hit up the Angell Gallery website for more info on the show.
Images © Andrew B. Myers


    If you ‘Like’ us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, you’ve probably been subjected to various shares regarding a little box of Kleenex that’s making some big waves in the realm of Planet Shapton. Then again, maybe you haven’t come to the Westside yet, and are now intreaged as to what the big deal about some snot tissue is; well if that’s the case, great. Prepare to get wet.

    We’ll kick it off with an excerpt from Derek’s first post, Hey Art Directors! (An Apology), where our hero has his epiphany.

    I had a meeting a few months ago with the studio partners, and when the subject of printed mailers came up, I politely expressed my views; I think my exact words were “Forget it. Not doing one. Waste of money. Too bad I can’t just print some shots on Kleenex, that way they’d at least be useful on their way to the garbage…” — and that was the Eureka moment. Yes, it’s true, I’ve done a promo – but not a mailer. I couldn’t find anyone who printed on Kleenex, but we came up with the next best thing…

    Before you could say gesundheit, the post was featured on APhotoEditor, where it made rounds through the photoblog world like a spring cold in a kindergarden class. Eventually finding itself on big draw blogs such as the tech-savvy PetaPixel and most recently, portfolio guide blog No Plastic Sleeves. Grateful as he is for all the loving exposure, as Derek says in his most recent post, Mission Accomplished; the most exciting feedback for his promo has come from the people he sent them out to.

    I’ve actually had people call and email to say thanks! Imagine that, people actually getting in touch to express gratitude for a photography promotion! Even better, some folks who weren’t on the original list – and let’s face it, no mailing list is ever totally up to date – have called and emailed wondering where they might get one.

    Without a doubt the tissue boxes are one of most practical forms of self promotion you will find on an AD or CD’s desk, and we are ecstatic that Derek‘s promo has been received with such open arms. Be sure to head over to Planet Shapton for the full story regarding his innovative solution to the postcard promo problem. Congrats Derek!
    All Images © Derek Shapton


      PHOTOGASM | Girls, Guns, and One Sexy Gent

      by Westside on April 25, 2012

      Back in March when Matt Barnes gave me his images from his shoot for MMA clothing line Headrush, all I could think to say to him was, “Next time I want to be on that assistants list.” He gave me that charming smile of his and told me he’d see what he could do when the time came; wisps of ‘maybe when you’re older son’ in his voice.

      A couple weeks passed, and I had almost forgotten my request to Mr. Barnes, when he poked his head into my office and blew my mind with his words.

      We’re shooting another HEADRUSH series. This time it’s with guns. You want to play the lead security guard?

      It was a tough decision, but I agreed, and today I happily get to share Matt’s latest work, shot on what coincidentally(;D) ended up being one of the greatest days of my life.

      The boys from Spot Cinema came along for the ride to put together a killer cinematic viewing of Mr. Barnes’ angels, and as past experience has shown, their work with Matt is not to be missed.

      There’s a whole bunch of sexy happening over on The Passing Shot, complete with BTS Video from Matt and many more images from the shoot so CLICK THROUGH and enjoy kids.

      All Images © Matt Barnes
      Video © Spot Cinema

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        TGIW | Thank God For Lindsey

        by Westside on April 25, 2012

        Every time, same lovely voice, “Good afternoon Westside Studio, Lindsey speaking.”

        If you haven’t had the pleasure to be greeted on the phone and/or in person, well… you should probably just call right now (416-535-1955), its all warm and fuzzy and I like that. You should tell her “Happy Admin Day!”

        Lindsey has been the administrative assistant at Westside for 6 years. She is a ray of sunshine and terrific at her job to boot. She is the central hub for all things Westside and without her, we would be lost.

        So Lindsey, today we salute you!

        Image © Jeff Jamieson

        Thank you for being part of our team!!



          As the NHL Playoffs get closer to wrapping up the first round, facial hair lovers everywhere are relishing in the glorious tradition that only real men can partake in, the Playoff Beard.

          It’s a time honoured practice that has grown into something much larger than just simply putting down the razor. With fundraisers like the NHL’s Beard-A-Thon, fans can use their face fuzz to help out various charities such as the Canadian Heart & Stroke foundation.

          In celebration of the seasonal scruff, Proline has some new print ads aiming to get people Way Into the Playoffs, and the team from The Hive called upon Tyler Gray to make some photo magic happen. A continuation of their Sports-Gut campaign, the images are geared towards the hockey fanatic within and take the Playoff Beard to a new extreme. Here’s a look.

          Photographer: Tyler Gray
          Client: Proline
          Agency: The Hive
          Art Director: Brad Van Shaik
          Copywriter: Klint Davis

          Wether it be to show support for your team, raise cash for charity, or just an added challenge in your hockey pool; we here at The Blog thoroughly encourage you to free your inner cave-man and enjoy this years Stanley Cup Finals the right way. For more info and a peek at the final layouts, go hit up The Buzz.
          Images © Tyler Gray


            PHOTOGASM | Take A Spring Ride With Nikki O

            by Westside on April 23, 2012

            With an earlier than expected end to her shoot last Thursday, Nikki Ormerod was faced with a situation that (I’m sure) many young photographers dream of. Free time to shoot whatever came to her mind, complete with all the fixin’s: marvelous hair + make-up artist, sensational stylist, stunning model, highly capable assistant, and (insert photo instructor voice) some absolutely gorgeous natural light.

            So what happens when you mix these things together and throw in a Harley Sportster for good measure? A sweet sweet photogasm, all for you.

            Hair/Make-Up: Jukka
            Stylist: Marie Eve Tremblay
            Model: Genevieve P
            Assistant: Thomas Dagg
            All Images © Nikki Ormerod


              Established in 1964 by The ADVERTISING Club of New York, the ANDY Awards celebrate creativity in advertising by recognizing both the individuals and companies behind ads they believe raise the standards of craftsmanship in the industry. Held a little over a week ago in NYC, this years big (and only) Canadian winner was agency Leo Burnett Toronto, who’s ‘Nothing But Potential’ campaign for Raising The Roof took home 7 heads!

              The shining star of the campaign was “Red Chair”, shot by Frank Hoedl, which nabbed 4 golden heads including: Outdoor Advertising, Copywriting, and Public Service (NPO), along with a Silver for Newspaper. Also awarded for Public Service (NPO) with both Silver and Bronze were Frank’s “Potato” and “Plant” images from the campaign.

              Here’s a look at the winners.

              Frank Hoedl

              Photographer: Frank Hoedl
              Creative Directors: Judy John & Lisa Greenberg
              Art Director: Anthony Chelvanathan
              Copywriter: Steve Persico

              Huge congrats to Frank on his continuous wins for “Red Chair”, and big ups to Leo Burnett International for their combined 18 wins!

              Images © Frank Hoedl


                TGIW | The Assistant Door

                by Westside on April 18, 2012

                Since taking the Studio Managers crown here at Westside I have come to learn that although every week is different, I can always rely on their being 1 or 2 calls from some fresh meat…AHEM, I mean hopeful assistants. My standard response when a voice is telling me about their photographic hopes and dreams, is to provide my e-mail address and request that they do the following: write me a letter detailing their 5 Ws, provide links to where I may view their work, hit send, and sit tight. Assuming all’s looking good you’ll probably hear from me in a week or two to set up an “interview”.

                This brings us to today’s TGIW, in which I would like to dust off the ol’ soapbox and lay down some do’s and dont’s for when it comes to making that first knock on the assistant door.

                Image © Derek Shapton

                THE LETTER
                DO write a professional, personalized, and (to the best of your abilities) grammatically correct letter. This isn’t an english exam, but like any cover letter or resume, sloppiness isn’t going to get a potential employeer (APE) champing at the bit for a meeting, especially if you don’t know their name.

                DON’T name drop. Unless it’s a direct referral from someone APE might expect, telling them that you worked for so-and-so isn’t going to woo them into getting you on set. Instead, use those words for highlighting your strengths as an assistant. Haven’t worked on a pro-level set before? Tell APE that, but also tell them why that’s no biggie because you work great with people.

                DO include all your contact information. Regardless of what your area code is, include your phone number; APE might have some long distance minutes they are looking to use on you because your letter was so righteous.

                LINKS TO YOUR WORK
                DO include links to your portfolio no matter where it is being hosted. Yes, your own personal website looks more professional, but maybe the idea of going to your Deviantart page will get a laugh and a call back. Who knows?

                DON’T include a link to your Facebook page unless APE can view your work without having to ‘Like’ your page. Your timeline cover is not enough to make APE ‘Like’ you.

                DO have a properly formatted LOW-RES PDF of your SELECTED work availible for direct download, or if you don’t share anything on the internet at all, attach it to the e-mail. APE doesn’t need a 20MB file in their inbox, nor do they need to be able to zoom to minute details of your image; a nice clean organized layout, combined with smart image selection will go further than you might think.

                DON’T attach JPEGs. Unless maybe it’s one single image that serves as your assisting promo, do not do this. APE doesn’t enjoy getting e-mails that have the maximum number of attachments in them.

                Image © Frank Hoedl

                SITTING TIGHT
                DON’T expect an immediate response from APE. They have a job and may not have time to get back to your offer of assistance for a few days, maybe even weeks.

                DO follow up 2-3 weeks later if you never heard back from the first e-mail. Preferably by e-mail, but if there’s a phone number listed on their website APE can’t get mad if you try to drop a quick, “Hi there, I’m Fresh Meat, I sent you an e-mail, blah blah”. Chances are, if you can get APE on the phone, you’ll find out if a face-to-face is a possibility.

                DON’T be discouraged if it takes a while to get your foot in the assistant door. Like photography, assisting is a competitive business. A little persistance and positivity will go a long way.

                TGIW kids.


                  IN PRINT | Mr Myers Makes Granny Smith Sour

                  by Westside on April 17, 2012

                  Wine Gums, Fuzzy Peaches, Cherry Blasters, and (my personal favorite) Sour Patch Kids. These are just a few names in the fine selection of candies produced by sweets manufacturer Maynards, who recently added a new star to their roster and Andrew B. Myers had the pleasure of capturing her essence on camera. Ladies and gents, introducing Granny Smith!

                  Now you might be asking yourself, who is this Granny Smith and when did Maynards start manufacturing people, but sit tight, that’s just the sugar talking. Teamed with Brad Van Schaik from The Hive, Andrew’s image was used for the packaging of the apple flavoured sour candies, which you will see next.

                  Photographer: Andrew B. Myers
                  Client: Maynards
                  Agency: The Hive Inc
                  Art Director: Brad Van Schaik
                  Stylist: Donna Irvine
                  Make-Up: Natalia Zurawska
                  Assistant: Thomas Dagg

                  Now for a little behind the scenes look at the day on set with Andrew, Brad, and Granny Smith.

                  Be sure to hit up The Buzz (The Hive’s blog) for some more info on their project for Maynards; and as always, big thanks to Mr. Myers for sharing.

                  Image © Andrew B. Myers
                  BTS Images © Thomas Dagg


                    With summer heat just around the corner, a common sight around Toronto right now is annual set up of everyones favorite place to enjoy a libation, the patio. In keeping with this change of swigging scenery, Coors Light has launched a new product that is sure to be seen in the hands of many’a citizen trying to beat the heat.

                    For the stills of their new brew, our own beer baron Shanghoon was brought in to help get your taste buds going; here’s a little teaser from the Spring issue of Food & Drink.

                    Figure out what their summer beverage is yet? No? Well, by combining the world’s two most consumed liquids (after water), Coors is offering up a new twist on refreshment with Coors Light Iced T. Offered exclusively in Canada, the Iced T is availible now in all liquor stores from coast to coast, and according to one beer blogger, if your into flavored light beers, “this one is the most palatable.”

                    Here’s the final image from Shanghoon.

                    01Photographer: Shanghoon
                    Client: Coors Light
                    Agency: DraftFCB
                    Art Director: Graham Tingle
                    Creative Director: Patrick Weir
                    Assistants: Colin Rycroft, Kirsten White & Abe Roberto

                    Being the beer giant that they are, it’s only fitting that the ads for Coors Light Iced T be giant as well, right? Right, and here’s one that Shanghoon spotted while making a recent trip to The Beer Store on Bathurst.

                    Images © Shanghoon
                    Food & Drink Image courtesy Colin Rycroft