March 2012

IN PRINT | More Eyes For Ormerod

by Westside on March 30, 2012

It’s Friday!! To celebrate the end of the week we have some new print work from Nikki Ormerod to share, and because she is wicked awesome Nikki pretty much took care of all the work on this one from the photos to the writing! Ladies and Gents, please welcome Ms. Nikki O to the stage.

I got the chance to work with the always fun Brad Connell from WAX in Calgary. We shot a job for Mitchell Eye centre last year and he asked me to do another series of shots for the same client. The concept is really great and I’m super happy with how these shots turned out.

Photographer: Nikki Ormerod
Client: Mitchell Eye Center
Agency: WAX
Art Director: Brad Connell
Hair & Makeup: Cait Mizzi
Wardrobe: Marie Eve Tremblay
Assistants: Thomas Dagg & Kirsten White

If you’ve ever been on one of my sets you’ll know that if time permits we always like to play dress-up and take insane portraits. Sometime we create alter egos… sometimes it ends up being offensive… but is always hilarious. For Brads shot we decided to go with ‘The Uber-Douche’. You know that guy, the one who wears turtle necks with a gold chain OVER it. Anyways, Brad got so into this character that I started calling him Dade (sorry if your name is actually Dade, really sorry).

Now Brad’s name is actually “DADE CONNELL” in his email signature. It was a bit strange though because at the end of the day he refused to take the clothes off. After about 45 minutes of making all of the females on set feel really uncomfortable he spent about 25 minutes in the bathroom and when he came out all he wanted to do was “hit it hard and pick up some broads”, his words not mine.

Just kidding Brad. We love you.

Here’s another outtake from their dress-up party. Sorry Thomas Dagg, but we had to.

Images © Nikki Ormerod


    IN PRINT | Shanghoon presents: All of the Lights

    by Westside on March 29, 2012

    Found at your local newsstand right now is Toronto Life‘s City Home issue, and burning up the inside pages is a hot remix of Kanye West’s All of the Lights from music producer Shanghoon. We got the exclusive. He’s done with the photo game and all about spittin’ hot fire these days… ehhh, thats a lie. What Shanghoon did for City Home wasn’t spit hot fire, it was shoot hot lights. If you’re not aware, the City Home issue of ToLife showcases the hottest trends in home decor and for their lighting portion of the issue they turned to Shanghoon for the images. Take a look.

    Here’s some lamps that didn’t make the final cut, but are pretty nonetheless.

    To see Shanghoon‘s work and an array of first-rate home furnishings, you can pick up a copy of City Home at any fine establishment that pushes print.
    Images © Shanghoon


      TGIW | Sharing the Blog Love

      by Westside on March 28, 2012

      Wanted to share some blog love with some of our own shooters.
      Check out their amazing BTS, insights and learn about their process.

      Check out some amazing BTS with Matt Barnes. His charismatic nature and brilliance shine through his process and images, while Dylan Thomas Childs graces us with his well written ways.

      A master of words and images. Check out Tom’s foolery here.

      Ryan is always trying new things. This is a great place to check out cool images, with cool technology.

      ANDREW B.log MYERS
      Clever Andrew. At it again. His composition and design sense always get me going.

      Nikki Ormerod shoots pretty things. This is total eye candy.

      Derek is smart. You should take his advice and read Planet Shapton carefully.

      Vicky’s world. So loveable.

      TGIW xo
      Images © Respective Photographers


        PHOTOGASM | American Girls

        by Westside on March 28, 2012

        Fresh PHOTOGASM? Sweet.

        But wait… it’s Wednesday.

        We know, we know, but today we’re not thanking goodness that it’s Wednesday. Today we’re thanking Miss Nikki Ormerod for her latest creative work, titled American Girls and shot while she was recently down in Miami on vacation. There’s a ton of pretty pictures so let’s get this motor runnin’.

        Head over to Nikki’s blog for the details and a full look at her creative.
        All Images © Nikki Ormerod


          How does 5 spectacular rounds of golf in Ireland sound? No good? How about cruising the canals of Amsterdam to see the Dutch countryside in full bloom? Wow, hard to please. How about I get Vicky Lam to tell you about Scotts Canada’s $10,000 Greenery & Scenery Contest, where my previous offers and 4 other unforgettable travel packages are up for grabs? Yeah? Nice. Celebration time.

          This project ranks up there for one of my favourite shoots of the year so far. I was so excited when AD, Marissa Mastenbroek approached me to shoot this idea. I mean, how can I not be happy to have a shoot that involves tons of flowers and type?! That’s totally up my alley.

          We had a room full of hydrangeas, roses, daisies, hyacinths, freesia, daffodils, and more. Although pretty to look at, the challenge of this shoot was getting the kerning right for both the English and French versions; not to mention, keeping the flowers looking fresh over the span of the day.
          After 8 hours of getting the set ready, and another 32 hours of shooting (and spelling letters with flowers), this is the final result!

          It was a long 2 days, but it was lots of fun especially working with a great team of people. Special thanks to prop stylist extraordinaire, Christina Yan and assistants: Lindsday Lauckner, Alex Lukey, Peter Olson, Thomas Dagg, and Nick Wong!

          And for all the green thumbs out there, why not “Like” Scott’s Facebook Page and enter their amazing contest?

          Client: Scotts
          Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
          Art Director: Marissa Mastenbroek
          Creative Director: Helen Pak
          Writer: David Houghton
          Prop Stylist: Christina Yan

          Here’s a quick look at Vicky’s two day shoot wrapped up in a 1 minute clip.

          Big thanks to Vicky for supplying us with the goods from her shoot.

          **UPDATE** Vicky just dropped a couple more pictures in my inbox for you to enjoy. The first set are from her, a peek at the flowers as they came and went. The second are from assistant Thomas Dagg, who can rarely be seen without a camera around his neck. Remember to click to make it big.
          Images © Vicky Lam


            PHOTOGASM | Matt Barnes. 3 Ways.

            by Westside on March 23, 2012

            Put on your good socks kids because it’s Friday and we got a whole lotta Matt Barnes for you to drool over.

            Kicking off our three way of Barnes are a few of Matt’s promo stills for the National Arts Centre’s 2013 production of Big Mama! The Willie Mae Thornton Story. Taking the reigns on the role of Big Mama Thornton is Canadian gospel legend and Toronto resident Jackie Richardson, who’s voice apparently blew some minds over the course of the shoot. Let’s take a look.

            Second to the party is another Barnes, Troy Barnes that is, A.K.A Childish Gambino, A.K.A Donald Glover. Despite his Sound Academy show being postponed until later in the summer, Mr. Glover passed through Toronto under his Childish Gambino moniker to shake some hands, kiss some babies, and let Matt follow him around the Metropolitan Hotel.

            Closing out our three way is some work that took Matt and Co. down to California in order to shoot for V*LUP Magazine, a skin journal specializing in the curviest of femme fatales; and while V*LUP may not have gotten off the ground, these images from Matt are sure to… never-mind, just look.

            If yer lookin’ for a bit of Motion from Mr. Barnes be sure to click through to the VLUP post, there’s a tantalizing look at the gangs trip down south.

            Now ya better hit that blog ya hear!

            All Images © Matt Barnes


              Some very cool new work was recently shot by Chris Gordaneer and today’s your lucky day because we’re going to tell you all about it!

              Paired up with Mike Donaghey and Jonathan Guy from BBDO, Chris’s job would be to highlight the features offered on the GE Profile line-up of free standing range ovens. So how does one bring attention to the 7.2 cubic feet of oven space on the new GE Profile Electric Range; and the new Double Oven Range, how would Gordaneer and the boys showcase this amazing new feature? With a couple pigs and a mer-cow of course!

              Understanding that pigs, cows, and mermaids tend to be difficult talent, the team brought in model maker Kira Shaimanova to bring their vision to life. I asked Chris what he thought of the props and you could see a small glimpse of a young Chris playing with an Evil Knievel toy.

              Kira did an absolutely fantastic job on both the pigs and the mer-cow. They looked great on camera and were fun to play around with after the shoot. That mer-cow had eyes for me like you wouldn’t believe.

              Art Director Jonathan Guy had this to share about his time spent with Chris,

              Chris and his people were awesome to work with. As usual timelines were tight and there was a lot of figuring out to do in order to get the look we wanted but they couldn’t have done a better job. One thing I noticed during the shoot is how great Chris is with animals. He had them on their best behaviour.

              Photographer: Chris Gordaneer
              Client: GE Profile
              Agency: BBDO Toronto
              Art Director(s): Mike Donaghey & Jonathan Guy
              Prop Build: Kira Shaimanova
              Food Stylist: Chantel Payette
              1st Assistant: Aric Guite
              Assistants: Gary Ogle, Bryan Ulrich, & student intern Lyla Marie Frick

              Here’s a second look at the pigs which I snagged while everyone was on lunch.

              **Update** Just received a snap of the Mer-Cow in all it’s glory from AD Jonathan Guy. Behold.
              Images © Chris Gordaneer


                TGIW | Second Day of Spring

                by Westside on March 21, 2012

                Its a grim time for you winter sport enthusiasts who probably only rode the slopes a few times this year. You call that winter? To you and the polar bears, I wish you much snow next time around.

                To those of us who get SAD in the cold ruts of the winters frozen heart, Bam! SPRING IS HERE! Get out your flippy floppies and hit the patios cause that sun is shining bright and doesn’t seem to wanna quit.

                To share my excitement for this time of year, I put together a group of work I call Second Day of Spring (seemed suitable for the day).

                Matt Barnes

                Tom Feiler

                Tyler Gray

                Chris Gordaneer

                Frank Hoedl

                Ryan Enn Hughes

                Vicky Lam

                Jean Malek

                Russell Monk

                Andrew B. Myers

                Nikki Ormerod

                Derek Shapton


                George Simhoni

                Matt Barnes & Frank Hoedl



                  IN PRINT | Shanghoon Hits the Ice at the ACC

                  by Westside on March 20, 2012

                  It’s every Leafs fans’ dream. To lace ‘em up and get to see the stands of the Air Canada Center from ice level, take a skate around, and feel the ghosts of legends past. Hero’s like: Dougie G, Eddie the Eagle, and even The Leetch, they were all here once. Then the nostalgia passes and you realize you’re actually on the ice surface to shoot some new work for Coke Zero thanks to the folks at The Hive. Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the world of Shanghoon.

                  I asked Shanghoon what it was like being out on the ice,

                  You don’t realize how big the ACC really is until your down there and all the lights are shining down on you, to be honest, it was pretty surreal. I’m really proud of the work, and a huge thanks goes out to both my team and the team from The Hive for all their hard work.

                  Photographer: Shanghoon
                  Client: Coke Zero
                  Agency: The Hive
                  Art Director: Kevin Belanger
                  Writer: Ren Olivieri
                  Assistants: Abe Roberto & Colin Rycroft

                  Here’s a behind the scenes look at the day spent at the home of the hog town blues.

                  The Team: Shanghoon, Phaedra Kennedy, Colin Rycroft, & Abe Roberto.

                  Abe & Phaedra take a quick skate.

                  Some arena detail shots from Super-producer Phaedra.

                  Phaedra stepped out of line so Shanghoon sent her to the box.
                  Images © Shanghoon | BTS courtesy The Team


                    TGIW | Shamrocks and Paddy Wagons

                    by Westside on March 14, 2012

                    Yes, it’s that time of year again. The snow has melted, the birds are singing, the clocks jumped forward leaving us behind with tired eyes, and all the while, shiny paper Shamrocks grace our storefronts. St. Patrick’s Day is upon us.

                    It’s an exciting celebration that most of us don’t remember, except for a late night souvenir of an early morning hangover. This Saturday we’ll see lots of Shamrocks and Paddy Wagons, but until then here’s a festive collection of images from our guys and gals.

                    Chris Gordaneer

                    Frank Hoedl

                    George Simhoni

                    Matt Barnes

                    Ryan Enn Hughes

                    Tom Feiler

                    Vicky Lam

                    Chris Gordaneer

                    Matt Barnes

                    Tom Feiler